ICAN FOIA: Moderna Data Shows Alarming Lot Specific Data on mRNA Shots

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  • 09/19/2023

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) published its FOIA Moderna lot data on July 6, and it shows an alarming number of Adverse Events (AEs) and Severe Adverse Events (SAEs). Maybe those data underlie one reason the CDC put attorney Aaron Siri and his team through the wringer to obtain the information. UncoverDC reported similar findings in its article on documents concerning the Moderna Spikevax trial data obtained by FOIA in a lawsuit brought by Defending the Republic. Those analyzing the data are finding the AEs and SAEs seem to be Lot specific. The ICAN press release states it is already known that VAERS data show "certain Moderna vaccine lots appear to be responsible for a disproportionate number of reported deaths and injuries."

ICAN makes publicly available the "lot, dose, and distribution" information for Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, but it has not been without a fight with CDC and HHS. According to the ICAN press release, the CDC first responded "with heavily redacted and virtually useless documents." ICAN then filed a lawsuit on Nov. 2, 2022, against CDC and HHS to obtain the specific and now-published data. Why would CDC and HHS not want to make such data available to Americans? Do those agencies not exist to serve the public interest? In any case, the data now shared by ICAN fills in some critical blanks, such as the total number of doses shipped per Lot.

Making Sense of ICAN's FOIA Data: Vaersaware.com

The Vaersaware.com website published by WelcomeTheEagle88 (Alberto Benavidez)helps make visual and logical sense of the ICAN Moderna data. ICAN was given 325 Lots, with a total of 332,004,800 doses released. Benavidez produced an Excel worksheet with 22 pages using a "heat-map" visual to help clarify his analysis. He did the same for the Pfizer data.

The ICAN data is featured in an interactive dashboard format "still in beta" on the Vaersaware.com website, making it easier to look at lot numbers, where those lots landed, doses shipped, and important data related to "Lot# toxicity," among other data points. All the data from the Vaersaware.com site is fully downloadable in Excel format. The Excel worksheet makes it very easy to see the troubling "Lot Toxicity" in some of the lots in the ICAN dataset that is difficult for the average reader to parse.

Benavidez also provides additional data not provided by the ICAN documents, such as Moderna lot expiration dates. The expiration dates are verified with Moderna's own expiration date lookup tool. The site also features information on the Lot numbers in the ICAN report but not in the VAERS report and vice versa. In the downloadable format, one can view the "no ican but vaers" and the "no vaers but ican" analysis. Benavidez is well-acquainted with the VAERS data and continues to audit and investigate COVID-19 mRNA technology data on the VAERS site from several angles, as shown in his website's various dashboards.

It is important to understand that 8 possible categories of events are listed in the columns in his Excel worksheets, 5 of which are SAEs—the more severe the event, the hotter the color.

SAEs and AEs/Eagle

The deaths to doses ratio is an important metric in his worksheets. It is represented in the last column listed to the right. The author also makes it evident with his visuals which lots were the most toxic and provides an Excel worksheet sorted by doses with their accompanying Lot#.


Benavidez writes in his July 18 substack that the Moderna tranche "came with much less information" than the data generally provided by Pfizer—"no provider information, only state and zip code details. No unique shipment date per delivery/lot. No mention of cutoff dates showing how far the information goes to." However, unlike Pfizer, he explains Moderna provided "foreign lots but not the countries the lots went to." As a result of the missing attributions in the foreign data, Benavidez says he "stuffed all 'Foreign' data into Alberta, Canada."

Cutoff Dates?/https://welcometheeagle.substack.com/p/exclusive-ican-obtains-critical-moderna-bc4

Benavidez makes another critical observation in his analysis. He says there is no way to know from this data "how many doses went into arms." Admittedly, there is still much to digest and understand in the data provided by ICAN.

Doses in Arms/https://welcometheeagle.substack.com/p/icans-moderna-lot-tranche-analysis?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2

Is Moderna Hiding Data From ICAN?

In his July 19 substack Gary Hawkins (Deepdots substack) questions and confirms Benavidez's observation that there are missing lot numbers from the ICAN tranche of data. Hawkins and Benavidez show with evidence and thoughtful analysis that the ICAN FOIA is missing 958 Lot numbers, which "have reports in VAERS."

Missing Lots/Hawkins/https://deepdots.substack.com/p/further-info-on-the-958-missing-lotsbatches

Benavidez hypothesizes that the "many deaths" reported in VAERS, especially those related to "foreign versus domestic lots," may explain the discrepancy. He conjectures that it is almost as if Moderna is hiding something. One of his examples shows that "Lot#939600 is not a part of the [ICAN] tranche" but shows 15 deaths in Taiwan. Another, "Lot#3001442— shows 20 deaths from Italy, 5 from the Netherlands, and 1 from Poland."

VAERS NOT ICAN/https://welcometheeagle.substack.com/p/where-is-the-rest-of-the-moderna?utm_source=substack&utm_campaign=post_embed&utm_medium=web

Italy, Netherlands, Poland/https://welcometheeagle.substack.com/p/where-is-the-rest-of-the-moderna?utm_source=substack&utm_campaign=post_embed&utm_medium=web

Benavidez speculates the missing domestic data may be because some of the lot numbers are "fairly recent as per their expiration date" and not yet ready for FOIA.

Domestic Data Missing/https://welcometheeagle.substack.com/p/where-is-the-rest-of-the-moderna

Getting data from the government about COVID-19 shots has been exceedingly difficult. Organizations like Del Bigtree's ICAN, Defending the Republic, Naomi Wolf, and others are working night and day to get documents from the government. And they are doing it while the "CDC erases about a gigabyte of information in 476,230 reports from the VAERS database," as reported in Nov. 2022. It is no wonder the American public is still not convinced that some of these shots caused great harm. It is disheartening and, frankly, borders on evil to see our government seemingly try to hide such essential and potentially life-saving information from Americans.

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