What Trump needs to do after he wins re-election

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski

On September 16th I made seven predictions for how 2020 comes to an end. Among them were Biden not conceding the election; massive vote-by-mail fraud perpetrated by Democrats; the Left obfuscating election results until it’s time for the Electoral College to vote, complete with calls for ending the Electoral College; an attempt to install Nancy Pelosi as President; Democrat governors participating in election result obfuscation; and increased violence from “street Marxists,” aka Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

And I also predicted that Trump will emerge victorious.

But after that win, Trump needs to address some serious problems in America if he wants the country healthy enough to stay great.  Obviously, much more is needed than this space will allow, but let me offer seven action items that need to be on Trump’s to-do list.

  1. Drain the damn swamp. Seriously. We know it takes a long time to line up a foolproof prosecutorial effort, but if Trump doesn’t get to this right away in 2021, it won’t get done. Marxists tried everything they could to distract Trump from draining the swamp (and they will continue those efforts), but it’s been four years and voters want this promise fulfilled. We know the swamp is VERY deep and that some Republicans will be taken out in the process, but that’s okay. Swamp creatures must go.

In line with draining the swamp is purging federal agencies of Marxists. Anyone who doesn’t want to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States should not have a job in government.

  1. Cut the size of agencies. Since Trump will no longer need to worry about being re-elected, he needs to take this opportunity to say, “You’re fired” to at least 25 percent of government employees.

Some will say it can’t be done, but it most certainly can, because there was a time when each of those agencies operated at 75% of their current size. In fact, there was a time in this country when agencies did not exist, but FDR gave them momentum and today they create work to perpetuate their growth and justify their existence.  Another reason to slash their numbers: Bureaucracies in America are doing the work that Congress is supposed to be doing, thus weakening our Constitutional form of government. And, as Congressman Devin Nunes has recently suggested, if agencies are more interested in serving themselves instead of America, those agencies should be abolished altogether.

  1. Clamp down on spending. During the Obama years, conservatives complained that the national debt doubled from $10 Trillion to $20 Trillion. Just this week, the national debt hit $27 Trillion. That means the nation added $7 Trillion in debt in just four years under Trump.

Yes, we know the federal government printed money out of thin air, creating $1200 “stimulus” checks to appease lockdown protestors and prop up the (unnecessarily) shattered economy, but that’s over. Trump needs to call for belts to be tightened. Currently, the debt is 79% of Gross Domestic Product, and the Congressional Budget Office’s latest report estimates the federal debt will be nearly twice the size of GDP by 2050. America will be severely weakened with that much debt.

Americans wanted a businessperson in the White House for a reason. Trump needs to clamp down on spending and reduce our debt.

  1. Give social media giants 30 days to choose a business model. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter et. al. now act as publishers instead of platforms. They ether need to be platforms for dialog, much like a phone company or the US Mail service, or they need to be held legally liable for all content on their platforms. They can’t have it both ways.

When Constitutional scholar & talk show host Mark Levin is flagged by Facebook despite citing valid sources, and Donald Trump  Jr. is temporarily banned from Twitter for retweeting a video of Board Certified doctors sharing their findings on Covid treatments, these social media companies have become de facto “Big Brother” editors. Valid scientific studies are not “false information” merely because a study’s findings run counter to the company’s ideology.

If social media giants want to continue editing our content, they need to be held legally liable for all content on their site, just like any news organization.

  1. Reinforce the First Amendment. The Trump administration (especially the DOJ) needs to be more proactive in openly calling out and issuing warnings to states committing First Amendment violations.

For example, the First Amendment is clear: the free exercise of religion shall not be infringed. No clause exists in the Constitution that allows for suspension of Americans’ right to peaceably assemble.

Additionally, all press must be able to operate freely. ALL press. “Traditional” media outlets spew wild conspiracy theories both in print and across the airwaves and regularly report falsehoods, yet they are not banned or censored. Conversely, independent investigative journalists get permanently banned from media platforms simply for publishing actual facts.

The Trump administration needs to be more vociferous about the First Amendment.

  1. Press for repeal of the 17th Amendment. US Senators have become beholden to special interests and no longer consider themselves accountable to their constituents. Money pours in from PACs and out-of-state sources so fast and so quietly that citizens can’t keep track of it. Repealing the 17th Amendment means each state’s legislature select its state’s US Senators, and that brings Washington MUCH closer to the people. Bonus: when voters know that their local state representatives are choosing their US Senators, they will pay much closer attention to who gets elected at the local levels. More government BY the people is a good thing.

Let me add that repealing the 17th Amendment should NOT be done through a Convention of the States. It’s well-intended, but with so many Marxist sympathizers currently holding high offices, a Convention of the States will bring disaster to American freedoms.

  1. See that the election system is made trustworthy again. America was created to have a government of, by and for the people, and it needs to be “by” the people. If we, the people, cannot trust election results, then we don’t have self-government, we have office holders who are beholden to a crime mob.

Under this action item are at least five sub-tasks, the first of which being Trump must press to make ballot harvesting illegal nationwide.

Second, we must return to in-person voting. The vote-by-mail voter fraud that has been exposed already should make this a no-brainer. And, to reinforce “one person / one vote,” once a ballot is submitted, each voter should get his/her finger marked with indelible purple ink that can’t be washed off and is visible under a black light, like they do in India.

Third, press to halt all same-day registration. Part of being a responsible adult citizen is knowing that elections occur the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and that one must be registered to vote a month before the election (this is not rocket science). Same day registration invites fraud. In Nevada, it’s been discovered that people are bussed from precinct to precinct and they are voting at each precinct.

Fourth, voter rolls should be wiped clean after each presidential election. This way, when people move (or die), their names will not appear in their old voting district. Election fraud will be significantly reduced if every voter must re-register every four years.

Fifth, Trump should work to require Voter ID in all states for national elections. Leftists (read: Marxists) claim that requiring ID disenfranchises black people who can’t get ID.  Yet even in states with voter ID laws in place, the number of minority voters is on the rise. To believe blacks are incapable of getting an ID is insulting to blacks. In fact, blacks in Harlem are incensed that white liberals at UC Berkeley say blacks are less likely to have ID.

Despite the myriad attacks endured by President Trump, he remains a honey badger, staying in the fight. Of course, the Trump administration would be foolish to think that after Trump’s re-election, globalists and Marxists will let up in their scorched-earth war to see Trump fail. But with no more elections to win, Trump needs to direct his energy into making America healthy again. And by healthy I do not infer any of the misinformation and manipulation promulgated for the last eight months by the medical industrial complex / global medical establishment.

No, by “healthy” I mean he needs to ensure our country’s fundamentals are in place and working well.

  • Enemies of the state identified and removed
  • Bureaucratic bloat / oppressive regulations reduced
  • Fundamental economic wisdom: minimize debt
  • Fair and equitable forums for public debate
  • Freedom to worship; freedom of ALL press
  • Better representative government
  • A trustworthy election system to ensure a government BY the people

What do you say, Mr. President?  Would you agree that by getting these issues realigned with America’s core values, we have a better chance of making America great for years to come?

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Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. is a certified behavioral analyst, best-selling author, corporate trainer, executive coach, and columnist. He’s also a veteran and a self-described Christian Libertarian who believes in the principles of free market capitalism – while standing firmly against crony capitalism.

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