Breaking: Does DOJ Have Two Unrelated Cases Open Against Trump?
Breaking: The government has responded to the motion to unseal the affidavit in the Trump warrant case.  There's another case "completely unrelated" to this one, and they'd like to keep that sealed... ... Read More.
Keep the Republic: William Federer and Dr. Duke Pesta Speak Truth to Gun Laws and Classrooms
In a dynamic show on May 26, Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski first discusses the school shooting that occurred in Texas this past week. The words of those on the Left are predictable—more gun co... Read More.
Keep The Republic: Top-Down Govt and 2000 Mules
On May 12, Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski invited Wendi Strauch Mahoney on his show to elaborate on key components presented in her UncoverDC article, 2000 Mules And True the Vote Debunk AP Hit... Read More.
KTR: Supreme Court, CRT, COVID and Leslie Manookian on Lawsuits for Freedom
Keep the Republic host Dr. Daniel Bobinski opens this show with news about Joe Biden's impact on the Supreme Court, especially since his nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is unable to describe the d... Read More.
Keep the Republic: Live Report From the People’s Convoy, Updates from Dr. Rashid Buttar and Clay Clark
On March 3, UncoverDC investigative journalist Wendi Strauch Mahoney appeared on Daniel Bobinski’s Keep the Republic TV show live from the cab of a truck in The People’s Convoy. Mahoney has been with t... Read More.
Keep the Republic: What is End Goal of Putin Invading Ukraine?
It’s a sad day in the world when thousands of people will likely die because of the ambitions of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. On the Feb. 24th Keep the Republic show on Brighteon.TV (view it here or... Read More.
LIVE: UncoverDC at the Peoples Convoy Rally and Kickoff!
Wendi is Live at the Peoples Convoy Rally: ????????STARTING TODAY!! UncoverDC journalist Wendi Strauch-Mahoney is traveling the country with The People’s Convoy. The convoy is in Indianapolis today hea... Read More.
Keep the Republic: The Encroaching Reach of the DHS and is Ukraine a Wag the Dog Scenario?
The Keep the Republic show for February 17 included an insightful interview with Doug Traubel, author of Red Badge: A veteran police officer’s commentary on the Marxist subversion of American Law Enfor... Read More.
Election in Flux: Michigan Lawsuit Analysis
Michigan Complaint: Read More.

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