W.I.M.P. : Proof the Election Was Stolen

A key category of election ballots cast in 2020 that has been largely overlooked in analyzing what transpired consists of Write-In and Minor Party (WIMP) votes. An important study by retired DoD analyst Ray Blehar concludes that vote tabulation anomalies that he uncovered in Pennsylvania “are not a matter of chance and are almost certainly the result of systematic vote shifting” (stealing) of WIMP votes cast through ballot adjudication. He further concludes that vote-shifting of WIMP ballots also took place in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia because those states each had a near-zero number of Write-In absentee ballots cast. The Minor Party votes for president were far fewer than for other same party candidates in statewide races.

Some background is provided before explaining Blehar’s analysis.

A systematic and coordinated effort by Democrat operatives and sympathizers both inside and outside state governments to rig state election laws in 2020 was openly admitted and confirmed in a sympathetic article in TIME on February 4. The evidence of the end result of that rigging was collected by various independent analysts and investigators, in the form of polling place abusesfalse voter registrations (includes fake ballots), hundreds of thousands more voters in some states than were registered to vote, and US Postal Service corruption. Through analysis of election data in several states, specific irregularities that indicate the high likelihood that fraud occurred have been identified, including:

  1. Through a statistical analysis of voter data in Pennsylvania, Biden’s vote totals in the four counties were 1.24 to 1.43 times greater than the totals for Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama (2008 and 2012).
  2. Through a statistical analysis of certain voter data in Michigan, there “is very strong evidence that the absentee voting counts in some counties in Michigan have likely been manipulated by a computer algorithm.”
  3. Data analytics in Arizona showed that 35,000 fraudulent votes were added to Democrat candidates in Pima County.
  4. Independent analysis by Allied Security Operations Group, LLC, concluded that the automated voting system in Antrim County, MI, was “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”
  5. contrast analysis was conducted on data from several states that delivered a number of troubling results:
    • Massachusetts generated 310,000± more votes for Biden than expected. Massachusetts gained population (165,000±) from 2016 to 2010, so every newly registered voter citizen (assuming all new residents were of voting age!) plus about 190,000 previous citizens would have had to vote for Biden. A highly unlikely occurrence!
    • Trump carried Georgia in 2016, yet lost in 2020 while gaining 372,000 votes partly because Biden got 220,000± more votes than expected. Where did those Biden votes come from since the state only gained 425,000 residents from 2016 (not all of voting age)?
    • Trump did better than expected in Ohio and Florida, while also improving over 2016 in Louisiana, Alabama, and Utah, each counted their absentee ballots BEFORE Election Day (no counting of absentee votes afterward). In other words, whatever transpired during “the Great Pause” in counting “new” Biden votes was precluded from happening in those five states. Is that just a coincidence?
    • New York lost over 304,000 residents from 2016 to 2020, yet the state provided approximately 300,000 more votes for Biden in 2020 than expected. How is that possible when Trump increased his vote totals in 2020 by over 461,000 from 2016?
    • Other Deep Blue states like Illinois, Connecticut, and Hawaii lost population from 2016 to 2020 but increased the vote margin for Biden substantially over Clinton’s numbers in 2016. That cannot be easily explained. Was Biden really that much more popular than Hillary Clinton?

All of the above efforts analyzed gross ballot totals for the two major presidential candidates in the states examined in order to reach the conclusions made. The election data analyzed was specific to Trump and Biden and their respective political parties: registrations (and changes from 2016 to 2020), votes cast in counties down to the precinct level, 2016 election data (Trump and Clinton ballots cast), etc. There was a suspicion that such analyses could identify anomalies indicating election fraud, particularly in large Democrat-controlled cities and counties, and indeed that is what happened. Biden garnered a statistically suspicious number of votes in key Democrat cities that tipped the election, including Milwaukee, Atlanta, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Las Vegas. Biden votes in these cities materialized as large spikes of ballots tabulated after the Great Pause on or about 3 AM on November 4, 2020 – another statistically unlikely possibility when time-series data of votes counted over time was analyzed and compared to historical election data.

The irregularities and evidence listed above could explain how this happened, but was that the only possible explanation? Were there other ways that put Biden over the top beside the obvious (producing more Biden votes in heavily Democrat city precincts)? What if votes were shaved or switched from Trump to Biden in Republican counties and precincts? What if write-in and minor party ballots were manipulated in favor of Biden? Given the conspiracy exposed in the TIME article, one would think that these practices would have been employed to camouflage what actually happened during the presidential election.

Behar examined WIMP ballots and adjudicated votes in detail in Pennsylvania. What he uncovered was shocking.

First of all, a key definition is in order. “Adjudicated ballots” refer to ballots that were not specifically cast for Trump, Biden, or Jorgenson (the Libertarian candidate on the ballot in Pennsylvania) as determined by the automated ballot marking system. There are two routes that ballots take to be processed – ballots counted normally by machine or hand and those that are adjudicated. Adjudicated ballots are typically write-in ballots, mismarked ballots (double votes), misaligned ballots, and other categories. However, software/malware can also be programmed to make a voting machine recognize a "straight party" ballot as misaligned and send it to adjudication. Adjudication is really where the vote shift happens.

Adjudication is supposed to be performed by a team of election workers from both parties, but the process is easily corrupted. The ballot-counting by Democrat operatives that took place after hours on election day night in Fulton County that was captured on video is a good example of that.  Another famous (Pennsylvania Supreme Court-endorsed) example is in Philadelphia, where observers were kept at a distance from which they could not see how an election worker determined voter intent.

Adjudication files can also be sent to remote locations, downloaded into Excel files, voted en masse, then re-uploaded into the system. Blank ballots can be pre-loaded into adjudication files and made ready for use as required to manipulate the vote counts, including ballots for write-ins, ballots that the ballot marking device is programmed to misalign according to certain vote patterns (such as straight-party Republican ballots), ballots with wrong formats, ballots with the wrong paper size, fake ballots, etc. These vote changes could be many and small, or a huge vote dump – all at the discretion of whoever or whatever is in control of the election system – which evidence demonstrates happened right after the Great Pause.

Now, to what Blehar discovered in his Pennsylvania analysis:

  • After Election Day votes were tabulated, President Trump led Biden by 1.3 million votes.
  • Biden needed to win 76% of the mail-in votes not counted in order to achieve his 80,555-vote victory margin.
  • Democrats made up 65% of those mail-in votes; another 11% (293,000) were needed for victory.
  • GOP and Democrat voters had similar disloyalty percentages at 8% and 7% respectively, as confirmed by exit polls. That meant that Biden actually needed 352,000 mail-in votes to offset the disloyalty numbers since the majority of mail-in votes were from Democrats.
  • Approximately 303,000 minority party (e.g., Libertarian) or non-affiliated party mail-in votes were cast.
  • The end result is that it was impossible for Biden to have gotten the mail-in votes necessary to win without adjudication manipulation.

Now for Blehar’s proof of that manipulation:

  • According to Edison Research, which supplies election data analysis to most of the news agencies, there were a total of 7,672 write-in votes cast in Pennsylvania, of which only 453 were by absentee/mail-in ballot. These numbers are not credible based on comparison to past elections. The real number of write-in ballots (in the tens of thousands) were likely adjudicated in favor of Biden.
  • Libertarian presidential candidate received about 20,000 votes fewer on average than other Libertarian candidates on the ballot as shown below (highly unlikely!):
  • Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins received less than 453 mail-in votes, which was about 34,000 less than the average number of Green Party votes cast for other candidates on the ballot, as shown below. There is a high likelihood that ~34,000 votes were shifted from Hawkins to Biden.
  • As shown in the below table, Trump received more election day and provisional votes than all other GOP candidates but lost by 64,492 votes to the Auditor General candidate (!) in mail-in votes.  A clear indication that mail-in votes were likely shifted to Biden.
  • Vote switching analysis determined that 64,492 votes were taken from Trump and "laundered" through the adjudication process described above (see below table). The shifting of those votes occurred over 19 adjudication transactions of approximately 3,000 votes on average.
  • Biden received 51,855 votes less than Pennsylvania attorney general candidate Josh Shapiro on Election Day but then received 54,206 more than Shapiro by mail-in votes. Biden also got fewer provisional votes than Shapiro but ended up with 2,321 more votes overall, courtesy of mail-in ballots. This is highly irregular because Democrat state AG candidates typically receive more votes than Democrat presidential candidates.
  • Summary. Mail-in votes cast for Jo Jorgenson (L) were switched to Biden (~20,000), mail-in Green Party (write-in by mail) were switched to Biden (~34,000), and Trump absentee votes were switched to Biden (~64,500) in the adjudication process. In addition, approximately 80,000 Election Day votes were also switched. The reality is that, rather than Biden winning by ~80,500 votes, President Trump actually won Pennsylvania by over 186,000 votes!

Final Notes. Computerized election system vote-switching is a 14th Amendment issue involving the denial of equal protection under the law. This issue can still be pursued through the courts if a forensic audit and recount can prove that Write-In and Minority Party (WIMP) voters were disenfranchised and that the election results in some states were illegal under the U.S. Constitution. This also happens to be the smartest way to change the results of the election because the plaintiffs would be asking for votes to be properly counted for the right candidates – not asking for large quantities of votes to be disqualified.

Full hand recounts and forensic audits of the election systems will verify that vote shifting occurred.  This is necessary and no expense should be spared to get to the bottom of the 2020 election irregularities and preserve the Republic.

Be sure to read Ray Blehar’s entire report here and also visit his blog site to read more of his election analyses, including “Arizona: Proof of Systemic Errors in Vote Count.”


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