President Trump Gives Powerful Speech at Mt. Rushmore

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  • 09/19/2023

President Trump gave an inspiring and moving speech on July 3rd amidst the majestic backdrop of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota to a crowd of an estimated 7,500 people. Despite protestors blocking the Iron Mountain Road in an attempt to put a halt on the President's arrival, he arrived via Marine One. Some of the protestors and agitators were arrested or left begrudgingly and traffic was able to proceed to the amphitheater.

The National news media quickly pounced on the speech with several outlets parroting it as "Divisive" - The New York Times headline read "Trump Uses Mount Rushmore Speech to Deliver Divisive Culture War Message" and the Washington Post headline declared "At Mount Rushmore, Trump exploits social divisions, warns of 'left-wing cultural revolution' in dark speech ahead of Independence Day". ABC and CBS News decried President Trump was attacking the media and China. There were also reports regarding the coronavirus and the open outdoor space of the amphitheater and Governor Noem's "Personal Responsibility" mandate in reference to masks and social distancing. None of the outlets mentioned the impact of the virus amid the several protests that have been going on for the past several weeks in many cities across the nation.

Photo by: AP/Alex Brandon

President Trump was joined by First Lady Melania Trump, Tiffany Trump, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and Master of Ceremonies, South Dakota native Mary Hart among others.

During his speech, the President spoke of the beauty and significance of Mount Rushmore, "There could be no better place to celebrate America’s independence than beneath this magnificent, incredible, majestic mountain and monument to the greatest Americans who have ever lived". He continued, "Today, we pay tribute to the exceptional lives and extraordinary legacies of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. I am here as your President to proclaim before the country and before the world. This monument will never be desecrated, these heroes will never be defaced, their legacy will never, ever be destroyed, their achievements will never be forgotten, and Mount Rushmore will stand forever as an eternal tribute to our forefathers and to our freedom. Our Founders launched not only a revolution in government, but a revolution in the pursuit of justice, equality, liberty, and prosperity. No nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America. And no people have done more to promote human progress than the citizens of our great nation".

"No movement that seeks to dismantle these treasured American legacies can possibly have a love of America at its heart. Can’t have it. No person who remains quiet at the destruction of this resplendent heritage can possibly lead us to a better future". He added, "Uplifted by the titans of Mount Rushmore, we will find the unity that no one expected; we will make strides that no one thought possible".

He went to comment on the riots, looting, and vandalism that have erupted across our nation "And yet, as we meet here tonight, there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing our ancestors fought so hard for, struggled, they bled to secure. Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children". He continued, "Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. Many of these people have no idea why they are doing this, but some know exactly what they are doing. They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive. But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country, and all of its values, history, and culture, to be taken from them".

The President spoke on the growing trend of Cancel Culture saying, "One of their political weapons is 'Cancel Culture' driving people from their jobs, shaming dissenters, and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees. This is the very definition of totalitarianism, and it is completely alien to our culture and our values, and it has absolutely no place in the United States of America. This attack on our liberty, our magnificent liberty, must be stopped, and it will be stopped very quickly. We will expose this dangerous movement, protect our nation’s children, end this radical assault, and preserve our beloved American way of life". He added, "In our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. It’s not going to happen to us".

President Trump's continued his speech pointing out that in response to the vandalism of our monuments and statues, arrests have been made, "I am pleased to report that yesterday, federal agents arrested the suspected ringleader of the attack on the statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C. and, in addition, hundreds more have been arrested. Under the executive order, I signed last week, pertaining to the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act and other laws, people who damage or deface federal statues or monuments will get a minimum of 10 years in prison. And obviously, that includes our beautiful Mount Rushmore. Our people have a great memory. They will never forget the destruction of statues and monuments to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, abolitionists, and many others". He added, "The violent mayhem we have seen in the streets of cities that are run by liberal Democrats, in every case, is the predictable result of years of extreme indoctrination and bias in education, journalism, and other cultural institutions".

He continued, "Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but that were villains. The radical view of American history is a web of lies, all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted, and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition". He went on to say, "The radical ideology attacking our country advances under the banner of social justice. But in truth, it would demolish both justice and society. It would transform justice into an instrument of division and vengeance, and it would turn our free and inclusive society into a place of repression, domination, and exclusion".

Photo Credit: AFP

The President concluded his speech by saying, "From this night and from this magnificent place, let us go forward united in our purpose and re-dedicated in our resolve". "This country will be everything that our citizens have hoped for, for so many years, and that our enemies fear because we will never forget that American freedom exists for American greatness. And that’s what we have: American greatness".

"My fellow Americans, it is time to speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country".

"To all, God bless you, God bless your families, God bless our great military, and God bless America". - President, Donald J. Trump

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