News from Around the Web for July 4, 2024

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  • 07/04/2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Commerce Blacklists 4 Companies for Training Chinese Military Pilots -  Andrew Thornebrooke for The Epoch Times and on X

The United States is blacklisting four companies for assisting in the training and development of the Chinese military. Two of the companies are located in China and two are located in the UK, according to a notice issued by the Commerce Department. China’s Global Training Solutions and Smartech Future, as well as the UK’s Grace Air and Livingston Aerospace, will be added to the department’s trade restriction list due to their relationship with the Test Flying Academy of South Africa, which the posting says trained Chinese military forces using North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) sources...


#9 Two Arrested as Protests Hit King Charles and Queen Camilla’s Scottish Coronation - Martha McHardy for The Independent, and GB News on X

Two people were arrested as protests hit a celebration to mark the King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation in Edinburgh. The two female protesters, aged 20 and 21, were detained after they allegedly attempted to climb over the safety barrier on the Royal Mile, where fans and campaigners alike had gathered to see the royal procession ahead of the ceremony at St Giles’ Cathedral. The disruption came as King Charles was presented with the Crown of Scotland during a ceremony of thanksgiving and dedication attended by other senior royals. They included Queen Camilla, the Prince and Princess of Wales, who are known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland, and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh...


#8 Georgia Election Workers Who Won $148M Judgment Against Giuliani Want His Bankruptcy Case Thrown Out - Dave Collins for The Hill and 11 Alive News on X

Rudy Giuliani’s creditors, including two former Georgia election workers who won a $148 million defamation judgment against him, are opposing his attempt to convert his bankruptcy into a liquidation, saying they’ll likely ask that the case be thrown out instead because of what they call his flouting of bankruptcy laws. The comments came Wednesday during a status hearing on Zoom before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane in White Plains, New York...


#7 Government and Freedom - John Stossel for Town Hall

Last week, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. asked me to moderate what he called "The Real Debate." Kennedy was angry with CNN because it wouldn't let him join its Trump-Biden debate.  His people persuaded Elon Musk to carry his Real Debate on Twitter. They asked me to give RFK Jr. the same questions, with the same time limits. I agreed, hoping to hear some good new ideas. I didn't. As you know, Joe Biden slept, and Donald Trump lied. Well, OK, Biden lied at least nine times, too, even by CNN's count. Kennedy was better. But not much...

#6 Uncharted Territory: Could Campaign Finances Keep Biden on the Ballot? -  Aubrie Spady for Fox News

While calls to replace President Biden as the Democratic nominee continue to plague his re-election efforts, campaign finance experts believe financial roadblocks could prevent another Democrat from stepping into the role. The Biden-Harris campaign brought in a huge cash haul this cycle, reporting $127 million raised in June alone. But if Biden were to be replaced or step down as the nominee, there are serious questions about whether another candidate would be able to inherit these funds. While there are several candidates being floated as a Biden replacement, a political fundraiser with knowledge of presidential campaign finance told Fox News Digital that, as of right now, the money "is only accessible if your name is Joe Biden or Kamala Harris." 

#5 Mississippi Judges Order Legislative Maps to Be Redrawn - Audrey Baker for Washington Examiner and Clarion Ledger on X

A federal court has ordered Mississippi to redraw parts of its legislative map on the grounds that the current Republican-drawn one discriminates against black voters. In a 119-page decision released Tuesday, a three-judge panel ordered the state to redraw two new black-majority Senate districts and one new black-majority House district.  The Senate districts would be drawn in and around DeSoto County in the northwest of the state and the city of Hattiesburg in the south, while the House district would be in Chickasaw and Monroe counties in the northeast. “The court rightly held that the Mississippi Legislature used the redistricting process to dilute the power of Black voters,” Jarvis Dortch, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, said in a statement. “Those legislative districts denied Black Mississippians an equal voice in state government.”


#4 White House Contradicts Itself on Transgender Surgeries for Minors - Ailin Vilches Arguello for Washington Examiner and Leor Sapir on X

The Biden administration said gender-affirming surgical care should be reserved for adults, not minors. “These are deeply personal decisions, and we believe these surgeries should be limited to adults,” a White House spokesperson told the 19th News.  “We continue to support gender-affirming care for minors, which represents a continuum of care, and respect the role of parents, families, and doctors in these decisions,” they added.  The statement sparked an immediate backlash from LGBT advocates, accusing the administration of betraying its pledge to support transgender youth and interfering in private medical choices. “The Biden administration is flat wrong on this,” Kelley Robinson, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told the Hill. “It’s wrong on the science and wrong on the substance. It’s also inconsistent with other steps the administration has taken to support transgender youth.” 


#3 Thieves In Seattle Targeting EV Charging Stations Has Reached "Epidemic Proportions" - Tyler Durden Zero Hedge and Roxanne on X

Over the past 12 months, thieves in the Seattle metro area have stolen over 100 electric vehicle charging cables, driven mostly by soaring copper scrap prices. This is incredibly frustrating for EV owners who arrive at these charging stations only to find severed cords and unable to charge. In the last 12 months alone, thieves have stolen at least 100 EV charging cables across the city in pursuit of the small amounts of copper within that can be sold as scrap. The thefts are particularly painful for drivers who lack home chargers and are left scrambling to find a way to juice up their vehicles. -GeekWire "It's a serious and frustrating problem around Seattle," said resident Elaine Wong, who entirely relies on public charging stations. In one year, Electrify America reported that 93 cables had been cut across its charging network in Washington...  


#2 Missouri AG Sues New York For Lawfare ‘Interference’ In Presidential Election - Brianna Lyman for The Federalist and Attorney General Andrew Bailey, and Glenn Beck on X

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit Wednesday against New York alleging in part that the lawfare trial against former President Donald Trump violated Missourians’ First Amendment right “to hear from a presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election,” as stated in a press release announcing the suit. In a lawfare case brought by a D.A. who campaigned on taking on Trump, the former president was found guilty by a New York jury in May on 34 charges related to a crime that “nobody can quite articulate.” Following the Supreme Court’s immunity decision, Trump’s team moved to overturn his conviction, and Trump’s sentencing was delayed until Sept. 18, less than two months before Election Day. In the lawsuit, Bailey filed a motion for a preliminary injunction, asking the Supreme Court to stop any further proceedings related to the New York lawfare case until after the election...


#1 Jeffrey Epstein Document DUMP: What the Media Missed - Breanna Morello Substack and on X
Federal prosecutors knew Jeffrey Epstein raped teenage girls 2 years before they cut him a sweetheart plea deal. We now know this because a Florida judge on Monday unveiled the grand jury transcript from that 2006 investigation. Alex Acosta heard directly from one victim who clearly stated Epstein raped her the day before her 18th birthday. Acosta was the top federal prosecutor in Florida at the time of the plea agreement. He had first-hand testimony but still gave Epstein a light plea deal. Epstein was sentenced to a 1.5-year sentence in the Palm Beach County jail system, but his sentence he was allowed to go to his office almost daily as part of a work-release program. He also had a year of house arrest and was required to register as a sex offender...


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