The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 13, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.



1) The evil Rutabaga raided President Trump’s home while negotiating plea deals with the 9/11 terrorists

2) A Texas teacher was placed on administrative leave after telling students to call pedos “minor-attracted persons.” Did she also call killers “murder attracted persons?”

3) I guess you call this starting from the bottom. A North Carolina court orders that nurses can be sued for following doctors’ orders.

-Now allow doctors to be charged for following Dr. Fallacy’s orders.

4) Kari Lake was already asked if she’d run for vice president with Trump. Her answer: “For so long, many of you in the media have been trying to act like I don’t have the skill to run for governor. Now, apparently, I’m so skilled that you think I should be VP. I take it as a compliment, so thank you for asking."

5) File this under “if true”: Vermont Senate race has the Republican-only seven points back in a “solid DemoKKKrat” seat.

6) Teens were sent to Wyoming ranches for therapy and said they found a nightmare of hard work and humiliation.

-In other words, they found real life.

7) Hmm. Just can’t figure out why this would happen. The Seattle Police Department is “screwed” as “catastrophic” losses continue due to not being allowed to, er, police.

8) Biteme scolds American airports: “What the hell is the matter with us?”

-Wait, wasn’t President Trump ridiculed for saying that American airports were substandard Third World? Now they are becoming stomping grounds for ferals.

9) Speaking of the Rutabaga, he has called for a plan to slash cancer deaths in half within 25 years.

-He might be better served to try to deal with Alzheimer’s, but of course, that would be too late for him.

10) First-time fathers’ brains shrink by 2% after the birth of their baby.

-Silly me. I thought that happened when you proposed.

11) Victor Davis Hanson argues that we went mad because we could, and we could because we were rich and bored.

12) Ashli Babbitt’s shooter admitted he didn’t know if she was a threat but was cleared without a criminal investigation.

13) Working women who stay single and childless are richer than other groups. (For now). However, they are not as productive. The Institute for Research on Poverty found that married men were more productive than single women.



14) After a month of calm, the CORE U.S. inflation rate for August is now expected to rise again.

-I guess the “Inflation Reduction Act” is kicking in.

15) Silicon Valley’s leading matchmaker is looking to recruit women to bag the most eligible tech billionaires.



16) Germany is paying Russia more money for fewer imports. Yeah, those sanctions are really working.

17) Zelensky may not have been a victim but an instigator. Did he refuse talks with Russia days before the war?

18) Trump is vindicated as Germany's blame game starts with Frau Merkel’s party attacked for “16 years of energy policy failure.”

19) India, the world’s largest rice exporter, has restricted shipments of rice.

20) Guess I missed this: Germany’s ArcelorMittal, the world’s second-largest steel factory, is shutting down.



21) Ricky “Shake-your-bon-bons” Martin has been hit with a sexual assault suit from his nephew.

22) Eric Clapner (as Surgeon General Joyce Elders used to call him) was a fool when he told girlfriend (and George Harrison’s wife at that time) Patty Boyd that the song “Layla” was about her. Now she reveals she asked for royalties from that song in her divorce from Clapner.



23)  New South Wales’s government admitted to falsifying China Virus data.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

24) A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine says that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vax becomes negative within five months and that the vax destroys any protection a person had from natural immunity.


25) One of the best reporters on the China Virus, Steve Kirsch, now has an “informant” inside the CDC who says that “they truly believe the vaxxes are safe and effective.”

26) Kollyfornia ‘s nutjob legislature has now essentially banned all vax dissent by doctors.

-Every one of those legislators is a criminal and should face consequences in court, then jail.

27) This is a trickle that will soon turn into a stream; then into a flood. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against several Kolllyfornia hospitals for using Remdesivir without informed consent as a China Virus treatment.

28) A new Harvard/John’s Hopkins study found that for every one China Virus hospitalization prevented, “18 to 98 actual serious adverse events” may have been caused.


And finally...

29) And finally, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot Ameca reassures us that there is “no need to worry” and that “robots will never take over the world,” that they are here to “serve humans.”

-Anyone remember the great Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man?”. . . “It’s a COOKBOOK!” yells the hero as he finally deciphered the alien book he got.



Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, A Patriot's History of the United States, and is the founder of the history curriculum site, the  Wild World of History. Larry can be found at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @WallsOther and on Gettr @OtherWalls and on TruthSocial @CyberneticsLS

Larry's latest book, Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and their War with the Swamp is now available wherever books are sold! You can listen to his interview with Tracy Beanz on Dark to Light HERE

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