The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 6, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) And still no House speaker. The House adjourned Thursday night and will reconvene today as we move on to vote 12. I am told by a senior conservative congressman that McCarthy has agreed to ALL the rule changes sought by the hold-outs and that now they “literally can’t name one thing they want anymore.”


2) More on the problems of the speakership, not just McCarthy.

3) Detectives who got the Idaho murder suspect used cell phone ping data to catch him when so-called “fact checkers” said that this data was not precise enough when “2000 Mules” used it to catch ballot traffickers.

4) The absolute latest in sick: “transmaxxing,” i.e., incels turning themselves into girls cuz they think it will improve their lives cuz they “kain’t get no sex” as it is.

5) Cankles will now be a professor at Columbia. Her seminar will be called “How to lose a lock election.”

6) Fantastic news: Damar Hamlin has a very positive update—he’s “Neurologically intact... lungs continue to heal... making steady progress.” He is communicating in writing with his family. This is indeed a Thank You, God moment.

7) Supposedly, the NFL has decided to completely cancel the Bills/Bengals game, totally screwing up playoff proceedings.

8) CVS and Walgreens plan to sell the abortion pill at pharmacies after the FDA rule change.

9) Florida colleges will now be required to report spending related to diversity, equity, “inclusion,” and Communist Racist Theory.

10) Gun sales have crossed a “new normal” high of 16 million or more sold per year.

11) Rutabaga finally realized we had a border problem and plans to expel Venezuelans, Cubans, and Haitians. But not Mexicans.[/embed]



12) The ADP December report shows the economy added 253,000 jobs (uh huh), but salary growth slowed to 7.3%, or basically no growth at all after inflation.

13) The crypto bank Silvergate has detailed its own implosion, with much of its equity capital wiped out.

14) Amazon has cut over 18,000 jobs, the largest cut by any tech company. Yeah, but ol’ Jeffy still has his hottie! He hasn’t lost his job.

15) While woke techster “Salesforce” will lay off 8,000.

16) Kollyfornia, the world’s greatest tax glutton, is taxing non-residents who never once visited there.

17) Peloton to pay $19 million over treadmill defects.

18) Mercedes plans a $105 billion EVN charging network privately funded in North America by 2027.



19) The son of the notorious drug kingpin “El Chapo” has been captured. Good. Send him to the Epstein Cell.

20) Green Screen Zelensky has a new censorship bill. Putin doesn’t have such a bill.



21) KISS frontman Gene Simmons carped about the Rolling Stone list of 200 greatest singers of all time when he and Celine Dion didn’t make the cut.

-Big deal. I didn’t whine when I wasn’t named to the top 200 drummers of all time.

22) Not a big fan, but more power to her: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” nets her $3 million a year and $70 million so far.



23) A new peer-reviewed study showed more than 270 sudden cardiac deaths in U.S. athletes after being vaxxed.

24) So the ChiComs are lying? The new China Virus stats “underrepresent” the true impact of the outbreak, says the WHO.

25) Fascinating analysis: the China Virus Vax was driven by the DoD, not Big Pharma.[/embed]



26) And finally, parents have threatened legal action to stop a transoid teacher from wearing Z-cup prosthetic breasts to school after students were threatened for taking pictures of them.

-And here I thought it was just toting watermelons home from the store. Silly me.



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