The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 28, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



 1) They’re coming after the Electoral College now. These spoogepistols will stop at nothing to communize the USA.

2) The U.S. Supreme Court has kept Title 42 for two more months, as Gorsuch dissented on the grounds that the Court is consistently having to make policy decisions because the executive and legislative branches won’t. And he is right.

3) Well, of course, they do. Mr. and Mrs. Rutabaga head for the warm Virgin Islands as much of America reels under a catastrophic winter storm that has nearly frozen Niagara Falls.

4) A new poll shows overwhelming (83%) support for voter ID and other “old style” election procedures.

5) This is criminal, and this company should be prosecuted: a startup is releasing sulfur particles into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight into space. These morons want an ice age, and they need to be in jail for this eco-terrorism.

6) Buffalo was plunged into chaos with looters as the death toll from Global Warming has risen to 35.

7) Outrage as Google search results for “Jew” return with “verb” meaning “to bargain in a miserly or petty way.”

-No, not the Babylon Bee.

8) And not the Babylon Bee, either: Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit alleging “racial bias” in its watch’s blood oximeter.

9) One tiny victory for sanity as a judge has denied a move to sanction Kari Lake.



10) Shocked, I tell ya! Many states pay families unemployment benefits larger than job salaries.

11) Gen-Zers are not tech capable. And it’s a problem.

12) U.S. home price growth has slowed to 9.2%.

13) Dallas, Phoenix, and Las Vegas have plunged the fastest.

14) Zero’s economic advisor says that the new Obscenibus Spending Bill will cause more inflation.


15) In the Biteme economy, the Fed is raising rates faster and higher, but inflation is still out of control.

16) Once again, a problem at Southwest Airlines as thousands of people were stranded, bags were lost, and no refunds when the airline canceled or delayed 80% of its flights.

17) How Adidas lost its luster (a story about a company founded by Nazis got upset over Kanye West’s comments about Jews).



18) A Russkie sausage tycoon has died in a fall from an Indian hotel.

-But was he vaxxed?

19) China’s subway ridership has fallen 40% as fears of China Virus spread.

20) China is losing its spot as the leader of the world’s supply chains. Here are where the chains are going.

21) Serbian troops have been put on high alert over Kosovo tensions.

22) The sick puke masquerading as the Prime Minister of Canada has now sponsored an “activity” book for kids 6-12 to assist them in committing suicide.

23) So, the Ukes are now telling NATO to start a war with Iran.

24) The Christian population in Israel is growing (as according to the prophetic scriptures).



25) Rolling Stone is worried about the future of classic rock tours with one or even no surviving members.

26) Slated to be the next NBA star, French phenom Victor Wembanyama at 7'4", has the ball-handling skills of a point guard and can shoot threes.

-My only question: why does this guy need a “jump” shot at all?

27) Slate, not exactly where one goes for solid film criticism, has called Babylon a “defecating elephant of a movie.” And this is the nicest thing they say.

-I betcha the people in Southwest Airlines terminals would like it.



28) A 36-year-old Boston mother with no other health issues died from the “flu” in a “one in a million” case. Unless, of course, she was vaxxed. Then it’s like one in a couple of hundred.

29) I think you file this one under, “Quick, say it’s over before the lawsuits on the vaxxes start!” German virologist says the China Virus pandemic is over.


30) An Australian-based woman was “wowed” by a “flamboyant” sea slug of stunning turquoise with purple spots . . . .Then she learned it was John “Sloth” Durham on vacay.

31) Oh, and yesterday was National Fruitcake Day. Just ask a senator.



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