Chase Oliver - The Libertarian Party Gets It Wrong --Again

I never heard of Chase Oliver until this morning. I suppose those closely following the National Libertarian Party found out about him last week, but that's not me. The Party just selected Mr. Oliver as presidential candidate for 2024 in the LP National Convention, held in Washington DC. Yes, bizarrely, the LP held their convention deep in the belly of the beast, explaining that the contract was signed four years ago for a lame reason. I spent about 30 minutes looking into Chase Oliver, then read Tom Woods' email review. Couple his selection for 2024 with the last two cycles of presidential candidates selected by the National LP; it seems the National LP is a goner. I don't usually arrive at a judgment quickly, but it's this 30 minutes of research today added to the last eight years of watching from the sidelines.

Since it's now been over a dozen years since the LP picked a libertarian to run for President, and the Mises Caucus success evidently didn't work, I've lost my last shred of interest in following the National LP. I was tempted to join when the Mises Caucus rose up and made a stand, but now I'm glad I held off and watched. Opposing arguments are welcome; I'll reconsider if someone provides a good one. Otherwise, I'm done thinking about Mr. Oliver --30 minutes was enough, and the National LP --3 decades was enough, for now, and through the 2024 election. It looks like I'll be writing in Thomas Massie again (my 2020) or not voting again (my 2016). Did the LP pick a libertarian before that? I forget. It's been a long time since I got to vote for a Ron Paul, a Harry Browne - i.e., an actual libertarian running as the LP party choice for President. What happened? In the 1990s, I was excited to find out about the LP, but now the Party has gone the way of Reason magazine, joining the Beltway Libertarian movement.

About Chase Oliver, Tom Woods wrote: 

"He is the best thing Donald Trump could possibly have asked for. The same people who congratulated themselves on booing the former President just handed him the best gift the Party could have given: a cultural leftist who will attract zero disaffected right-wingers (and since no disaffected left-wingers are considering the LP, it's a gratuitous minus with no upside), who will now simply hold their noses and vote for Trump."

A quote from the National LP's choice as President, Chase Oliver: 

"So, I am having a Thanksgiving with less than ten people. We will be masked inside, and when we eat, since masks have to come off, we will have spacing. It's not impossible to be responsible. 
Limit the size. Wear a mask when not eating. Space yourself accordingly." 

If the best thing democracy can offer is Trump vs. Biden twice in a row, with a cultural leftist of the indoctrinated Covid religious faith for the so-called "Libertarian" option, national-level democracy is not worth saving. If it ever was. DC evidently can't be fixed by voting in national elections. It's time to walk away. #NationalDivorce


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