The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 28, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


BREAKING: Richard Baris, on his Inside the Numbers Show with Robert Barnes, just said his polling showed Blake Masters up in Maricopa County by 2 for three straight days, and Masters should win the state by 2.

1) Pennsylvania already setting the stage for “delays” in counting election day votes.

-Of course. They won’t know how many mules they need yet.

2) It must have killed Chris “The Schlizz” Cilizza to report that the “Midterms are going to be great for Donald Trump.”

3) President Trump has endorsed Dr. Scott Jensen in the Minnesota governor’s race, showing how close this one really is.

4) Nolte: 21% of blacks supporting the GOP.

-Now add that to the nearly 50% some R candidates are getting from Hispanics and suburban Karenoids can fuggedaboudit.

5) Our own Wendi Mahoney has an update on the “Marco Polo” Hunter Biteme laptop report.

6) First, it was “muh Dobbs,” and since that hasn’t worked, DemoKKKrats have a new strategy: denying crime exists. Maybe we could get them all to stand on a subway platform, you know, for just a few minutes.

“A little to the right . . .  A little to the right . . .”

7) Newly elected Hispanic Republican from Texas, Mayra Flores, was prevented from joining the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

-Maybe she can join the Congressional Black Caucasians? Either way, these stupid woke race clubs are not long for this world as soon the MAJORITY of congressional Hispanics will be Republicans.

8) The brain-addled Rutabaga has denounced U.S. airlines for extra legroom, which is “racist.”

9) The new gatekeepers: how the major institutions of America all came to sing the same woke chorus and what can be done about it. “Woke activists are not honest missionaries: they are infiltrators.”

10) Biteme’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, who is likely actually the President, has violated the Hatch Act.

-So? Who is going to do anything to this corrupt bunch of thugistas?

11) New Jersey U.S. Senator Bob Menendez is under investigation again for corruption, having escaped one investigation in 2015 and having replaced the corrupt John Corzine, who was forced out for . . . corruption.

12) A conservative activist is steering the Supreme Court race cases.


13) Justice Kagan blocked a January 6 Patriot Day subpoena for the Arizona GOP Chairwoman’s phone records. My court source Zen Master says this doesn’t mean much, so we’ll see. The Court gave the Hoax/Sham Committee until today, 5:00, to respond.

14) The warmonger administration in D.C. has sped up plans to store upgraded nukes in Europe.

15) For the first time, a Patriot Day (J6) defendant caught a sentencing break. Home confinement vs. 57 years.



16) Mortgage rates climbed to 7.2%.

17) In Rutabaga’s America, millions of Americans are living “paycheck-to-paycheck.”

18) Energy execs tell the dim-witted Jennifer Grandholm that shuttered U.S. oil refineries won’t restart.



19) Finally, common sense. Germany is dismantling a wind farm for a coal mine.

20) The Russkies warn the west that they can target our commercial satellites.



21) Kanye West was kicked out of Sketchers HQ allegedly for “filming,” but really cuz they are woke spindlebrickets.

22) A man with a gasoline backpack (why in the world would you have that?) who was fleeing police burst into flames when they tased him.

-Play stupid games . . .

23) Lucianne Goldberg died, at 87, a key player in the Clinton impeachment.



24) Whoop, here dey come. China Virus vax injury payouts explode to $77 million in Australia.

-But soon, they need to answer, “Who knew what, and when?”

25) Unvaxxed single women say no to vaxxed men. Wise move.

26) The great Steve Kirsch presented the Communist News Network with “unassailable proof” that the VAERS data was not overreported. What did CNN do with it?

27) The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is now partners with Pfizer. I guess they won’t be happy til they give all young men heart attacks or blood clots.


And finally...

28) And finally, scientists have created an entirely new material that “can’t be explained.” No, it’s spooge, and Ben Affleck had it years ago.

Looks like plastic but transmits stupidity.




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