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  • 09/19/2023

To our readers,

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we at UncoverDC realized that people would be hard-pressed to find truth in legacy media or many other places that they had come to rely on. We prioritized exploring every aspect of the pandemic, from faulty testing to potential vaccine mandates, to government overreach, to early treatment possibilities, and more.

What follows below is a culmination of that work in PDF form. It was a labor of great love and dedication to get this finished, and one of the things that struck me as I poured through our work over the past year and a half or so was just how "before its time" a lot of our reporting was. All of our articles are as true and factual today as they were when they were written, and it really is amazing to see the story that is weaved throughout each section.

Our hope here is to continue updating this publication as we add reporting and create a multimedia section that highlights all of the spectacular interviews we have done with scientists and experts in their fields. We want you to share this with your friends and family and keep it handy and bookmarked to have a quick resource to pull from when engaging in conversation surrounding any of the topics herein.

Some of these reports have been used in hearings before governments across the world. Others have been translated into seven different languages. Some have gone before Congress and the Senate at the federal level and have advised developments on COVID that have been global in scope. We are truly proud of what we have accomplished. We hope that you are, too.

We can not continue this good work without your support. We hope that if you appreciate the journalism you see on these pages and daily on our website, that you will consider a recurring monthly donation or a one-time donation using GiveSendGo. It is crucial at this time, as the assault on honest journalism continues, and we suffer deplatforming on a daily basis. Show us you care, and send us a contribution. We all would appreciate it very much.

Without further delay, thank you so much for being a part of the UncoverDC family, and I am so very proud to bring you "UncoverDC Presents: UncoverCOVID."


Tracy Beanz

Editor in Chief

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