The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 18, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Botoxic prepares to hand the gavel over to Republicans, with rumors abounding she will be named ambassador to Italy.

2) Incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan formally accuses the FBI of meddling in the last four elections.

-At least.

3) House Rs also announce major investigations and possible impeachments in other areas.

4) Kari Lake has refused to concede and will fight the ballot fraud.


5) Colorado’s Lauren Boebert holds a narrow lead as clerks report the last of the ballots outside the auto recount zone. Oh, and as I have reported twice in the last week or so, a DemoKKKrat GA congressman is MISSING for more than a month, dwindling the DemoKKKrat minority by yet another seat.

6) The latest to jump on the “stop Trump” bandwagon is South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem, who said he does not offer the “best chance” for the GOP in 2024. Er, yeah, Kris, he does.

How’s that NCAA transoid legislation coming, BTW?

7) Marijuana and e-cigs harm the heart every bit as much as traditional Lucky Strikes!

8) Wonderful! Moms for Liberty-backed school board members fire the superintendent and ban critical race theory in South Carolina.

9) Michael Obama said Americans weren’t ready for “natural Black hair.” Ummmm, I think it was another part of the anatomy that was distressing.

10) Researchers in swing states said Big Tech engaged in “blatant manipulation” of voters.

11) A higher sense of purpose in life may be linked to lower mortality risk.

-That, and not getting vaxxed.

-Or knowing the Clintons.

12) Or, I guess, living in Moscow, Idaho, where police have backtracked on the claim that the unsolved murder of four students posed no damage to the public.  Now they admit a threat is still out there.

13) This gets bigger and more sordid all the time. A court filing says that the Bahamas government ordered crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried to hack FTX systems and transfer assets to the Bahamas after he filed for bankruptcy.

-Next, we’ll learn that his investment partners were Elizabeth Holmes and Ana Sorokin.

14) Now, bear with me on this headline: “suspended NBC news correspondent Miguel Almaguer breaks cover from his $5 million LA home and hops in Porsche to pick up flowers."

-Cuz you know, all news correspondents can live in $5 million homes and drive Porches. (“I must make amends”)



15) Kollyfornia is likely to show a $25 billion budget deficit. Despite horrifically high taxes and fees, the state’s insane spending on transoids, abortion, and illegals will bankrupt even Silicon Valley.

16) For example, San Francisco plans to give guaranteed income to transoids.

17) Pensions are in peril as savings plunge 23% from a year ago.

-I won’t even look at mine. Question for whomever: how long does it take you to work back from fitty cents?

18) Auto loan balances surge as loans plunge and delinquencies rise to pre-China Virus levels.

19) Generation of greed, as nearly half of millennials and Gen Z say weddings and social events are getting in the way of their money goals.

20) Philadelphia Fed’s business outlook plunged to the worst since 2012.



21) The Brits are preparing for massive tax hikes and gubment cuts to bring down inflation—taxes will hit the highest levels since WW II. Household energy bills are now $3,000 a month.

22) And the Limeys appear ready to tax electric vehicle owners an additional 165-pound sterling a year, and models that cost over 40,000-pound sterling will face a “Tesla Tax.” End of the gravy train, me buckos!

23)  . . . and thousands of asylum seekers in the UK will be shipped off to rural areas to “ensure fairness.” You know: get them out of that deadly hellhole known as London.

24) The U.S. Men’s Soccer Team sparked outrage with its transoid rainbow crest on jerseys. Media downplays.

25) It’s pretty clear now that the missile that landed in Poland didn’t come from the Russkies, despite Green Screen Zelensky’s lies.

26) UPDATE: Green Screen says he doesn’t know “100% what happened.”



27) Typical joyless analgidget critics are upset about Tim Allen’s “right-wing Santa” on the Santa Clauses miniseries on Disney.

-Wanna bet it’s one of the few Disney shows actually drawing an audience?



28) Workman’s Compensation may be a pathway to intermediate relief for China Virus vax injuries.


29) This guy literally may have fallen off the pumpkin truck. A Texas man died while dancing on top of an 18-wheeler when he slammed into a bridge. The truck made it.



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