The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) In a major shift and break from his “friend,” RFK, Jr. Has called for a corruption investigation of Joe Biden.

2) “Note cards and shorter stairs: How Rutabaga’s campaign is addressing his age.”

-Odd. President Trump doesn’t need that stuff.

3) Hunter Biteme put his veep dad, Rutabaga, on the phone with biz execs over 24 times.

4) Back to normal in bucolic and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake as 33 were shot, six killed over the weekend.

-What a paradise!

5) Speaking of peaceful and somnambulant, a former K-mart in Portland that became a squatters’ den burned down.

6) The Achilles heel of vote fraud: the addresses.

7) Serious evil: new security footage undermines the key claims in the police report in the death of Patriot Day protester Rosanne Boyland.

-Many of these cops need to see jail time, starting with this Byrd dicknipple.

8) Big? Or just more of the same? Zero’s private chef drowned near his Martha’s Vinyard home in 8 feet of water.

9) A psychiatrist was accused of keeping patients against their will in a huge Medicaid scam.

-Is that sorta like what Christopher Nolan is doing to “Oppenheimer” audiences?

Fun fact: When Otto Preminger premiered his over three-hour opus “Exodus,” about halfway through, one of the audience members stood up and shouted at him, “Otto! Let my people go!”

10) Ehhhh, everybody makes hiring mistakes, but this one is in the Jeff Sessions category…

11) Border encounters with flagged illegal criminal aliens increased ninefold under Rutabaga.

12) And more shades of that great French actor Juicy Smol-ley as Carlee Russell, who had claimed she was kidnapped after seeing a toddler on the side of the road, admits she made up the entire story.

13) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb said that Trump can’t win a general election.

-She is polling in low single digits nationally, trailing Trump by 30 in her own South Carolina.



14) The future of America’s Christians is non-denominational. The “nons” have increased, while the denominations lost members.

15) And this on the “new atheists:”

The liberalism that the new atheists so enthusiastically espoused, the idea that we should be free to criticize, mock, and satirize anything, including religion, only works when the Government is willing to protect you from the consequences.

-In other words, so long as Christians are willing to protect the atheists, they are free to practice their idiocy, but in Islamic societies, there are no atheists, not even in foxholes.



16) A fed judge has blocked AZ’s transoid sports ban after a challenge from transoid teens.

17) Another suit where an innocent girl was convinced she was a transoid and now sues doctors for removing healthy breasts at age 18.



18) America’s bet on wind power is running into a big problem.

-As it is everywhere.

19) India’s announced rice export ban triggered runs in U.S. supermarkets, with the cost of a 20-pound bag tripling.



20) Asia is buying near record volumes of U.S. crude, displacing Mid-east oil.

Asia Buys Near-Record Volumes Of US Crude, Replaces MidEast Oil 

21) Israel’s Parliament passed a new law weakening its omnipotent Supreme Court.

22) The Scots are “astonished” as 15.7 million trees were felled to develop wind farms.

-Good God, people didja not think that you’d have to cut trees fer yer damned propeller blades?

23) Tragic story of a Canadian educator who stood up to woke bullying, but he paid the price. Richard Bilkszto committed suicide.

24) Inside the fight against the child-trafficking “sweet shop” on the Uke border.

Inside the Fight Against the Human Trafficking ‘Sweet Shop’ on Ukraine’s Border

25) Great story of a self-made man: a cashier became governor of a corrupt Nigerian state—hey, didn’t he leave me a fortune? I think I saw an email to that extent. Anyway, he went on to pull in over $160 million for a private jet, a fleet of armored Range Rovers, and other luxuries. Dang, now he has to pay it back.



26) “Sound of Freedom” marches on with $124.7 in sales. It looks as though this STILL is all domestic, as no international numbers reported yet.

27) Elon Musk eliminated “Twitter” and replaced it with the goofy-sounding “X.” Jack Dorsey urges calm.

-“Twitter,” “X,” “Spooge,” I don’t care. It’s a good platform without some of the limitations of others.

28) Mike Zeroh has a remarkable report on turmoil inside Disney as the backlash from the new woke “Snow White” has already begun. (The entire marketing team from “SW” was fired, and the roll-out featuring the Seven Magical Creatures Cuz They Won’t Use Dwarfs/midgets is massively reworked to remove them as much as possible. Also, most romance is being removed.

-Don’t fool yourselves: while the board may want changes, they don’t want enough change to end woke.

29) Ice T slapped down conspiracy theorists who claimed Jamie Foxx was an “AI” or a clone. “YOU look different after a bad cold! [That] man was seriously sick and damn near died.”



30) Peter McCullough reviews the serious neurologic syndromes associated with the China Virus vax.

31) Moderna’s Spikevax trial data shows serious adverse events and death.

Moderna Spikevax Trial Data Show Serious Adverse Events and Death



32) The Mexican soccer team, Atlas FC, issued a groveling apology after using a quotation from Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

-They claimed they took it straight from the DNC website and an Occasional Cortex speech. Who knew?


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