Fact Check: The Top 10 of COVID Misinformation from Tony Fauci

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  • 12/19/2023

With Putin's ending of the global pandemic and Tony Fauci wiped clean of the public scene, a look back at the enormous amount of false information Fauci fed the world seems warranted. A fact-checking summary to close the era. And a reminder to never forget.

The sheeple have moved on as instructed by legacy media and politicians, replacing their "I Got Vaccinated" profile banner with a Ukrainian flag. They now spend their social media time ranting about the latest "Hitler" and demanding WWIII get underway instead of promoting an experimental drug and destruction of the economy. "I support the Latest Thing."

But those with memories longer than one week might be interested in looking back on what Fauci told the world these last two years. A look at how utterly wrong he was. Hence my Top Ten fact check.

I refer to the two years prior to Feb. 24, 2022, the day the global COVID pandemic ended. I'll set aside for now why Putin should be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his success. I'll just note that Putin accomplished in one day what no government, mass media, or Big Pharma corporation was able to do in two years. And I won't get into the clear signs that none of this dream team ever wanted the pandemic to end during the last two years.


Mis-, dis-, and mal-information (MDM) is a new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acronym. MDM is now considered a terroristic threat to the U.S. Homeland by DHS, per their Feb. 7, 2022, National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin. Their stated concern is that information the government doesn't want us to hear will "sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions." The DHS advises that "false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories have and will continue to contribute to a heightened threat of violence in the United States."

Okay, I'll go with the claim that MDM is a serious terrorist threat for my Top Ten list. Who then are the terrorists we need to censor?

Let's have a look at a major source of mis-, dis-, and mal-information over the last two years—Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Chief Medical Advisor to the President. Tony Fauci has held his NIAID office since 1984 and promoted an abundance of MDM over his career.

It wasn't easy to down-select to 10 false claims from Fauci for the Top Ten mis-information list, as there is so much to choose from. Someone else's Fauci Top Ten list would vary from mine. In the interest of time, I did not attempt a complete list of Fauci MDM. I'd need a team of researchers and a year to do so.

To help get the list down to a mere 10, the research was confined to the last two years. To open this up all the way back through the 38 years Fauci has held the NIAID Director job would result in COVID mis-information only being one or two of the Top Ten. We might want a Top 100 list if his whole career was included.


"This is an infection that had to be controlled by very draconian methods, namely shutting down virtually every major country that was involved."
- Anthony Fauci: July 9, 2020, International AIDS Convention*

For this article, I don't want to get into the long list of Fauci MDM on HIV, AIDS, AZT, childhood vaccines, his finances, NIAID finances, or the intimate partnership Fauci created with NIAID/CDC/NIH/FDA and Big Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. I didn't cover Fauci and the WHO, corruption in the development and approval of new patentable medications and vaccines, NIAID ownership of drug patents, marketing of patented pharmaceuticals, his ownership of stock in drug companies in China, or his drug experiments on African adults and children.

I set aside MDM in Fauci's taking over ludicrous amounts of government funding by repurposing the NIAID from its purpose as infectious diseases dropped dramatically due to hygiene improvements over the last century. I didn't get into Fauci MDM in shifting the organization into a patented drug development and marketing business, capturing and controlling 3/4 of a trillion dollars in taxpayer funding over his NIAID career. I don't want to delve into how Fauci managed to get a salary higher than the President.

I'll set aside covering the MDM it takes to get such power in DC and what a lifetime total of controlling almost a trillion dollars does. For now, let's skip the combined effect of Fauci's promulgating MDM with the job of handing out hundreds of billions of dollars every year to favored scientists and corporations that bow to his narrative, purposes, and keeping their mouths shut in the name of big cash.

It's a time problem, so I confined the Top Ten list to the last two years and COVID. To go back further, I'd recommend "The Real Anthony Fauci" by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and "Parliament of Whores” by P. J. O'Rourke, among other notable works.


Let's talk about COVID and the last two years, where Fauci has been a top provider of MDM to the U.S. and the world.

For the mis-information list, it isn't necessary to separate Fauci's lies, damn lies, and statistics from his other forms of MDM. Nor will I separate mis-information from dis-information from mal-information. I don't even know why DHS needs the three categories or exactly what each is. They didn't bother to define the terms in their terroristic threats bulletin.

Clearly, sometimes Fauci was lying. Clearly, sometimes he was making information up. Presumably, a few times, he was actually simply wrong. It's all MDM. Even conspiracy theories are covered by MDM.

Information can be terroristic mis-information in December requiring censorship and attack of the source. Yet that same information can be a well-accepted fact two months later. MDM, as defined by the government, is dependent on the date. Fauci's knowledge (or lack thereof) and his motives at the time don't change the designation of almost everything he says as MDM.

So I lumped Tony Fauci's lies, damn lies, statistics, MDM, invented data, and false claims made out of ignorance all together into the category of "mis-information" for my Top Ten List.

I don't know if the DHS has Fauci on their Top Ten list for investigating terroristic MDM.

According to their bulletin, he should be near or at the top—if they were rationally consistent in following their own National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin. Fauci certainly meets a top DHS concern named in the Bulletin, the part about information that sows discord and undermines public trust in government institutions.

Tons of public discord and undermined trust in government was provided by Tony Fauci during the COVID plandemic. That makes him a terrorist, according to the DHS. Perhaps they are correct.


Top Ten

So here's the list: the Top Ten mis-information from Tony Fauci over the last two years on COVID. With links for those who wish to go down the many rabbit holes of MDM. WARNING: it is a lot worse than I thought, and I am somewhere on the spectrum between a skeptic and a cynic. Siding more on the cynic side due to listening and fact-checking.

#10 Fauci Misinformation: Vaccine prevents the spread of COVID

Tony Fauci:

"Anthony S. Fauci, the nation's top infectious-disease expert, said it's "within our capability to prevent yet another surge from hitting the country, as long as more people get vaccinated."

- Tony Fauci, October 2021, The Washington Post, "Coronavirus numbers are dropping. More vaccinations can prevent a winter surge, Fauci says."

"If you want to keep the level of spread as low as possible, which will get us back to that level of normality, you have to get those people vaccinated,"

- Tony Fauci, Dec. 21, 2021, CBS News

The Facts:

"At least 254,599,776 people or 77% of the population have received at least one dose."

- USA Facts COVID Data Tracker, Mar. 14, 2022

"Congratulations are in order: the pandemic among the unvaccinated Brits is just about over. Only 394 vaccine-free persons died in weeks 5-8, compared to 3,527 vaccinated deaths. This means that vaccine-free Brits comprised only exactly 10% of all COVID deaths during weeks 5-8."

- Igor's Newsletter, Mar. 3 2022, "UK: Pandemic is Over for the Unvaccinated."


#9 Fauci Misinformation: Children must be vaccinated

Tony Fauci:

"Fauci said younger children will likely need three doses because two shots did not induce an adequate immune response in 2- to 4-year-olds in Pfizer's clinical trials."

- CNBC, Jan. 19, 2022, "Fauci says he hopes FDA will authorize Pfizer's COVID vaccine for kids under 5 in the next month."

The Facts:

"Cumulative Mortality (46 States, NYC, PR, and GU reported): Among states reporting, children were 0.00%-0.26% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 3 states reported zero child deaths."

- American Academy of Pediatrics, Mar. 28, 2022, "Children and COVID-19: State-Level Data Report."


#8 Fauci Misinformation: Healthy people must be locked down to end the pandemic

Tony Fauci:

"Asked by CNN's Brianna Keilar on "State of the Union" if he'd like a "national lockdown" where people are being told they need to stay home and out of restaurants and bars, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said he'd "like to see a dramatic diminution of the personal interaction that we see in those places… Whatever it takes to do that, that's what I'd like to see," Fauci added."

- CNN, Mar. 15, 2020, "Top infectious disease expert doesn't rule out supporting temporary national lockdown to combat coronavirus."

The Facts:

"An analysis of each of these three groups support[s] the conclusion that lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality. More specifically, stringency index studies find that lockdowns in Europe and the United States only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average."



#7 Fauci Misinformation: Physical separation of 6 feet is critical to prevent the spread

Tony Fauci:

"Anthony Fauci… said the U.S. can continue efforts to open the economy 'and still avoid these kind of surges that we're seeing' if people practice the following: [1]: Wear a face mask in public, [2] Keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others…".

- Tony Fauci, Aug 2020, AARP "Fauci: Things Americans Can Do to Avoid Another Lockdown"

The Facts:

"A new study published by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says you're no safer from COVID-19 indoors at 6 feet or 60 feet… This emphasis on distancing has been really misplaced from the very beginning".

- Newsmax, Feb 2022, "MIT Study Challenges Social Distancing Guidelines, 6 Foot Rule"

"There was nothing magic about 6 feet and 15 minutes," she says. "However, we have to draw the line somewhere.”

- GWU Public Health Professor, NPR, 27 August 2021, “Coronavirus FAQ: How Do The Rules of 6 Feet And 15 Minutes Apply To The Delta Variant?”

“Both the 10-foot and six-foot recommendations were unfounded, said Gottlieb, and show “the lack of rigor” in how the CDC made public health recommendations.”

- Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Forbes, 19 Sept 2021, “CDC’s Six-Foot Social Distancing Rule Was ‘Arbitrary’, Says Former FDA Commissioner”

“Physical distancing of at least 3 feet between students can safely be adopted in classroom settings…”

- Yahoo! News, 19 March 2021, “3 feet of separation is enough in schools, CDC says, as long as masks are worn”

“In the early 1940s, scientists finally got their first glimpses of people's sneezes hurtling through the air in real time, at a capture rate of 30,000 frames a second, confirming that indeed, most of the stuff we throw into the air when we sneeze, cough, or yell tends to settle down to the ground within about a wingspan or so (say, 3 to 6 feet)…. Back then, scientists maintained that most of the infectious gunk people expel (say, about 90% of their pathogens) travel less than 6 feet away. Their study measurements were never meant to be taken as hard-and-fast rules about how far we should stand from other people during a pandemic, though.”

- Business Insider, 25 August 2020, “The 6-foot social-distancing rule is based on nearly 80-year-old science”


#6 Fauci Misinformation: Masks are effective in preventing virus spread; we need mandatory masks.

Tony Fauci:

"So if you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective." He added, "That's the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95."

- Tony Fauci, Jan 2021 on Today, UncoverDC "Fauci Unmasked"

The "U.S. must 'double down' on measures like mask-wearing and social distancing as the country heads into the cooler winter months…. 'sounds very simple. But we're not uniformly doing that, and that's one of the reasons we're seeing these surges,' Fauci said".

- Axios, Oct 2020, "Fauci says if people won't wear masks, maybe it should be mandated."

The Facts:

"If you look at the masks that you buy in a drug store, the leakage around that doesn't really do much to protect you," he said. "People start saying, 'Should I start wearing a mask?' Now, in the United States, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask."

- Tony Fauci, Feb 2020 on USA Today, UncoverDC "Fauci Unmasked"
(no, this link isn't a mistake; Tony Fauci can be used to debunk Tony Fauci)

"You've got chart, after chart, after chart… showing the same story over and over again… if they have any effect at all, it's so trivial and marginal that it doesn't even show up."

- Tom Woods with Ian Miller, Tom Woods Show Ep. 2051: "The Definitive-Masks-Don't-Work Episode"

"With more than a year of these measures behind us, it's time to evaluate the results…This quiz is intended for the layman, because if these radical measures were truly justified, the results should be clear and unambiguous in the data."
[Author's note] Spoiler Alert: You will fail this quiz because public mask-wearing and mask mandates did nothing detectable to prevent the spread of the virus. Masks don't work.

- COVID Charts Quiz

"A mask or a pretzel provides the same protection, according to the CDC. They are actually correct—these two PPE devices provide about the same effect on transmission of an airborne virus from an infected person… Fog is about 10 um ( 1 um = 1/1,000 of a mm). The SARS-CoV-2 virus is about 100 nm (1 nm = 1/1,000,000 of a mm). The virus is about 100 times smaller than fog. Fog easily escapes the American Airlines mask, enough to fog my glasses. It goes through the material and escapes around it as it does not sufficiently seal against the face to filter all exhaled breath. This isn't complicated, folks—something 100 times smaller isn't getting filtered better."

- Keith Bessette, Unsafe Space, "Virus Transmission Prevention Device"

"Dr. Anthony Fauci wrote in February 2020 that store-bought face masks would not be very effective at protecting against the COVID-19 pandemic and advised a traveler not to wear one".

- Newsweek, June 2021, "Fauci Said Masks 'Not Really Effective in Keeping Out Virus,' Email Reveals"

"We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality".

- Newsmax, Feb 2022, "Johns Hopkins Researchers: Lockdowns Had Little Impact on COVID Deaths"

As "it turns out that most everyone infected with COVID-19 "always" wore masks, according to a newly published study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The study found 74.2% reported wearing masks "always" while 14.5% wore masks "often," or 85% almost always wore masks. It is difficult not to conclude that wearing non-surgical cloth face masks or face coverings does little to prevent contracting the Coronavirus."

- California Globe, "New CDC Study Finds Majority of Those Infected with COVID-19 'Always' Wore Masks"

"Studies looking at specific NPIs (lockdown vs. no lockdown, face masks, closing non-essential businesses, border closures, school closures, and limiting gatherings) also find no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality."


"No, the science hasn't changed. The science, as we've discussed even in the past, has never changed. We've known, before the pandemic, and even during the pandemic, from the highest quality evidence from clinical trials, that the mask mandates were unlikely to have any significant impact, and the vaccine passports have just succeeded in producing political conflict… You have these doctors that have been shouting from mountain tops that these masks were going to end the pandemic and stop transmission, same thing with the vaccines, and it's completely been proven to be false. And it's come at great… societal costs, great costs to our kids."
- Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General, on Tucker Carlson


#5 Fauci Misinformation: COVID Vaccines are safe and effective

Tony Fauci:

"I feel extreme confidence in the safety and the efficacy of this vaccine, and I want to encourage everyone who has the opportunity to get vaccinated so that we can have a veil of protection over this country that would end this pandemic."

- Tony Fauci, Dec 2020, ABC News "Fauci receives vaccine, has 'extreme confidence' it's safe, effective.

"Anthony S. Fauci, the nation's top infectious-disease expert, said it's 'within our capability to prevent' yet another surge from hitting the country, as long as more people get vaccinated."

- The Washington Post, Oct 2021, "Coronavirus numbers are dropping. More vaccinations can prevent a winter surge; Fauci says"

The Facts:

"37-year-old mother of two died Sept. 7 from what her obituary says was "COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia." It is a rare condition causing blood clots, seen in those who received the J&J vaccine."

- Fox 19 Now, Oct. 6, 2021, "Mother of 2 dies from blood clots after getting COVID-19 vaccine."

"The coroner said: 'Lisa died due to complications of an AstraZeneca COVID vaccination. Ms. Dilks said Ms. Shaw was previously fit and well but concluded that it was 'clearly established' that her death was due to a very rare 'vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia,' a condition which leads to swelling and bleeding of the brain."

- BBC News, Aug 2021, "Lisa Shaw: Presenter's death due to complications of COVID vaccine."

"Jeanie Evans died of 'anaphylaxis due to COVID-19 vaccination,' according to her autopsy report. The Effingham resident died Mar. 24, 2021, a day after the Moderna vaccine was administered".

- The Topeka Capital~Journal, Feb 2022, "Kansas woman Jeanie Evans died of an allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine, autopsy shows."

"The Danish study results shown in the graph found the Pfizer and Moderna shots provide some protection for a couple [of] months, followed by a higher risk of infection than no shots at all. I don't call that 'working.' I certainly wouldn't call the shots a "vaccine" against the Omicron variant of COVID."

- Keith Bessette, Jan 2022, Unsafe Space "Do the COVID Shots Work Against Omicron?"

"Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people. And overall deaths in Britain are running well above normal... And have been for six months. This chart may seem unbelievable or impossible, but it's correct, based on weekly data from the British government… I don't know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality".

- Alex Berenson, Unreported Truths, Substack, "Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age."

"These vaccines are clearly not working. They don't protect against infection, replication, and viral spread… [The claim is] if you take the vaccine, we'll reach herd immunity at 70% of you, then Tony says, 'Well, I just pulled that number out of a hat because I thought that's what the American population would tolerate.' It was clear early on… that we had treatments that would keep people from dying out of the hospital, and they suppressed those treatments. And it was clear, certainly by the time delta hit, that these vaccines were not preventing spread… You asked the question, did the vaccines work?. Not by any standard that one would normally apply to vaccines, and certainly not with omicron.
"Massive increases in 2021 relative to 2020 and preceding years, of multiple hundreds of percent, up to 1000%, in a variety of adverse events, which is to say diseases, that are suspected of being associated with vaccine administration… Cancer, heart attack, stroke, infertility.
[Tucker: since you are one of the people… who understands how these vaccines work, do you think it's plausible that they increase the risk of cancer?]
"Yes, yes."

- Dr. Robert Malone on Tucker Carlson Today, Feb. 2, 2022, Rumble, ~25:00

"Just 52% of healthcare workers have had at least one COVID vaccine shot though they have been eligible for vaccination since day one of the vaccination campaign in December. A Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation poll conducted in late February through March found...More than one-third (36% of health workers) said they were doubtful about the safety and efficacy of the fast-tracked, experimental coronavirus shots. The Post said the poll was the most comprehensive survey of vaccine adoption across the U.S health care workforce, covering 1,327 staff in hospitals, assisted-living facilities, patients' homes, and other settings."

- Lifesite, Mar. 30, 2021, "Nearly half of healthcare workers have declined coronavirus shots."

#4 Fauci Misinformation: Hydroxychloroquine does not work and is dangerous

Tony Fauci:

"Dr. Anthony Fauci said… hydroxychloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or COVID-19".

- CNBC, July 2020, "Dr. Fauci says all the 'valid' scientific data shows hydroxychloroquine isn't effective in treating Coronavirus."

"The scientific data is really quite evident now about the lack of efficacy for it," Fauci, a key medical adviser on the White House coronavirus task force, told CNN's Jim Sciutto on "Newsroom" of the drug, adding that there's likelihood of "adverse events with regard to cardiovascular."

- Fauci on CNN, May 27, 2020, "Fauci: Science shows hydroxychloroquine is not effective as a coronavirus treatment."

The Facts:

"Prompt early initiation of sequenced multidrug therapy (SMDT) is a widely and currently available solution to stem the tide of hospitalizations and death… Early SMDT developed empirically based upon pathophysiology and evidence from randomized data, and the treated natural history of COVID-19 has demonstrated safety and efficacy… Zinc in combination with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is potentially synergistic in reducing viral replication".

- Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, Dr. Peter A. McCullough, et al., "Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)."

"Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective, and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases including malaria, amoebiosis, and human immunodeficiency virus, is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. The fact that the drug has significant inhibitory antiviral effect when the susceptible cells were treated either prior to or after infection suggests a possible prophylactic and therapeutic use".

- US National Library of Medicine, NIH, "Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread."

"Treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate significantly in sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19—and without heart-related side-effects… Our analysis shows that using hydroxychloroquine helped save lives".

- Henry Ford Health System, July 2020, "Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients..."

"Some 200 peer-reviewed studies (C19Study.com) by government and independent researchers deem HCQ safe and effective against Coronavirus… Dr. Risch specifically claims that Fauci and the FDA have caused 'the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans who could have been saved by HCQ".

- Robert F. Kennedy Jr., "The Real Anthony Fauci," Chapter 1 Section II "Killing Hydroxychloroquine."

"Another email bombshell from the Anthony Fauci archives has been dropped, this one showing that "America's doctor" knew full well that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was an effective remedy against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and yet chose to lie to the public by claiming otherwise."

- NOQ Report, Jun. 6, 2021, "Fauci Lied, Millions Died: The Conspiracy Behind Hydroxychloroquine's Suppression."

"Was the Surgisphere study intended to provide a justification to block the use of HCQ, as recommended by Dr. Anthony Fauci"?

- Global Research "The Corruption of Science… Anthony Fauci's Intent to Block HCQ on Behalf of Big Pharma."


#3 Fauci Misinformation: Ivermectin does not work and is dangerous

Tony Fauci:

CNN asked Fauci about a "horse drug called Ivermectin to treat Coronavirus." Fauci replied:

"Don't do it. There's no evidence whatsoever that that works, and it could potentially have toxicity, as you've just mentioned, with people who have gone to poison control centers because they've taken the drug at a ridiculous dose and wind up getting sick. There's no clinical evidence that indicates that this works."

- CNN interview," 'Don't do it': Dr. Fauci warns against taking Ivermectin to fight COVID-19."

The Facts:

A "randomized, controlled, single-blind phase 3 multicenter clinical trial … assessed the effectiveness and safety of ivermectin use" for COVID-19 patients.

"According to the findings obtained, Ivermectin can provide an increase in clinical recovery, improvement in prognostic laboratory parameters, and a decrease in mortality rates even when used in patients with severe COVID-19. Consequently, Ivermectin should be considered as an alternative drug that can be used in the treatment of COVID-19 disease".

- BMC Infectious Diseases, May 4, 2021, "Evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of adding ivermectin to treatment in severe COVID-19 patients."

"Two Merck scientists won the Nobel Prize for developing Ivermectin (IVM), a drug with unprecedented firepower against a range of human parasites… FDA approved IVM as safe and effective for human use in 1996. WHO includes IVM … on its inventory of 'essential medicines'… Millions of people have consumed billions of IVM doses as an anti-parasitic, with minimal side effects".

A "random placebo-controlled trial of Ivermectin as a preventative… found no infections among the 788 workers who took weekly ivermectin prophylaxis, whereas 58 percent of the 407 controls had become ill with COVID-19"…

"Since March 2020, when doctors first used IVM against COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have confirmed its miraculous efficacy against COVID"…

"In March 2021, a published study by Peter McCullogh and 57 other front-line physicians from multiple countries found that 'Our early ambulatory treatment regimen was associated with an 87.6% reduction and 74.9% reduction in hospitalization and death".

- "The Real Anthony Fauci," by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chapter 1 Section III


#2 Fauci Misinformation: The NIH did not fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab

Tony Fauci

"The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology."

- Tony Fauci, May 2021, under oath in Senate testimony, Washington Post

The Facts

Dr. Fauci is Director of NIAID, part of NIH. "This body did give money to an organisation that collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology… the US-based EcoHealth Alliance— was awarded a grant in 2014 to look into possible coronaviruses from bats. EcoHealth received $3.7M from the NIH, $600,000 of which was given to the Wuhan Institute of Virology".

- BBC News, Aug. 2, 2021, "Coronavirus: Was US money used to fund risky research in China?"

"It's another Fauci flub. The National Institutes of Health has stunningly admitted to funding gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at China's Wuhan lab — despite Dr. Anthony Fauci repeatedly insisting to Congress that no such thing happened… The grant directed $599,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for bat coronavirus research".

- New York Post, Oct. 21, 2021, "NIH admits US-funded gain-of-function in Wuhan — despite Fauci's denials"

#1 Fauci Misinformation: The virus could not have come from the Wuhan lab

Tony Fauci:

"If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what's out there now, [the scientific evidence] is very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated … Everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that [this virus] evolved in nature and then jumped species."
- Tony Fauci, May 4, 2020, Scientific American interview

The Facts:

"For more than a decade, scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology have been discovering coronaviruses in bats in southern China and bringing them back to their lab for gain-of-function research".

- BMJ, Jul. 8, 2021: "The COVID-19 lab leak hypothesis: did the media fall victim to a misinformation campaign?"

A "lab origin is more likely than natural origin at this point… There is no evidence pointing to a natural animal origin of the virus at that market… The "pandemic was being caused by the unique feature of the coronavirus called 'furin cleavage site', which has been linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology… scientists from the EcoHealth Alliance were in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology developing this pipeline for inserting novel furin cleavage sites, these genetic modifications, into SARS-like viruses in the lab".

"It does have to be taken seriously. It is regrettable that in 2020 there was a pretty systematic attempt to shut down this topic".

"We also need to know to deter bad actors who are watching this episode and thinking that unleashing a pandemic is something they could get away with".

- NDTV, Dec. 16, 2021: "Wuhan Lab Leak "More Likely," Origin Of COVID-19 Says, Researcher"

Senator Rand Paul: "Yes, Dr. Fauci's NIH did fund the Wuhan Virology Lab. Here's the verbatim admission from their chief scientist Dr. Shi Zhengli."

Representative Paul Gosar: "Dr. Anthony Fauci has repeatedly lied to Congress and the American people throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Fauci has given contrary advice regarding the source of the virus, the transmissibility of the virus, the virulence of the virus, the efficacy of masks and vaccines, the efficacy of social distancing, and has demeaned anyone in the public health community that disagrees with him. Dr. Fauci has continuously and deliberately misled the public at every turn."

- Michelle Edwards article, UncoverDC, "Dr. Fauci: As Corruption Claims Mount, New Bill Seeks to Reduce Salary to Zero"

*EDITOR'S NOTE: This article has been edited/corrected to reflect a quote that was made on July 9, 2020 at the International AIDS Convention. 

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