During part one of the interview, Tucker Carlson interjected as he listened: “It sounds like they were hiding the intelligence,”" } J6: Is All of This Just One More Cover Up? | uncoverdc.com | uncoverdc.com During part one of the interview, Tucker Carlson interjected as he listened: “It sounds like they were hiding the intelligence,”"/>

J6: Is All of This Just One More Cover Up?

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  • 09/19/2023

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told Tucker Carlson that he suspects the events surrounding the J6 protest are part of a "cover-up." The National Pulse released part one of Sund's interview on Wednesday.

During part one of the interview, Tucker Carlson interjected as he listened: "It sounds like they were hiding the intelligence," to which Sund responded, "Could there possibly be actually… they kind of wanted something to happen? It's not a far stretch to begin to think that. It's sad when you start putting everything together and thinking about the way this played out… what was their end goal?"

"Like I said, I'm not a conspiracy theorist," Sund continues, "…but when you look at the information and intelligence they had, the military had, it's all watered down. I'm not getting intelligence; I'm denied any support from National Guard in advance. I'm denied National Guard while we're under attack for 71 minutes.


J6 Response Not Coordinated. The Question is Why?

As many now understand, a small universe of protestors rioted, entering the Capitol itself and, in some cases engaging in altercations with Capitol Police and, in others destroying property. Sund testified that he desperately requested help six times, all of which were rejected. His recollection of the way the event was handled has been confirmed by Mayor Bowser and others.

Sund says he possessed "intelligence" ahead of the event to suggest there might be problems at the Capitol. However, he was kept in the dark, and there seemed to be a complete breakdown of communication between the intelligence community and his office. He believes much of the breakdown was politically motivated, and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell allegedly played central roles in the ensuing chaos. Sund also believes the breakdown in communication caused unnecessary violence. "If I was allowed to do my job as the chief, we wouldn't be here; this didn't have to happen," Sund told Tucker. Sund resigned in early January after Pelosi asked him to step down.

UncoverDC covered many pressing questions about the lack of coordination before and during the J6 protest in its Mar. 21, 2023 column, "The Most Important Question No One Asks About J6." The column explores many of the same questions discussed by Carlson and Sund while also exploring the various governmental "audits" or reports produced due to the J6 "riots." 

In short, events of this magnitude are usually much more coordinated—and usually merit the designation of a National Special Security Event (NSSE). This type of designation allows for proper coordination and response to an event of that magnitude, especially when everyone knew Congress, the Vice President, and the President would all be in D.C. In a Jan. 2021 Washington Post interview, Sund said he knew J6 would draw "large crowds" and might even be "violent," but he "had nothing indicating we would have a large mob seize the Capitol." 


Were Feds Provocateurs at the J6 Protest?

During an earlier interview with Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson said Sund told him in an interview that the J6 "crowd was filled with federal agents." On the one hand, the presence of the FBI would not be unusual for such an event. On the other, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Feds might have had more of a role in the riots than one might imagine.

Indeed, the reporting from Julie Kelly and Darren Beattie might lead one to believe the Feds may even have been acting provocateurs, a role they seem happy to fulfill, as revealed by Kelly in the Gretchen Whitmer "kidnapping" plot. And who is Ray Epps? He was at J6, allegedly instigating trouble. Why isn't he in jail without trial, just like so many of the other J6 defendants? Darren Beattie with Revolver News discusses this at length in several of his investigative articles. Epps has yet to be charged, and Congress continues to be bewilderingly protective of Epps, according to Kelly.

Former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson Speaks

Adding fuel to the fire, a former Lieutenant with the Capitol Police, Tarik Johnson, spoke out on Thursday. He says Tucker called him for an interview in late February. He also shares that he spoke "off camera" to "spark an investigation into the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman and Chief J. Thomas Manger." However, not wanting to be "the center of controversy," he regrets not telling Tucker "everything he knew." He was also concerned Tucker wouldn't believe him. Today he says Manger was "brought in to cover up the horrific actions by Pittman, ensuring some who demonstrated at the Capitol that day would remain in prison (some innocent or charged more harshly than they should have been) for the purpose of ensuring the narrative of J6 remained as a bunch of red-necked, uneducated white people storming the U.S. Capitol for the purpose of insurrection. This would ensure Pittman's failures would be charged to former President Donald J. Trump."

Politics And Trump's J6 Indictment

Why is it the BLM rioters have not received the same level of response? Why are those who set fire to cities for months on end and assaulted police not in jail? And now we have the J6 indictment on former President Trump, which by most lawyerly accounts seems to be purely political, a rehash of his impeachments, and a dangerous abuse of the justice system, used to squelch Trump's right to speak, seek advice, and question the 2020 election. It certainly begins to make sense why Trump's lawyers have subpoenaed the unaired Tucker/Sund interview.

Something is fishy, and you'd have to be blind not to see it. Moreover, Trump's J6 indictment conveniently comes directly after Devon Archer's damning testimony on Joe Biden's alleged influence peddling is revealed. Why is everyone in D.C. so reluctant to investigate Joe Biden's role in Hunter's alleged influence-peddling schemes, but Trump is hamstrung by multiple investigations and lawsuits?

The Ghost in the Machine

Benny Johnson posted one of the most poignantly accurate statements ever written on the workings of the "machine." How our government and the legacy media have handled the events of and surrounding J6 seems very much related to "The Ghost in the Machine" Johnson describes in his "X" post below.

J6 may be another cover-up that feeds the machine's many plans to thwart those who get in its way. It sure feels that way. Speaking of legacy media reporting, this is the way Fox and Friends opened their news day on Thursday.


We Put Ourselves Here

Archbishop Vigano's missive on Thursday was particularly relevant to the moment we are in. He writes initially of the "consistency of Good" and "the consistency of Evil" as possible and coexisting forces in the world. They are each as consistent as our propensity to participate in them. Vigano speaks of recent worldly events and plans while describing his view of the coordination of the Evil, "infernal plans of the elite." It is a Catholic perspective but is also a perspective that rings with eternal truths. It is the pastoral version of the "Ghost in the Machine." Vigano writes:

"But as there is a consistency in Good, so also there is a consistency in Evil; and those actions that we apparently judge not particularly serious—if we do not contextualize them—turn out to be wheels of a gear, perhaps marginal and small, but which allow it to function, and without which something would jam.

"That is why Evil—which ontologically is a non‐being, an absence of Good—tries to creep into our souls in small steps, obtaining progressive failures, making sure that it does not arouse in us any concern or any remorse; and then grows and expands like a  cancer. And where Good  brings more good, so Evil calls forth more evil, getting us used to it and to all that it attracts." 

His perspective, however, offers hope. He says the truth will come out, and the machine will fall:

"Our observation of the organizational efficiency of the wicked should not frighten us,  nor make us desist from fighting against their plans. Indeed, I believe that it is precisely this "perfection" in the enemy camp that will end up constituting its own condemnation: Simul stabunt, simul cadent, says the Latin adage—they will either stand or fall together. And it will be exactly so, because the triumph of Evil is a fiction, a simulation, merely the staging of a scene, a  scene that is based—like everything that comes from Satan—on appearance and lies."

When something quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it is usually a duck. So many feel the lies and injustices. The obstacles in the way of the truth often feel heavy and insurmountable.

While Vigano says, "the triumph of Evil is a fiction," he also says, "the colossal fraud that has been hatched against modern man is no different from the one that marked the fall of our First Parents," Adam and Eve. He adds, however, that it is not a "mistake but a sin for which we are morally responsible."

In more secular terms, that means we created the mess we're in now with decades of behaving in ways that are not consistently good or particularly truthful. As harsh as that perspective is, the good news is that we most certainly possess both the earthly and spiritual potential to make things right. 

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