The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 1, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) This is the best analysis—although it repeats some of my shorter substack pieces on the same topic—of the Trump/DeSantis race that I have read. Takeaway line: DeSantis “leaves much to be desired in mobilizing lawyers and Florida judges to fight against the Biden administration’s unconstitutional weaponization of the federal bureaucracy against everyday American citizens.”

-Amen, bro.

2) Trump sets off on 2024 with new momentum.

3) A seventh officer in the Tyre Nichols death has been relieved of duty, and three first responders have been fired.

4) Utah has banned transoid surgeries and puberty blockers for children.

5) Surprise, surprise: Bob Woodward—you know . . . he interviewed a guy who was comatose?—concealed key parts of his months-long interviews with President Trump, deceptively redacting the audio.

6) Correct. A reporter from Africa says to Rutabaga’s incompetent press secretary, “You do not appear to be a good fit for this job.”

7) Increasingly, it looks like e-cigs inflame your lungs worse than ciggys.

8) Would be funny if not so tragic. Kollyfornia cops have shot dead a double amputee who “tries to run away from them on stumps,” saying they feared he was going to “throw his knife at them.”

-While running away.

-On stumps.

9) Minnesota to give driver’s licenses to 77,000 illegals.

10) While in New Kabul (NYC), illegals are not leaving the NYC hotel and have demanded free stays at “vacant luxury apartments” on millionaires’ row. This should get spicy.

11) Oh? The FascistBI conducted a previously undisclosed search at the Pennsylvania Biteme Center in November.

12) The food service director of an impoverished Illinois school district was charged with stealing $1.5 million of chicken wings.



13) “Net zero” (as in emissions) is dead in the water, according to this roundup of articles in Manhattan Contrarian.

14) If you listened to Jim Cramer, your portfolio would have performed about 30% worse than if you went with a cross-section of the S&P Index. Now that’s what I call “Really Mad Money!”

15) Two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

16) Cloud software company Workday cuts hundreds of jobs.



17) Wait, what? The Ukes have 150,000 dead and are losing 200 troops a day, according to the BBC!

18) Left-wing and right-wing populism meet in German opposition to the Uke war.

19) Holy cow. The Ukes are calling the U.S. military in the middle of firefights for help in fixing their artillery.

-Anyone remember in Grenada when the Marines had to use a credit card to call a base operator in the U.S. to get air support in a firefight?

20) Scientists are baffled as to why Antarctica has not warmed in 70 years despite “rising” CO2 levels.

-Cuz the whole thing is a hoax.

21) A succinct discussion of how the Uke bioweapons labs are at the heart of U.S. support—but I still think it goes deeper to a Credit Mobilier circle of money back to Congress via defense stocks.


22) Well, well. Die Welt has told its readers Ukraine is gone after months of “jingoistic war propaganda.”



23) Cindy Williams of “Laverne and Shirley” dead at age 75.

24) The Ethiopian Federation has accused Madonna of child trafficking in Malawi.



25) A detailed response to Scott Adams over the vax.

26) Dr. Robert Malone: “The FDA is doubling down on a failed strategy.”

-Sounds normal.

27) What can we learn from the Pfizer whistleblowers? (“Significant fraud in trials”).

28) Newsweak admits it was wrong about the China Virus.

29) A growing number of doctors say don’t get the boosters.

30) Dr. Peter McCullough: new psychosis has appeared after the China Virus vaxxes.



31) One in eight adults is addicted to highly processed food.

-This is just nonsense. Wait, did you take my Fiesta Bugles?




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