Who Done It? They Don’t Want Us to Know Who Blew Up Nord Stream

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  • 09/19/2023

I put the "Russia Did It" story concerning who blew up the Nord Steam at a near-nil possibility for simply not making sense. It lacks a clear motive; how and where it was done is far from their optimum spot, and doing so would be stupid for its loss of extraordinarily valuable property. It fails the sniff test.

I am quite skeptical of the small German research team on the rented sailboat story for the mission's technical and secrecy requirements, and it's being done from a relatively small sailing yacht. The story lacks details about how it was done. Evidence reported so far is limited to a sailboat that went near the area of the pipelines, the use of fake passports, and traces of explosives detected on board. The investigators have not provided proof of anything other than a boat was rented and a trip made. The story appears possible but unlikely, based on the minuscule amount of available information. I'll wait for more details and won't discount it entirely at this time. It does poorly on the sniff test; call it a "D-" but not quite an "F." I'll keep it for now as an unlikely possibility and watch for details.

I put the U.S. Navy/CIA operation done during the NATO exercise story as making the most sense of the reported possible culprits so far. It comes from an investigative journalist with many U.S. government insider contacts, one with decades of history of breaking stories exposing U.S. government crimes that later are proven true. This version points to a culprit with a known motive, who previously announced intent, is more than capable of all required technical and intelligence challenges, and has a history of operating in secret in operations of this nature. This story passes the sniff test with flying colors because the alleged culprit reeks. The accused here should be at the top of the list to bring in for questioning. If the U.S. government didn't do it, there is a good chance they are buddies with the guys who did do it and know something useful.

Who blew up the Nord Stream?


What We Have Not Seen

To know what is actually going on when the preferred narrative of the Empire opposes the truth—and opposes even looking for it—requires following alternative media.

What we have not seen is full-blown investigative journalism and exposés by mainstream U.S. legacy media. They generally operate as a propaganda arm of the Empire, fed the preferred narrative in the White House Briefing Room to parrot in unison. What we have also not seen is extensive investigation and reports from the U.S. government. China's balloon was the more important story for the American TV Class, reciting their opinions read from the barn wall in Animal Farm.

They Don't Want Us To Know

The U.S. government's response to Seymour Hersh's investigative journalism has been denial, silence, and shiny distractions. The CIA and the White House immediately denied involvement and have maintained the denial to this day. This includes Washington DC denying the UN Security Council authority to investigate and holding up the shiny sailboat story to the easily-distracted American public.

While the German government is investigating, it doesn't seem all that serious to me so far, given the seriousness of the crime. The sabotage was an act of war against Germany, yet one might interpret the overall official German government position as "Oh well, scheise happens."

Russia Summons Envoys Of Denmark, Germany & Sweden Over Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Probe

The Danish, Swedish, and German governments' official ongoing investigations at the six months point have not reported finding the culprit. Will this take years to complete? These three State investigations were the stated rationale of most UN Security Council members for voting "abstain" to deny the request for an independent UN-led effort. Russian Ambassador Nebenzia was reported by the UN to have said after the denial vote that the U.S. and its allies have done all they could to prevent an international investigation and that the Danish, Swedish, and German governments have refused Russian government attempts to correspond on their investigations.

"As we say:  liar, liar, pants on fire."

            - Russian UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia

            (yes, really - the UN press release quoted him here)

It's the silence that is deafening. From Washington DC and from "our allies." Would the U.S. government be interested in finding out who blew up a $17B gas pipeline in U.S. territorial waters capable of 4T cubic feet a year of clean, low-cost energy, or would it get dropped as a "distraction" from the "real problem" of Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

There is a possibility our tax dollars were used to secretly attack both Russia and Germany in a direct act of war. There is also a possibility there was a covert CIA operation to coordinate, fund, and assist the Navy or another capable entity in conducting the attack.

Did Washington DC cause an energy shortage in Germany, the largest gas leak in history, destroy $17B worth of property, potentially provoke Russia into direct confrontation with the U.S., and perhaps get WW3 going in earnest?

Despite Washington, DC's silence and efforts to prevent me from knowing, I want to know who sabotaged Nord Stream. Who done it?



This article is Part 3 of a series covering the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage. Part 1 covers the UN vote that blocked an independent UN investigation, the Russian request for investigation, the pipeline's construction, use, and ownership, and the demolition. Part 2 covers the operation's technical challenges and the three different culprits the demolition has been attributed to so far.

Part 4 of this series awaits the release of more information from the investigations or disclosure and admittance by the guilty party. More to follow! Check back later on UncoverDC as we learn more. We hope the culprit and who really was behind the operation comes to the public eye quicker than the time frame in which we are learning about the Kennedy assassination, and wonder if the CIA also has a secure room full of unreleased files on Nord Stream.

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