The other day, I saw a Twitter post that’s been eating at me. The poster was talking about her city, where everyone was walking head down, sad, knowing something was wrong but unable to pinpoint exactly what. “Everyone feels helpless.”

I get that. It’s the feeling I get out in the world, too. I have a sense that things aren’t right somehow. The world LOOKS the same as it did before the madness, but it’s not the same. It’s tilted. Chaotically so.

All because one day in March 2020, the entire world changed. That two weeks to flatten the curve turned into damn near three years. Worldwide. Too many lives, schooling, families, relationships, and businesses destroyed. Too many sick elders and children died alone. I’ll spare the gory details. We all know what happened.

The problem is we don’t know how to recover. After the last three years of terror, of friends and family attacking each other over masks, lockdowns, and vaccines, we all have a bit of PTSD. I’m not even being dramatic here. In one day, we ALL got locked into our homes, threatened if we didn’t stay put, told we were all going to suffer and possibly die—killing grandma and our parents in the process—if we didn’t follow their rules to the letter.

After three years, you don’t just open the door, wipe your brow, and say, “Well, thank goodness that’s over. Let’s get back to real life.” Only that life is gone forever. Thanksgivings across America are strained to say the least. The new normal looks a lot like the old one… only it’s different. Tilted.

And could all that craziness happen again? Oh yes. It probably will, or something like it. We’re already being bombarded with talk of new diseases, new wars (nuclear at that), new money, global warming (this is good), and food shortages

Well, I say bring it. I’m sick of being scared, and I’m ready for whatever. I’m healthy, strong, working out hard, have a close-knit tribe of friends personally & professionally, money in my pocket, brain firing on all cylinders. Haha, at least I think it is!!!

I had to make a few lifestyle switches to get here. I had to tackle food, mindset, sleep, READING, and learning HOW to get ready. These last three years were hell because I could not catch up—I didn’t think everything that happened could happen here. I’d become complacent. Then suddenly, everything I knew that I believed to be true was called into question.

And, clearly, nobody was coming. I had to hop off the yellow brick road because no wizard was going to save us. Not Congress, not the Donald, not Ron, not RFK, certainly not Biden. Not even a strange little man behind a curtain somewhere.

I know a lot of you are in the same boat. Everybody gained the COVID-19. Drank too much and didn’t meet goals. There is nothing to do but take the bull by the horns. Don’t wait to get ready. Now is the time to get your house in order. It’s not like we are all going to die in the next whatever or that there are bad people out to get us. Maybe there are; I don’t know. This is life happening.

All I know is it took the last three years to wake me up and get me focused on being the best I can be. No one is coming to get me to exercise or eat right, lol. It’s on me. And I have grandchildren I need to see married. I’m all in.

Who’s with me? How are you getting ready?