The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 28, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) I have a couple of corrections. Well, I didn’t error, but we had people suddenly pull the “I didn’t mean that” routine. First, the climate minister of Sweden backed down from a statement that it would build 10 nuke reactors.

2) Then rocker Carlos Santana curled up in a fetal ball and apologized for anti-transoid comments he made at a concert. His manager must have given him an earful.

3) President Trump raised $7.1 million after the mugshot, including $4.1 million on Friday alone, the highest 24-hour period of his campaign to date.

4) His “golden mug shot” not only raised over $7 million in campaign donations immediately after the booking but created a crazy demand for mug shot paraphernalia across the country.

5) When President Trump wins, his job for Vivek Ramaswamy should be Swamp Cleaner.

6) A new poll shows Trump leads DeSantis by 36 . . . in Florida . . . after a “massive shift.”

7) Trump’s mug shot has become an inner-city Atlanta mural. Wow.

8) An IRS agent in Phoenix was accidentally killed by a fellow agent during training at a gun range.

-Sorry for the fellow and his family, as well as the other agent . . . but . . . why do IRS agents need guns? They should all be disarmed.

9) True the Vote says they “have the goods on state voter rolls” in Georgia.

-I hope so, but while there are empty cartridges everywhere, no one yet has provided the smoking gun with the fingerprints on it.

10) Remove the MAGA from the GOP, and you have DemoKKKrat lite, a Rutabaga administration with a few changes to appeal to evangelicals.

11) How seriously should DemoKKKrats take the populist movement, whether it’s DemoKKKrats voting for Trump or supporting RFK, Jr.?

-Very. An anonymous congressman said there was a “concern” in the party, “but it’s almost like that which is not to be talked about.” Good. Bottle it up. Keep the lid on. Let Trump take it all.

12) So “Live free or die” New Hampshire is so free its Secretary of State threatened to keep Donald Trump off the ballot?

-Hint: It’s unconstitutional and has been ruled so already at the House level.

13) The coal truth: electric cars will be coal burners once removed.



14) Almost 70% of parents in a new Children’s Hospital poll said “overuse of screen time” is the number one problem, with 66% saying “social media.” In lower-income households, much different problems: “Bullying, unsafe neighborhoods, and school violence.

COMMENT: You know, the bullying phenomenon seems rather recent historically. I was a nerd/musician in high school, was never bullied once, nor were any of my friends. Except one. My bestie Bud Kirk was bullied by a guy about 100 pounds heavier and 4" taller. Bud thought he was dead anyway, so he walked right up before the guy could do anything and broke his nose. They became best pals.

15) It was inevitable they’d come after this poor guy. Now they are saying Oliver Anthony was promoting anti-semitic and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

-Here’s the truth: They can’t hurt this guy. He didn’t take their money and doesn’t want publicity or media presence. THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO HIM. And that makes him one of the most dangerous men in the world.



16) David Blackmon, “When you’ve lost Texas Monthly on wind—massive fields of used/broken wind turbine blades. I know! Dump ‘em in Europe!

17) Truckers are now accepting rates 15% to 25% below their costs.

-This can’t be sustained.

18) Unemployment data says a recession is coming.

19) Even Dinobernie says 60% of people live paycheck to paycheck, saying Rutabaga “accomplished a lot.”

-Yeah, a lot of destruction ya evil geezer. Quit. Retire to one of your blood money homes.

20) Dollar Tree says theft is such a problem it will start locking up items or stop selling them altogether.

21) Rite Aid prepares to file for bankruptcy. Guess the China Virus Vax thing didn’t work out.



22) Ireland’s media minister supports having the gubment define what is true and what speech can be permitted online.

-Yeah, that would really have been perfect during Ireland’s quest for independence, right?

23) China’s latest ‘stimulus’ rally lasted just 30 minutes.

-I keep sayin’ it. The ChiComs are gonna bite the big one soon.

24) Homelessness rising in London.

25) The demise of “hedges,” or qualifying statements about scientific research that would reduce its level of certainty gave rise to hoax science.

26) China is saddled with “almost double” local gubment debt.

27) Noah Smith is a lefty who occasionally gets things right. He’s been on the “shrinking humanity is a bad thing” for some time –most lefties love abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality because they hate kids. At any rate, the result is that the world will have to work more and harder than ever just to sustain existing economies, let alone grow.

28) Gateway Pundit examines the “canary in the coal mine” about media stories (based on intel leaks) that the Ukes are done and that the finger-pointing is about to begin.

29) Col. Douglas Macgregor, a critic of the Uke war, says Ukraine has already lost 400,000 men on the battlefield.

-Seems pretty high, but if only half that, Ukraine’s army is finished.

30) Greece has already arrested 79 people for arson.

-Is this an attempt to ignite global “emergency measures?” Did someone set the Maui and Yellowknife fires?



30) Bob Barker, longtime game show host, dead at 99.

31) Director Christopher Nolan took “Oppenheimer” to China on tour.

-The Chinese probably love it since it’s a movie about dropping an atomic bomb on their ancestral enemy.

32) These NFL players and coaches served in the military after WW II, including Eddie Lebaron (Cowboys), Kevin Greene (Steelers), Don Shula (Dolphins), Pat Tillman (Cardinals), Napoleon McCallum (Raiders), Roger Staubach (Cowboys), Phil McConkey (Giants), Chad Henning (Cowboys), Willie Miller (Rams), Rocky Bleier (Steelers), and Paul Hornung (Packers).



33) HHS paid $11 million in bribes to doctors to lie to mothers about the safety of the mRNA vaxxes.

-Every HHS official who knew about this should face jail or worse.

34) Steve Kirsch: The vaxxed are twice as likely to get China Virus than the unvaxxed, according to a survey of 16,000.



35) And finally, the hunt for the gigantic waterborne Loch Ness monster sees its biggest hunt in 50 years as hundreds of volunteers, drones, and camera crews from around the world search. They didn’t find anything cuz Nessie is here . . .



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