News from Around the Web for June 17, 2024

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  • 06/17/2024

News From Around the Web

#10 House Committee No Longer Trusts NIH/NIAID to Oversee Risky Monkey Pox Research - Wendi S. Mahoney for UncoverDC, and L and Chief Nerd on X
It appears HHS, NIAID, and the NIH misled and obstructed Congress about the funding and approval of Monkey Pox (MPXV) gain of function (GOF) experiments by NIAID pox virologist Bernard Moss. It is yet unknown whether the experiments occurred because of the agencies' obfuscation. Republicans from the Committee on Energy and Commerce (E&C or the Committee) have investigated the agencies and scientists involved since October 2022. Anthony Fauci was still head of the NIAID at the time, and Committee staff concluded that the NIAID "is the agency that bears the most responsibility for misleading the Committee." NIAID has the subject matter expertise, the staff, and "control of the documents related to the experiment." According to the Committee's June 11, 2024 Interim Report, "The agencies' deception of Congress is unacceptable and potentially criminal."

#9 Appeals Court Rejects Education Department Transgender Student Directive - Tom Ozimek for The Epoch Times, and The College Fix on X

An appeals court on Friday denied the Biden administration’s attempt to revive a directive that would have required schools to let transgender students join sports teams that align with their “gender identity” and grant female-identifying male students access to girls’ lockers and bathrooms. In a June 14 ruling, the Ohio-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a Tennessee federal judge’s 2022 decision that temporarily blocked enforcement of U.S. Department of Education (DOE) guidance that called on federally-funded schools to let transgender students access spaces and programs that align with their “gender identity” but don’t match their birth sex, with non-compliance potentially leading to withholding of federal funds...


#8 Dr. Peterson Says His New University Will Satisfy ‘Mass Hunger’ for Education Not Found in ‘Demented’ Academia - Gabriel Hays and Brian Flood for Fox News and Jordan B Peterson, and Peterson Acadamy on X

This story is the fourth part in a series of a candid conversation Dr. Jordan Peterson had with Fox News Digital. The first part on Pride is available here, the second installment on his mandated sensitivity training is available here, and the third part on why the elites have so much animosity towards Trump is here. Dr. Jordan Peterson says his new online university, "Peterson Academy," will help people fulfill their desire to get a true education that they can’t find in today’s "demented" and "unsalvageable" universities, all at a much more affordable price. The world-renowned Canadian psychologist and author told Fox News Digital that his new online school would launch at the end of June and would grant online students access to the "best lecturers in the world" without them having to worry about being browbeaten by political agendas...


#7 Javier Milei’s Continued Success in Argentina Sets a Model for the US - Ben Rothove for Washington Examiner

Last week, Argentina President Javier Milei spoke at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, where he unapologetically argued in favor of free market capitalism and against those who want to push the West toward socialism. This speech, along with Milei’s model for leadership in Argentina, proves that the United States needs an economist president as the nation faces economic troubles caused by bipartisan ignorance. Milei said on Wednesday that incessant state interference in the economy is hindering economic growth across the world and that too many view minor inconveniences as market failures. He went one step further and criticized the concept of market failures as a whole, particularly because markets are so difficult to define. In his view, “we are the market,” meaning that those who seek to control the market really intend to control the people...

#6 Disney Owes Money to 100,000 People as Part of Class-Action Lawsuit; Here’s Who Qualifies -  Ashleigh Jackson for Fox 8, and Scott Gustin on X

Some Disneyland fans who purchased a Dream Key pass nearly three years ago will be able to claim their piece of a $9.5 million class-action lawsuit settlement as early as this week, according to an email obtained by Nexstar. The lawsuit, filed by California pass holder Jenale Nielsen in 2021, alleged the company misled customers into believing its most expensive yearly pass would have “no blackout dates” when making reservations at Disneyland Resort theme parks. However, when Nielsen attempted to reserve certain dates in November 2021, the complaint stated that she could not do so...


#5 Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service - Tyler Durden ZeroHedge and Bob Colayco, Holden Culotta, and Anna Hoffman on X

The House of Representatives on Friday approved its version of the annual defense policy bill, effectively clearing the $883.7 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to move forward in a 217-199 vote which largely fell along party lines. Only three Republicans opposed it. A number of 'controversial' amendments are part of it, setting up a further fight with Democrats as it moves forward, including a measure empowering the National Guard to crack down on the southern border. But among the most interesting aspects of the bill for Fiscal Year 2025 is an amendment to the NDAA, which automatically registers all draft-age male U.S. residents with the Selective Service System...


#4 Venezuelan Migrants Carjack Off-Duty NYPD Officer, One Armed With Fully Automatic Pistol: Report - Paul Sacca for Blaze Media, and Jennifer Harper and Katie Wright on X

Two armed suspects – believed to be Venezuelan migrants – carjacked an off-duty New York Police Department officer on Friday night, according to a new report. Sources told the New York Post that the two armed men approached the off-duty NYPD officer around 11:30 p.m. on Friday at West 146 Street and Bradhurst Avenue in Harlem. One of the suspects was reportedly brandishing a fully automatic pistol as the men walked up to the vehicle. The off-duty NYPD officer was allegedly sitting inside his 2020 BMW when the suspects purportedly opened the car door, knocked a gun out of the cop's hands, and demanded he turn over the keys to the vehicle. The suspects successfully carjacked the off-duty officer's vehicle and fled the crime scene...


#3 Social Media Should Have Labels Similar To Tobacco Products, Surgeon General Says—Noting ‘Significant Harm’ For Teens - Alison Durkee for Forbes, and Today Show and Mario Nawfal on X
Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called Monday for Congress to pass legislation mandating social media platforms feature a warning about the harm they pose to teens’ mental health after the nation’s highest health official raised the alarm last year about the impact of social media on young people. In an op-ed for The New York Times, Murthy said a Surgeon General’s warning label should be required on social media platforms, “stating that social media is associated with significant mental health harms for adolescents. The label would be similar to those required for tobacco products, which warn of the health impacts associated with smoking and using products with nicotine. Murthy noted that putting warning labels would not “make social media safe for young people” but pointed to studies noting that similar warning labels for tobacco products show they “can increase awareness and change behavior,” as well as polls suggesting parents could be persuaded by a warning label to monitor or limit their child’s social media use...


#2 Netanyahu Disbands His War Cabinet - Reuters, and Suppressed News and Talk on X

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dissolved the six-member war cabinet, an Israeli official said on Monday, in a widely expected move that came after the departure from government of the centrist former general Benny Gantz. Netanyahu is now expected to hold consultations about the Gaza war with a small group of ministers, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, who had been in the war cabinet. The prime minister had faced demands from the nationalist-religious partners in his coalition, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, to be included in the war Cabinet, a move which would have intensified strains with international partners, including the United States...


#1 It Was Quite a Week of Media Stupidity - Derek Hunter for Townhall and on X

There used to be a barrier to entry for a lot of professions that kept incompetent boobs out of them. Doctors had to have a minimal level of understanding of science, for example, to even enter medical school; then, they could fail out if that knowledge did not advance sufficiently. Now, med school applications are first run through the progressive food pyramid to see how many boxes get checked to determine what level of foreknowledge, if any, is required of applicants. Journalism is the same way – “Are you on the team?” is a more important question than “Are you in any way qualified to do the job?” 


And Now for Something Special smiley

Sedentary People Who Drink Coffee Live Longer  - Lynn C. Allison for Newsmax and Newsmax Health on X

A new study found that coffee drinkers who sat for more than six hours a day had a 24% lower risk of death from all causes than those who sat for a similar amount of time and didn’t drink coffee. The study, published in the journal BMC Public Health, found that non-coffee drinkers who were sedentary for more than six hours a day were 58% more likely to die from all causes compared to coffee drinkers who sat for less than six hours daily. This highlights both the risk of sitting too long and the benefits of drinking coffee...

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