Dr. Hatfill Publishes Devastating Paper on Malfeasance During COVID-19

Dr. Steven Hatfill believes the COVID task force misled Trump on the "proper pandemic response to COVID-19." While he believes Operation Warp Speed was necessary, it was not meant to ignore proper monitoring of the experimental mRNA vaccines. In a recent interview with Steve Bannon, he laments, "At any sign of adverse effects of any significant number, the vaccine should have been halted. They were so experimental. This was experimental gene therapy."

The interview is one of the most devastating to date regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Hatfill shares his central criticism is the way senior officials at the NIH, the FDA, and the CDC refused to recommend safe and effective antivirals like Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin on an "off-label" basis to treat COVID-19 early in the course of the disease. Instead, HHS "rushed" an experimental "vaccine," touted a new, untested drug called Remdesivir, and slapped an EUA on HCQ to limit its use. HCQ is FDA-approved and has been used safely worldwide for decades. According to Hatfill, even pregnant women can safely take the medication.

Hatfill and top Trump advisor Peter Navarro secured "62 million doses [of HCQ] in the National Strategic Stockpile." However, the media, at the behest of Dr. Rick Bright, Fauci, and others, incessantly told Americans that HCQ was untested and potentially harmful. Unbelievably, many Americans still think Ivermectin and HCQ are either dangerous or ineffective. It just shows the power of controlled messaging. It is one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed because many, many people died unnecessarily. Hatfill believes senior government officials and the media are willfully and criminally responsible for those deaths. 

Amply credentialed to advise on such matters, Hatfill was "in the room" during the pandemic, serving as medical/scientific advisor to the President's Executive Office during the Trump Administration. He advised the President from January 2020 through Jan. 20, 2021. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hatfill played a significant role in the "serious review" of pandemic protocols following the "Ebola debacle" in 2014. His role in revising the official pandemic response uniquely prepared him to give wise counsel to senior health officials during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, his experience and expertise were repeatedly brushed aside with devastating consequences for the American people. 

After months of frustration and multiple roadblocks, Hatfill unequivocally states his case for using antivirals in a letter to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Sept. 22, 2020. Hatfill pens in bold lettering, the COVID Task Force has grossly misadvised the "President on the proper pandemic response...." He writes:


"The tenets are simple: Find a suitable antiviral medication, identify proven or suspected cases of the disease, and treat these cases under home quarantine." Hatfill continues, "Then trace, quarantine, and treat their close contacts such as friends and family members. These measures would reduce infections, reduce hospitalizations, and minimize deaths during the "Vaccine Gap."

"Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was found to suit this purpose for COVID-19. FDA incompetence and decisions by the COVID-19 Treatment Panel have transformed this National Plan into the ludicrous concept of keeping early infected patients quarantined at home without treatment until they became so ill that they had to be admitted to a hospital. Once in hospital, they would be given HCQ, which would not work well because patients were too ill."

In the letter, Hatfill follows with recommendations, one of which was to replace Drs. Fauci and Hahn for their abject resistance to following "the basic National Pandemic Plan." The recommendations were born of experience and, in any other viral outbreak, would almost certainly have been embraced as the standard of care. There isn't much in here that is untested.

People continue to state that early on in the pandemic, it "was impossible to know" that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was a safe and effective early treatment protocol for COVID-19, saving thousands of lives. I see it all the time. According to Hatfill, It isn't true, but the media worked overtime to hide the truth.

Hatfill tells Bannon there is no question that "senior personnel at both FDA and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)" and the "mass media" not only ignored every speck of the recommended pandemic response but knowingly pushed or mandated treatments and policies that needlessly caused harm and death in the thousands. In the interview provided below, there are moments in the conversation where he is noticeably bewildered by what he experienced. At times, he haltingly communicates his confusion and dismay over his colleagues' behavior during the pandemic.


Hatfill also assures Bannon that what he is now saying has nothing to do with hindsight. He told the COVID-19 task force and any senior health official who would listen that his Pandemic Response Plan with protocols suggesting the early use of antivirals would lift the country out of the pandemic.

According to Hatfill, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Rick Bright, Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock (a long-time FDA regulator who replaced Dr. Stephen Hahn), and Dr. Kadlec, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (Preparedness and Response), were aware of best practices and knew physicians in the field were using antivirals and were saving lives. Never before did the medical community wait until people were deathly ill to provide early treatment protocols to those who were sick. It was as if all prior medical knowledge and best practices had evaporated into thin air. Hatfill said: 

"You cut your finger, you treat it early, you wash it out, you put on a body comment on it, you don't let it get faster and to the point where they cut your arm off. It's the same with hydroxychloroquine. And COVID-19 when it starts out, it's an upper respiratory tract infection. When your stove's on fire, you put the fire out. You don't wait till the whole house is on fire."

Instead, according to Hatfill, senior officials in HHS, the FDA, CDC, and the NIH aggressively pushed for the untested, ineffective, and deadly Remdesivir and the experimental mRNA injections anyway. All the while, Remdesivir and the mRNA jabs received multiple passes on rigorous protocols. In addition, Pfizer, Moderna, and the FDA participated in the altering and obfuscation of the data, according to Hatfill. Much of what Hatfill says in the interview concerning the stonewalling of HCQ is corroborated by Dr. Bright's testimony in May 2020.

During the hearing, Dr. Bright confirmed he agreed with the FDA's block on the widespread use of HCQ.

Bright also shares that he and Woodcock eventually recommended an EUA on the drug. According to Hatfill, the block and the EUA directly circumvented President Trump's fervent requests to make HCQ readily available to physicians. Hatfill reminds listeners that it is a physician's right to exercise their discretion in the "off-label" use of drugs. It is a "common practice" for FDA-approved medications. The hearing also confirms Hatfill's statement that "Bayer offered to donate chloroquine pills to the National Strategic Stockpile on Mar. 17, 2020. But HHS determined 'There are safety liabilities associated with the drug,' and that 'accepting the donation could lead to widespread use that is not supported by clinical data.'"

Most alarmingly, the EUA limited the use of HCQ to "late-phase hospitalized patients, where it would show the least positive effect," according to Hatfill. Bright, Woodcock, and Fauci almost certainly knew that HCQ's effectiveness was most potent in early treatment. And the oddest part is that Woodcock, in a spring 2020 phone call to Bright, initially recommended Bright "look at HCQ's potential use for COVID-19."  Somewhere along the way, her curiosity waned.

Additionally, these same senior officials made multiple rounds on the networks to say HCQ (and Ivermectin) could be dangerous, citing studies that tested its efficacy only on late-stage COVID. The FDA even rolled out an ad campaign that would demean the use of Ivermectin by saying it was only for horses, knowing full well it had been used in humans in pill form for years. The horsepaste campaign was ridiculous on its face, but many Americans bought the messaging hook, line, and sinker.

While theorizing about the reasons for his removal, Bright repeatedly confirms Hatfill's version of the HCQ story:

Hatfill also shares that Bright, Woodcock, Fauci, and others were obsessed with putting HCQ through randomized trials. It is entirely possible Bright was genuinely concerned about off-label use for COVID-19. However, according to Hatfill, there was mounting and ample evidence in peer-reviewed studies and anecdotally that HCQ was an effective early treatment that helped many avoid advanced disease and hospitalization. This was born out by many in the field, including Dr. Zelenko, who began to speak of his successful HCQ protocols in the early spring of 2020. Hatfill says by June, the evidence on antivirals was undeniably apparent to those who cared to see.

Overfocusing on "rushed experimental mRNA injections" would always be a huge risk, stated Hatfill in the interview. And, given what was known from the data very early on, he says the experimental gene therapies should never have been mandated, mainly because there were other options for treatment that were saving lives. It has long been the rule that an EUA can only be initiated if no other treatment is available. Another long-standing convention was thrown out the window during COVID-19.

"Not one person should have ever been given one injection," said Hatfill. "Of these messenger RNA quote pseudo vaccines, they never prevented infection. They never prevented COVID-19 transmission. They never prevented more serious disease. There is no data to support that." He added that for people like Dr. Rick Bright, Fauci, and others who were looking to "generate funding, "the cheaper alternative, HCQ, "was standing in the way of the vaccines and another experimental drug called Remdesivir." 

Even more devastating than the Bannon interview is Hatfill's peer-reviewed paper in the winter issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. His paper is not conjecture but rather a sober review of what Hatfill and others knew at the time. However, tragically, many courageous scientists and physicians failed to adequately pierce the bureaucratic and sometimes greedy approach to delivering safe treatment protocols to the American people. The paper is heavily referenced and seems to affirm what only a few reported during that period, including journalists at UncoverDC.

Seven pages long, the paper covers many important topics related to COVID-19 in great detail. Hatfill provides plenty of evidence to indicate that COVID-19 set in motion untold criminal acts by senior officials who have yet to be held to account. Critical COVID-19 topics are referenced in detail: HCQ effectiveness, the CDC's ignoring of early danger signals of the mRNA vaccination, malfeasance associated with scheduling mRNA vaccines for children, harms from the mRNA vaccine, the total lack of basic toxicology research on the vaccines, conflicts of interest and more. It is a must-read.


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