Dark to Light: The 30 Second 30 Minute Clip

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  • 09/19/2023

Frank and Beanz come to you on this Memorial Day with a start to honor the fallen, and a leisurely conversation throughout. The show begins with some talk about foreign policy, then moves on to banter about a few different newsworthy topics. The pair listen to a clip from Brandon Straka the day after the election, and discuss what his feelings meant at that time.

Then, they move on to talk about a short interview clip of Liz Cheney on ABC where she talks about the “treason” that could have taken place at the highest levels in our government. This short two minute clip takes Frank and Beanz on a meandering discussion about a myriad of topics, including the newly released “Vox” piece about bias in the media.

Finally, there is a lively debate about compassion for those who have perpetrated crimes against our country, and many mispronounced words.

Make sure to join us on this Holiday edition of the “Dark to Light” podcast with Frank and Beanz!


Tracy Beanz’ tweet on the one year anniversary of #WalkAway

Molly Prince tweets a Liz Cheney clip about the Strzok-Page text messages sounding like a coup

Hotep Jesus tweets about Trump rallies

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