USBP Arrests Illegals Who Stole Weapons From Texas Border Ranch House

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  • 09/19/2023

The United States Border Patrol (USBP) took custody of three illegal aliens who burglarized and stole weapons and ammo from a ranch house in Hudspeth County near El Paso, Texas.

Hudspeth County, TX

The USBP press release stated that three illegal aliens were found after having burglarized a home near the border of Mexico finding, "two loaded handguns, ammunition, food, and clothing."

The USBP also stated that because of their extensive training, they are "always prepared and ready to respond to various scenarios. Without hesitation, these agents responded to the ranch house and safely secured the location, the stolen weapons, and the undocumented non-citizens,” Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin stated. “With the presence of weapons in the wrong hands, this situation could have turned violent; fortunately, our agents were able to control the encounter and bring it to a peaceful resolution.”

The local county's sheriff's office took custody of the suspects and will investigate further for "potential state charges for Trespassing and Theft of Property." 

Yesterday, former President Trump visited the U.S.-Texas border with Texas governor Greg Abbott for a security round-table. Then he visited the border, giving a short speech to a small audience as he and Abbott stood in front of an unfinished section of the border.

Abbott explained that the border construction was stopped because of Biden. He praised President Trump as having "done more than any other president has ever done to secure our border."

According to remarks by Abbott, "The increase in people coming across the border from last April to this April is almost 1000 percent. The percent of apprehensions from last May to this May is almost 800 percent." People are coming across the border "from 150 countries across the entire globe," he added. "The difference is the open border policies." In March, Abbott launched an operation called "Operation Lone Star," deploying Texas National Guard and about 1000 Texas public safety officers to protect the people of Texas.

"In just the past few months, the Texas Department of Public Safety has arrested almost 1800 criminals who have come across the border...and apprehended almost 40,000 illegal immigrants...they have also raided 41 stash houses...They have apprehended such a dramatic increase in Fentanyl it is a 2000 percent increase in the apprehension of Fentanyl in the first six months of this year compared to the first six months of last year," continued Abbott.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) website graphics below show the USBP Southwest Land Border Encounters pictured here. Notably, the Office of Field Operations (OFO) encountered another 32,655 during the same period:

USBP Apprehensions YTD

Nationwide encounters are shown below:

Nationwide Migrant Encounters by Month/CBP

And the Southwest Land Border Encounters by Month with comparisons going back through 2018 are shown here:

Southwest Land Border Encounters/

While speaking at the unfinished section of the wall, Abbott told the story of a border patrol officer who just yesterday arrested "seven criminal immigrants, four were gang members, two had been convicted of sex crimes, and one had been convicted of negligent homicide." There is a 500 percent increase in criminal migrants, according to Abbott.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) website reports a two-part story about "short cuts" through poor countries to the U.S. are being utilized in countries that do not have the resources to stem the tide. The locals know the routes are being used by smugglers, traffickers, and drug cartels.

One such route is along the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border—"a tricky, unreported route to the U.S. border from U.S. ally Costa Rica to foe Nicaragua." The report blames Biden for what is, for many, a tragic migration.

"A great many of these immigrants are families and pregnant women who have told CIS over recent months that they heard about the Biden policy and hit the trail. But that trail is bedeviled by organized gang rape, murder, violent robbery, extortion, and kidnapping, not to mention death by drowning, exposure, and smuggler abandonment in various wildernesses..."

"CIS counted dozens of pregnant Haitian women and very young children who made it through the notoriously deadly Darien Gap jungle on foot and were now in Costa Rica preparing to hand themselves over to often unscrupulous smugglers, soldiers, and officials. All had been living comfortable lives for years already in Chile or Brazil, far from desperate or threatened."

"Many of those who survived the Biden-induced trek through the Darien Gap to get here described bodies they saw all along the trail. One Cuban who made it through the gap to Costa Rica said he counted “at least” 15 rotting bodies in a gorge along the way, including pregnant women and some children."

According to CIS, on June 29, the Supreme Court finally ruled in Johnson v Guzman Chavez that "aliens who reenter after removal are not entitled to release while they are applying for statutory withholding of removal and withholding under the Convention Against Torture (CAT)." CIS states that the Biden administration will most likely ignore the ruling.

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