Are You a Domestic Terrorist? TSA Might Say Yes

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  • 09/19/2023

Early last year, a wife and mother of two children booked an airline ticket to New York for a family funeral. Innocent enough, right? Apparently not. Her husband (we will call him Bill,) a 20-plus-year Federal Air Marshal Service veteran, went to work a few days before his wife left and noticed something astonishing. He logged on to his Federal Air Marshal Service Operations computer system, and there it was, his wife's name, and underneath her name, it read "Domestic Terrorist."

Once the initial shock wore off, he ran to his supervisors and asked them how in the world this could've happened; their response was, "You can't tell her, and you have to let it work itself out." "What does that mean?" he asked—he got the same response. Bill then realized that since his wife was labeled a domestic terrorist that meant whenever she traveled, there would be teams of highly trained air marshals following her and their children's every move in the airport and on the plane—documenting what they wore, what she said, attempting to eavesdrop on her conversations, and writing an internal report documenting everything. And it was his job to assign the Air Marshal teams to this special mission to follow his wife to New York and back home.

It Gets Worse

This was shocking for many reasons. First, Bill’s wife had never been charged with any crime or questioned by law enforcement agencies about being a terrorist. Second, Bill holds a Top-Secret Security Clearance with the Federal Air Marshals, and apparently, he lives with a terrorist. This should have sparked an immediate investigation by the agency into what he and his TSA-designated terrorist wife were up to, yet the agency didn't seem the least bit concerned.

Right after his conversation with Air Marshal leadership, Bill returned to his job, which granted him access to very sensitive government databases. This fact alone suggests the label given to his wife is false; why wouldn't the agency seem to care? This situation meets the very definition of an insider threat.

Lastly, the TSA paperwork noted that Bill's wife broke into the United States Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. Bill was in disbelief. His wife had been in D.C. on January 6th; however, she was nowhere near the Capitol building and could prove it with her GPS locations, Uber, and hotel receipts. She was at a hotel several miles from the Capitol building. Bill then called the Air Marshal National Council (AMNC) and asked for help. We immediately contacted Congress with Bill's concerns, as demonstrated in the letter below.

AMNC President Dave Londo and Executive Director Sonya Hightower-LaBosco were not shocked. They informed Bill that shortly after January 6th, a supervisor within the Air Marshal Incident Coordination Section sent the FBI all the names of every person who flew into or out of Washington D.C. in the days leading up to and after the Capitol incident.

It didn't matter if they had been anywhere near the Capitol. They further advised that it was their belief that this same supervisor made the decision to establish a list with these people's names, as it was this unit's job to develop special missions for the agency.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) having the authority to label anyone a terrorist presents a host of issues. TSA is an administrative agency, not a law enforcement agency; it has no investigative authority. Bill's wife contacted the FBI. They said she had never been under any investigation. If this is the case, how does TSA not only label someone a terrorist but also have someone within the TSA, without any research or follow-up, manipulate a national security database and enter false information that Bill's wife had broken into the Capitol?

Those actions suggest this is not mere incompetence but a nefarious intentional act that can only have a political purpose. If TSA decided to make a list of folks who traveled to D.C. and label them terrorists, that would be a huge overstep of authority; however, to take the extra step of falsely writing that this person committed a criminal act without evidence whatsoever—that is horrifying.

The AMNC believes that hundreds, if not thousands, of entirely innocent Americans may be falsely labeled as terrorists by the TSA.

If Bill's wife weren't married to a Federal Air Marshal, she would have never known she was being surveilled by teams of air marshals whenever she booked travel. She would never know why alarms go off whenever she goes to the airport ticket counter to check-in. Each time she goes through security, alarms go off. Each time she is sent to TSA secondary screening and TSA reverse screening, she must endure further inspections.

The AMNC will bring this case and others to Congress over the next few months. This case represents the smoking gun in the January 6th debacle. This case proves without any doubt a federal agency has been weaponized, and what's particularly concerning is the target could be you.

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