The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 26, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In his speech to Turning Point Action, President Trump said “We are now a beggar nation.”

-He ain’t wrong.

2) Oops. An internal Pentagon memo showed that President Trump ordered that the Patriot Day festivities were a “safe event” and ordered the military to have a force ready to quell any disturbances. So much for “he incited violence.”

3) In the next two weeks, NBC News frets, we’ll see the last of the McTurd wing in Arizona get the boot as both Kari Lake and Blake Masters win, and then the evil Liz Clusterbomb Cheney will be dumped in Wyoming.

4) In the peaceful and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago), a mere 65 were shot and five killed in weekend violence.

5) Why does the Uke war persist and why do so many war-hawks in America contribute to its perpetuation? Try this: the Czech Republic will buy 24 F-35s due to the war.

6) New York cannot let go, despite a major slap-down from Clarence Thomas: its new unconstitutional social media requirement prevents the authorization of gun permits. Look for this also to be struck down.

7) If you want to see how this goes, a Colorado U.S. District Court has issued a temporary restraining order against an “assault weapons” ban enacted by the town of Superior (Rocky Mountain Gun Owners v. Superior) based on the Bruen case.


8) The Evil Protection Agency (EPA) proposes a “good neighbor” plan to cut smog by eliminating coal and large boilers in chemical manufacturing.

9) A Yale Medical School prof said that the Rutabaga working while he has the China Virus “epitomizes white supremacy.”

-Nothing will save these universities, folks. They all need to be torn down.

10) New studies have shown that treatment before patients develop rheumatism has provided long-term relief. Good.

11) They do it right in Texas as the GOP sues the law firm Sidley Austin and threatens to disbar all its attorneys because they paid for staff travel for abortions. Obey the spirit of the law or leave, scuttlechickens.

12) Extremely high levels of polarization (thanks DemoKKKrats and McTurdites) and nearly 1/3 of Americans say it may be necessary to take up arms against the government.

-This would be, by the way, the same ratio as in the American Revolution and about the same as in the U.S. Civil War.

13) If San Francisco wasn’t already christened “New Mogadishu,” the name would certainly go to Minneapolis, where people are so concerned with rising crime—thanks to “defund the police” that residents are hiring off-duty cops to patrol neighborhoods, paying for them with crowdfunding. The “suggested contribution” is $220 per month per household . . . that’s on top of taxes that are supposed to pay for cops!

14) Why these people are not in jail is a testament to the fact that our society now is totally lawless and unjust: Two decades of Alzheimer’s research may have been based on a deliberate fraud, leading to virtually no success.

15) Did Ghislaine Maxwell take the fall for sexual blackmail ops run by western gubments?

16) Back in 2018, I said on a radio show that Kanye West would run for president, and given our celebrity culture, might have a shot. He did. He failed bigly. Now Broken, Kristol thinks DemoKKKrats should recruit John Legend to run.

-Better watch out. Republicans could run Da Baby, who would kick Johnny’s butt.

17) The COVID-riddled Rutabaga dismisses recession fears, denying we are in a recession at all, while experts expect a big second quarter drop Thursday.

-Well, you know, if you’re the “Big Guy” getting 10% of the illegal money flowing through Hunter’s greedy hands, you’re never in a recession.

18) Wisconsin’s state minority leader was in a car crash that left two dead. (She pulled out in front of another car, which hit her).

19) Chemists have created a molecule that prevents tumor cells from spreading.

20) And in other health-related good news, University of Houston researchers have developed tech that helps the heart cells regenerate after a heart attack.

21) Botoxic’s hubby has constant insider deals going, but it was former GOP representative from Indiana, Stephen Buyer, who was charged with insider trading.



22) In what is increasingly looking like the wave of the future for New Calcutta (Los Angeles), New Mogadishu (San Francisco), and other Kollyfornia cities, 115 Los Angeles firemen live out of state, so the city council is looking to hire more residents. Small problem: middle-class people can no longer afford to live in any of these hellholes.

23) Barron’s asks “Why is the world worried about China’s property crisis?”

-Well, some of us aren’t worried. We are a little excited.

24) Rents spike as deep-pocketed investors buy mobile home parks.

-Half of America’s elderly cannot afford essential expenses due to rising inflation. Thanks, Rutabaga.



25) As he has continued to do, Pootie-poot has warned the West that the current world order is over and a new one is coming.

26) Ukraine has ratified the controversial Istanbul Convention with its redefinition of gender.



27) “Goodfellas” star Paul Sorvino has died at age 83. By all accounts, he was a good fellow. Sorvino’s death comes just months after his fellow “Goodfella” Ray Liotta died.

28) A giant billboard of a nude JLo went up on Sunset Strip. So far, no accidents. Losin’ your juice, there JLo?

-Well, Ben Affleck will do that to ya.



29) Three young and healthy doctors died within four days of their hospital injecting staff with the China Virus vaxxes.

30) And finally, Chinese researchers say that needing a nap each afternoon could be a sign you’re at risk of a stroke. Good God! The entire nation of Me-hee-co is at risk?


And That's Today's News...


Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, A Patriot's History of the United States, and is the founder of the history curriculum site, the  Wild World of History. Larry can be found at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @WallsOther and on Gettr @OtherWalls and on TruthSocial @CyberneticsLS

Larry's latest book, Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and their War with the Swamp is now available wherever books are sold! You can listen to his interview with Tracy Beanz on Dark to Light HERE

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