Clinton is Responsible for the Flynn Farce

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  • 09/19/2023

By Brian Cates

The big takeaway from DOJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz’ report is this: The Trump/Russia Hoax “dossier” the FBI used to fake the probable cause needed to start counterintelligence investigations of Trump affiliates came straight from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The biggest scandal of the 2016 election is always going to be that the losing campaign managed to pull off such a stunningly successful dirty trick against the winning campaign, of course with the help of corrupt federal officials.

And right now, it is Lt. General Michael Flynn that is still living with the consequences of this infuriating dirty trick.

After more than two years, the General is still awaiting closure in his case. The offense the government has levied against him, is based on the word of two unbelievably corrupt FBI agents named Peter Strzok and Joseph Pientka.

Flynn was scheduled to finally be sentenced by Judge Emmitt Sullivan on January 28th, however just last night, his attorney Sidney Powell filed a motion alleging that federal prosecutors went astray from the plea, which is essentially a contract between the defendant and the government.

Flynn was cooperating with the governments FARA violation case against his former business associate Bijian Rafiekian, right up until the moment the corrupt prosecutors said they expected him to lie under oath in the courtroom.

Allow me to briefly detail the highlights of how the Trump/Russia collusion hoax continues to play out in the in the Flynn perjury case. It has now been more than four years since Hillary Clinton’s paid operatives at Fusion GPS launched the scheme:

1) For 11 months from October 2016 to September 2017, based largely on Christopher Steele's fake dossier, the FBI engages in spying on Trump and associates, including General Flynn

2) In November of 2017 the Special Counsel decides to prosecute General Flynn for process perjury

3) Flynn agrees to plead guilty & cooperate with other Mueller investigations/prosecutions of people for FARA violations. He enters his plea on December 1, 2016.

4) The Mueller Special Counsel investigation continues for two years

5) Flynn's sentencing is delayed for two years as he cooperates in the Rafiekian case

6) The Mueller Special Counsel finally ends in February 2019, exposing the fact the entire Flynn farce was started by a hoax. Mueller and his team couldn't find any evidence than Flynn or any other Trump associate were working with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election.

7) The two FBI agents who framed Flynn for perjury turn out to be unbelievably corrupt: Peter Strzok and Joseph Pientka. Strzok famously testifies in a very contentious hearing before Congress and is subsequently fired from the FBI for cause. Pientka literally becomes a ghost and completely disappears. Unlike every single other SpyGate main figure, Pientka is not seen or heard from over the ensuing three years.

8) Evidence emerges that the Flynn 302 form - the sole documentary evidence of the case for Flynn's supposed perjury - was tampered with by former FBI counsel and Strzok partner, Lisa Page.

9) In the Fall of 2019, government prosecutors are finally ready to make use of Flynn in their FARA case against Rafiekian, but Flynn discovers that government lead prosecutor Brandon Van Grack wants him to lie under oath. There is no real case against Rafiekian without Flynn’s testimony that the Turkish government was the real client of Flynn & Rafiekian’s lobbying activity.

10) Flynn refuses to lie under oath, and the prosecutors do not call upon him to testify. The jury convicts Rafiekian anyway. The judge tosses the verdict and acquits him.

11) Inspector General Horowitz releases his long anticipated FISA Abuse report in December of 2019, detailing the slimy corrupt activities of the FBI. In the report, we learn that the FBI skirted all rules and regulations and hid exculpatory evidence in order to secure the Carter Page FISA warrant. This same flagrant abuse of power was used to justify launching counter-intelligence investigations targeting Flynn, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos.

12) In January 2020, the government prosecutors tell Judge Sullivan they want a prison sentence of up to six months for Flynn for “sabotaging” their Rafiekian case.

13) General Flynn files a motion to revoke his plea, in a scathing document that excoriates the governments dirty tricks.

So, in a very basic nutshell, that is how we got to where things are now.

Let’s be clear about something this entire chain of events we are continuing to see unfold in the case of General Flynn, is the direct result of that political dirty trick pulled on the Trump presidential campaign by the Hillary Clinton campaign and it’s paid operatives at Fusion GPS.

Remember, the Clinton campaign at first stridently denied it played any role in the creation of the Steele dossier.

The Clinton campaign was forced to finally admit the truth in October of 2017, but not until Congressman Devin Nunes’ investigation led the HPSCI to sue FusionGPS for bank records. Those investigators followed the money trail through the law firm of Perkins Coie all the way back to Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS.

They had to admit it, because they knew it was going to come out anyway. However, we need to remember that the campaign hid this throughout the entire debacle; from the period of time when Buzzfeed published the dossier in January of 2017, through when they finally came clean because they didn’t have a choice anymore, Democrats and the Fake News Media ran with a narrative that the dossier was 'counterintelligence product' produced by a neutral highly regarded spy with impeccable credentials.

Of course, the Clinton campaign wasn’t just paying Fusion GPS to come up with a story claiming Trump and his close associates were Russian spies as a political opposition research exercise. As bad as that would be, it pales in comparison to what actually happened.

Fusion GPS was also being paid to take information in the dossier, and spread it in the US news media. If that weren’t enough, they were also giving it to federal law enforcement agencies – like the FBI! There is much, much more to be discussed in terms of the creation of the Steele dossier, but for the purposes of this article, the points made above should suffice.

This is why the political left launched its own personal jihad targeting Devin Nunes. This game started more than two years ago. It began the moment Nunes used the financial records to force the reluctant admission from the Clinton campaign that the Steele Dossier was Hillary’s Frankenstein Monster. It is her creation.

For me one of the most stunning revelations of Horowitz’s report is found on page 136, where Stuart Evans, head of the FBI's Office of Intelligence [OI], asks the Crossfire Hurricane team a very relevant question: Is Christopher Steele connected to any of the political campaigns in the election?

The person designated at “Case Agent-1” manages to artfully dodge truthfully answering Evan’s question twice.

Only after being pressed for a third time does Case Agent-1 cough up the fact that Steele is a paid political operative of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Evans is obviously not happy to only be learning this at such a late date.

Case Agent-1 was subsequently identified as none other than FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka, a name those who have been following the SpyGate scandal will be quite familiar with.

The marked and stunning contrast between the DOJ's handling of every single other SpyGate figure (Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, or Andrew McCabe) with how they have handled Pientka is now so obvious and apparent, how could anyone deny it?

For years now Pientka has been in the shadows. That is, until just this past weekend when intrepid twitter investigator @Techno_Fog showed the world that Pientka had been moved to the San Francisco field office, and that office did all it could to delete his name from the website. See his tweets detailing this below.

I have watched what I refer to as “The Flynn Farce” unfold from the very beginning. It started in January of 2017, when the fake news story accusing the General's of violating of the Logan Act were being spread all over DNC Media; that beginning culminated in the fateful encounter at the White House on Jan. 24. You remember, I’m sure. Both Strzok and Pientka sat down with Gen Flynn for a 'friendly interview', at the behest of an FBI director who knew he could get away with it.

And so now we wait for Judge Sullivan’s decision on the motion to rescind the plea, and see how this farce plays out.

That is unfair, but the end of this story has not yet been written.

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