Pennsylvania Election Integrity Updates

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  • 09/19/2023

Pennsylvania is the state that produced an extensive summary of election issues based on comprehensive hearings by the legislature after the 2020 General elections.

The May 18 primary elections that followed still had irregularities claimed, as we reported. We also wrote that those irregularities prompted Luzerne County Council members to approve a request for criminal probe by district attorney Sam Sanguedolce concerning Dominion practices and procedures and the actions by the County Election Board.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that ballots received without a date on them could not be legally counted in the future while allowing them to be counted in the 2020 general election pending new policies for informing voters of the coming change. The question of whether such information was provided sufficiently to inform voters is an interpretive matter that some say still allows counties to choose whether to accept or reject such ballots. So, in the May 18 primary, the first election since the decision, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Philadelphia City Commissioners voted to count them.

RealClearInvestigations recently reported in-depth about a report hosted at InfluenceWatch regarding Mark Zuckerburg funded Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) and their $10 Million Grant to the city of Philadelphia in exchange for the administration of elections as proposed in the plan submitted by the city to CTCL to secure the grant.

Douglas G. Frank recently released The Truth about PA's 2020 Election, a live video of his presentation of statistical data analysis from the 2020 General election to listeners in Pennsylvania. "Dr. Frank" was featured in Mike Lindell's "Scientific Proof."

Audit the Vote PA has over 70,000 signatures in support of a full forensic audit there. Over 50,000 of those signatures are Pennsylvania residents, and the goal is to have 100,000 locals sign. They've had a supporter fund a billboard this week:

supporter funded billboard

Teddy Daniels is a Purple Heart Afghanistan Veteran and a retired police officer running for U.S. House representing Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional district. Representative Seth Grove, the Chairman of the PA House State Government Committee, has led hearings on the Pennsylvania election process.

When Grove tweeted, "The PA House of Representatives will not be authorizing any further audits on any previous election. We are focused on fixing our broken election law to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat," Daniels responded, "No, @RepGrove, you will audit the 2020 results or see a primary challenger. Your job is to represent the people, not your own precious political career. Go right or go home."

Perhaps the biggest news of all to come out of Pennsylvania election integrity efforts is the delegation of Pennsylvania Election Integrity legislators who visited Maricopa County, Arizona, Wednesday to tour the site of the premier forensic audit of the 2020 General election.

Senator Cris Dush has a background in protecting classified information for the Air National Guard of Pennsylvania and security for Strategic Air Command in the U.S. Air Force. Dush joined Marcus Dee and Behizy on "Exposure" for an hour of discussion about discrepancies in the election and what he saw upon visiting the Arizona audit with the Pennsylvania election integrity delegation.

"Nothing gets touched without documentation... the people who are doing the counting never touch the ballots... somebody puts the ballot on the wheel, and it works its way around the three observers, and then the fourth person repeats the number as he takes the ballot off... the ballots are going back into the box in the exact same order that they got them... that's the... level of detail that they're taking on this... it's evident in every way that they're going through the process."

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