Trump: The Dictator That Wasn’t

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  • 09/19/2023

An amazing thing is about to happen.

The very same people who just spent the past month and a half attacking this current President for supposedly ordering his record-setting economy to shut down, are about to begin stridently claiming he has no authority to open it back up.

Same people.

In some places this has already begun.

In fact, much of the Democratic party leadership and the DNC Media Complex's attacks on President Donald J. Trump for the past month and a half took the form of loudly claiming he wasn’t going far enough in shutting the country and the economy down.

At the daily press briefings Trump has constantly had to field questions from an openly hostile media about why he simply doesn't seize control of entire private industries or take control of certain entire states away from the governors.

President Trump keeps having to remind these idiots of a few things. You know who I mean; the people who are insisting he needed to act like a dictator, just go ahead and seize control, and force people to do what must be done. He has to keep reminding these people that we have a Constitution that places clear limits on his powers, even in an emergency.

The criticism that Trump ordered the entire country shut down is bogus to begin with. The President never gave the governors an order to lock their states down.  Trump and his national emergency team gave the states a set of guidelines to suggest to them how to handle this crisis.

It is the governors that run their states, not the federal government. So Democrats and their media shills are very deliberately framing this all wrong. Trump didn’t shut the country down by himself. He didn’t order the governors to do this. He also cannot open the country back up by himself, either.

Trump the dictator did not single-handedly order the economy shut down for a month and a half, and Trump the dictator is not going to single-handedly order the economy to be opened back up. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the **federal government**, not that of Texas, MA, CA, NY, etc.

The Democrats and their media allies are spreading a lot of confusion, and they're able to do that because many people don't remember basic civics or never learned this stuff in the first place.

So, as Trump gets ready to announce "Hey governors, let's go ahead and open this country back up for business!" you're going to see the Democrats and DNC Media frame this like President Trump is a dictator who is giving an order to these governors. And it's not true.

Top Democrats and DNC Media people will snidely pontificate into every camera they can find "What, does this President think he's a dictator or something? He thinks he can just order the governors to do this?!"

These will be the same people claiming Trump wasn't going far enough in ordering these exact same governors to do stuff in the past 45 days. Same people.

Now, understanding the complex issue here, that Trump **never** gave an order to these governors to lock their entire states down, the governors did that on their own, by their own authority, not Trump's.... let's understand the real issue.

When Trump says the national emergency is over, and several of these governors insist on leaving their states in total lock-down and are vowing they will keep things locked down for the next 2-3 months, THAT is when real Constitutional issues will be coming into play.

Constitutional rights are not Constitutional suggestions. US citizens have basic God-given rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of worship. That includes an inherent freedom to TRAVEL without which citizens cannot assemble themselves for worship or any other purpose.

When the threat from the CCP Virus has become minimal, and either because they're panicked, they're playing stupid political games, or both, if Democratic governors insist they'll keep their states in lock-down until the end of the summer and maybe even into November, guess what happens next?

When states are showing cratering numbers of people contracting the CCP Virus and the number of hospitalizations have dropped to parameters manageable for that state's health care system, and if some Democrat governors insist on keeping their state locked down anyway?

THAT is when the federal government would have to take actions to restore basic rights to the citizens of those particular states.

Long before we reach that point, however, I would hope saner heads would prevail. Also, voters are going to have to decided the political fates of a lot of these governors.

And that's a good thing.

Ever since the Democratic Party won control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections, the entire country has been forced to take a real long, hard look at what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her party did with that control.

And now plenty of Democrat governors are being found to not only be incompetent when it came to preparing their states to handle an emergency, they have also been found to be unable to quit playing political games even when lives are on the line.

For once, voters just **might** hold Democrats accountable for this.


Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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