Election Integrity: NH Voters Rally for Statewide Audit

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  • 09/19/2023

On Friday, Jun. 11, New Hampshire voters will gather at the state capitol to rally together to demand a statewide forensic audit of the ballots from the Nov. 3, 2020, General Election. The event, sponsored by the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, is from 12 noon to 5 pm EDT and will feature several speakers and an affidavit station.

Founded in February 2021 by New Hampshire resident and veteran Marylyn Todd, the NH Voter Integrity Group is a non-partisan group that started as a movement concerned about the Windham NH 2020 election discrepancy and has evolved into a campaign for election integrity across New Hampshire and the nation. Motivated by the expanding crusade for election integrity, Todd, who spoke with UncoverDC on Thursday, is looking forward to Friday's rally and anticipates a large turnout.

Individuals from New Hampshire and around the country have rallied together for weeks to support Windham constituents throughout the town's forensic audit, mandated by SB43 due to discovering the largest vote discrepancy in the state's history. Entirely aware that the election variance in Windham could have—and may have—occurred in their town, residents have united with one shared goal: Restoring NH Election Integrity.

The forensic audit in Windham was fraught with disappointment from NH residents, beginning with hiring three auditors—Harri Hursti, Mark Lindeman, and Phillip Stark—each with solid ties to left-leaning Verified Voting. In fact, the company's board chair, Barbara Simons, sits on the board of the Democracy Alliance, an influential George Soros-funded donor collective. In addition, many questioned the visit to the granite state by Vice President Kamala Harris mere days before the auditors were officially chosen, noticing at the time that she had neither visited nor held a press conference about the expanding crisis at the southern border. For their part, the NH Voter Integrity Group fought hard to bring in Jovan Pulitizer as an auditor for the people. 

The team of Hursti, Stark, and Lindeman has not submitted the official final results of the forensic audit in Windam, despite closing up shop at the Edwards Cross Training Center in Pembroke and returning all machines and ballots to the state. As the audit got underway, questions immediately arose over the daily presence of Jeff Silvestro, president of LHS Associates—a representative for Dominion Voting Systems. LHS services and maintains the majority of the voting machines in New Hampshire and across New England. Silvestro continued to attend the audit for several days, as it was revealed he was there at the request of the audit team.

Ballot folds were a significant issue during the audit, with the realization that many ballots were discarded depending on the location of the fold. As Marylyn Todd pointed out, Hursti, despite exhibiting surprise at discovering the fold obstacle during the audit, was aware of fold problems going back to at least February. With the discovery that Windam borrowed a machine from the Dept. of Transportation to fold its ballots, Hursti immediately dismissed the potential for statewide issues with ballot fold errors, saying every county had different ballots, and if there had been widespread fraud in the state"it would have come out," adding:

"We now know the problem, and it can easily be fixed in the future." Hursti added that there is "no evidence of a malicious act. [It is a] training and human error, instructional error."

As everyone awaits the results, Hursti and the other auditors have been communicating with those who voice concerns. A recent three-hour live YouTube session hosted by Nick Moseder—that included appearances by both Hursti and Stark—left many with more questions than answers. Tom Murray, a long-time resident, and contractor from Windham, watched the audit closely. He commented he has "less faith in the integrity of the system now than I did before this audit started."

UncoverDC recently spoke with Lisa Mazur, who was quick to say that despite the audit being over, the NH Voter Integrity Group has been busy focusing on other issues at hand, including an unfortunate situation in the town of Danville, where Selectwoman Kim Farah watched as elderly Sunday School teacher Kate Bossi was arrested for refusing to wear a mask when entering the Timberlane School Board meeting where Farah serves as Chairman. Farah is currently running uncontested in the upcoming election, but it is uncertain for how long that will be the case.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that on Sunday, Jun. 13, from 7:30-9 pm EDT, NH Senator Bob Giuda—whose efforts led to the audit of the Windham vote count discrepancy—will host a live streaming event with the audit team of Harri Hursti, Philip Stark, and Mark Lindeman. According to Giuda, the "auditors will detail their professional qualifications, explain the methodology they used to design the audit and why they chose that methodology, and discuss issues that arose during the audit."

The auditors will also explain their current findings and discuss the remaining work before the final report is due on July 11. They will address questions from the audience in the allowed time. During the live stream, comments and questions can only be asked through Facebook and YouTube but will be limited based upon the time available. Giuda notes to best ensure your question is addressed during the event, please email it to the auditors at least 24 hours before the event at: nhaudit@protonmail.com.

Additional links and details to Sunday's event can be found here.

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