Dark to Light: Tax Day Depression

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  • 09/19/2023

On this Tax Day episode of the “Dark to Light” podcast, you’ll hear from a frustrated Frank, who is only able to visit with us for half the show, and a feisty Beanz, who really wants to focus on the genius behind Trump suggesting that refugees take up residence in “sanctuary cities.” The pair discuss refugees, immigration, the problems with doing it legally, and if there is ANY possible way we can fix this mess legislatively.

Then, Beanz has a bit to say about a Margot Cleveland piece from The Federalist that came out Monday morning, which seems to demonstrate that Christopher Steele is no longer being investigated by the Special Counsel. Beanz has a few alternative theories here that she shares with the audience.

She ends the show alone with a walk through some ABC “fake news” in regards to the Mueller report, a bit of discussion about the “Trump Curse” and a refresher on one of our favorite Spygate characters, Felix Sater!


Real Clear Investigations: GOP Fears Mueller’s Collusion Bias Lives On In Final Report


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