Fauci’s Pandemic Update

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  • 09/19/2023

On November 27, 2022, The ScienceTM Dr. Anthony Fauci provided his latest update on the COVID virus pandemic in an interview on CBS's "Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan." Below are highlights:

  • The COVID pandemic continues
    • RSV and the flu are contributing to the ongoing public health emergency
  • You need to keep up with your vaccinations and boosters for COVID and the flu
    • For RSV, you have to rely on hand washing and isolation because Fauci has no “vaccination”
  • COVID testing is needed before you can safely gather together with family for Christmas
    • Fauci: “Test yourself before you congregate with people, particularly when you are having someone over for dinner - five, ten, fifteen people”
    • COVID, flu, and RSV are “approaching an emergency" in some areas
      • Fauci: “The hospital system for pediatrics is at the point of almost being overwhelmed” [at 2:50 min: sec]
  • We are hopefully in the worst of it right now.
      • Margaret Brennan: "So you think we are in the worst of it?"
      • Tony Fauci: "I hope so, I hope so, I think so, but you never want to be overconfident." [at 4:10 min: sec]
  • Schools may need to be closed after the holiday gatherings.
      • Depends on the viral load of the disease in each region
  • Fauci recently had COVID [at 8:10 min: sec]
      • Fauci was vaccinated, doubly boosted, and got infected
      • Fauci's said antibodies from his "vaccination" and double boosting "were not enough to prevent me from getting infected"
      • Fauci: "It's very likely that the vaccination and double boosting that I had protected me from getting a severe outcome"
  • Fauci: "It just makes sense to put a mask on"
  • The case for COVID vaccination is clear
      • Margaret Brennan: "You're making the case for 'vaccination'?"
      • Fauci: "I'm totally making a case for 'vaccination'" [laughing]" [at 9:10 min: sec]
  • Fauci: "You really want to keep up on your boosters" [at 9:25 min: sec]
  • Fauci is hoping to get down to a COVID booster "cadence" of once per year
      • Fauci: "There's a neatness to that."
      • However, we may need a spring boost for 2023, as well as the 2023 fall boost
  • $10B additional funding needed for COVID right now
      • White House request of Congress made
      • Fauci [at 14:00 min: sec] "We really do need that money. First of all, the Congress has been very, very generous giving a lot of money for COVID. That is true, and we're very grateful for that. But we do need more right now. For any of a number of reasons - one of which is a practical thing, of outreach and PSA campaigns, to get people to be 'vaccinated.'"

The bottom line is more money for government and Big Pharma corporations. But then I repeat myself. Fauci says he is not political; he doesn't know what China's government has been up to. The evidence shows the origin is natural and probably from the Wuhan, China market. Fauci points out how bad it is that exotic animals are allowed to be brought to the Wuhan market.

Fauci said, "the big unknown, which is mandated, or controlled, by a part of the immune system, that's not that easy to measure when you draw blood." [at 7:40 min: sec] Presumably, Fauci's problem here is that the CDC and Congressional mandates have not been 100% followed by the human immune system. More CDC mandates and Congressional laws are needed, based on the CDC and the history of Congress from March 4, 1789, until today.

Tony Fauci presents himself on Face The Nation as amused by all this. He smiles, grins, and laughs. Perhaps he is amused by his success over 54 years promoting fear to sell U.S. patentable and patented pharmaceutical products. His ability to suppress alternate ideas and those who hold them are legendary. Josef Stalin today might have said, "that dude is totally awesome!"

Tony Fauci plans to step aside from his job as Director of NIAID at the end of 2022. At the end of his appearance, Fauci said that he plans to leave government office in December but isn't saying what he will do to stick to ethical guidelines. Host Margaret Brennan quoted Fauci from her earlier interview on when he would be comfortable retiring [at 17:10 min: sec].

"Not until COVID is in the rearview mirror when COVID doesn't dominate the mental framework of our society." - Dr. Anthony Fauci

The part of America I wish to live in is going to be thrilled to see Fauci out of office. My dream is that after leaving office, Fauci will truly face the nation.

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