Fake News Paints Boise Anti-Mask Protestors as Pro-Coronavirus

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski

Apparently, the New York Daily News believes if people are “anti-mask” they are “pro-coronavirus.”

A former Sports Illustrated intern named Joseph Wilkinson who now writes for the Daily News actually had the stupidity to write that phrase in a news article. And the Daily News actually had the stupidity to print it. Whether they received backlash from readers, or an editor finally stopped trying to get a look at his own appendix from the inside, the article now reads “anti-mask protestors” instead of “pro-coronavirus protestors,” but without any note of a correction or modification at the bottom of the article.

Originally, Wilkinson said, "Idaho public health commissioners had to shut down their meeting and scramble home because of coordinated pro-coronavirus protests across the Boise area."

So, while intellectual honesty might not be its forte, at least the Daily News removed the pro-coronavirus label. That's good, because I know a few folks who were at the protest in question, and nobody recalls hearing any chants along the lines of “R – O – N – A, Tell those masks to go away!”

Naturally, with no boots on the ground in Idaho, Wilkinson reported only what he found in the local left wing Boise newspaper, AP reports, and a press release from Boise PD. No comments from any of the protestors were in his piece.

There was also nothing in Wilkinson’s piece revealing that Central District Health in Idaho skirts around open meeting laws by simply live streaming its zoom meetings, which do not allow for any questions or comments from citizens.

And there's no comment in his piece about testimony at Central District Health being consistently one-sided (always in favor of masks), and almost always emotion-driven anecdotal stories.

And no comment about facts and data outlining scientific data of mask efficacy sent to members of Central District Health that is never placed on the meeting agendas.

I am personally aware of first-year high school debaters that could run circles around the “evidence” presented at these meetings.

Said another way, these are supposed to be professionals making decisions about our community’s health, but for something that’s supposed to be professional, it’s quite the opposite.

Perhaps you’ve heard the workplace joke, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” That is exactly what’s happening across the country with mask mandates. In graph after graph, we see mask mandates implemented but coronavirus cases continue to go up.

Maybe, just maybe, masks aren’t the solution?

Maybe, just maybe, Vitamin D would help reduce the likelihood of getting infected with the coronavirus, reducing the symptoms if you do catch it and greatly reduce the likelihood of being admitted to a hospital. You know, like so many studies in Europe are showing?

Of course, maybe all the rumors of Dr. Birx calling the heath districts are true, and mafia-like pressure is driving these districts to create mask mandates. We already know that Governor Brad Little’s goons from Idaho’s coronavirus task force tried to intimidate a different Health District in Idaho, but the chair of that board was having none of it. Perhaps the chair at Idaho’s Central District Health received a similar call but lacked the spine to say no.

And there was no mention in Wilkinson’s piece that the reason for the protest in Boise Tuesday evening was that Central District Health wants to impose fines and/or imprisonment for people not wearing masks. That, on top of the mayor’s snitch line, and her threat to strip operating licenses from businesses that let people shop without a mask despite ADA exemptions and the exemptions in her own mandate.

Regarding Tuesday night’s protest, Boise’s socialist mayor said that protestors were trying to divide the community. Think again, mayor.

Idaho’s governor said the protest at the board members’ homes was “reprehensible.” He said, “It is nothing more than a bullying tactic that seeks to silence. Our right to free speech should not be used to intimidate and scare others.”

Perhaps the mayor and governor should realize that the citizens of Boise are upset that their voices are not being heard at all via normal channels. Perhaps they should realize that Central District Health refuses to even discuss data that citizens send them. Perhaps they should realize that citizens are not being given any chance to give input at these meetings and they want their viewpoints to be considered.

Constitutionally, the State of Idaho is required to allow its citizens to “petition the government for  a redress of grievances,” but since Governor Little refuses to let Idaho’s legislature call itself into session and nobody in government is listening to the people, where the governor sees a bullying tactic, people who value free speech see citizens trying to be heard.

In fact, what freedom-loving citizens see coming out of Central District Health could easily be called passive-aggressive bullying.

Perhaps it’s time that the governor, the mayor, and the board at Central District Health re-read Article 1 Section 2 of the Idaho Constitution: All political power is inherent in the people. And they should consider themselves lucky that people merely protested at their homes. Looking back at history, tar and feathering used to be an accepted way of getting government officials to listen to the people.

Citizens who truly pay attention to health are still waiting for “experts” and politicians to stop beating people over the head with ineffective mask mandates and instead recommend vitamin D.


Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. is a certified behavioral analyst, best-selling author, corporate trainer, executive coach, and columnist. He’s also a veteran and a self-described Christian Libertarian who believes in the principles of free-market capitalism — while standing firmly against crony capitalism.

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