Do You Feel It? Something Interesting is Happening

Since writing about The Gateway Experience and Hemi-Sync, the algorithm on social media has shown me much more about the topic—something I am grateful for. But I didn't expect to see DOZENS of interviews about this and the Monroe Institute themselves doing an entire series on it. Now, years later.

First, I came across this interview with Mark Certo. He worked with Monroe at the Institute but started years after the collaboration with the CIA. It's actually a great interview.


Then, I came across another interview with Certo, which was more based on consciousness itself. It is a two-hour listen, but for a geek like me, I loved it. In it, they reference the CIA paper a few times.


But imagine my surprise when I saw Hemi-Sync come out with their own video - the first in a series...


Here's the thing- I have known about this for YEARS, and the CIA declassified these documents in 2003. So why the sudden interest? Well, I have a few theories that use consciousness as a background. I have been noticing more and more discussion and thought around human consciousness and its capabilities. I have significantly stepped up my meditation practice and spiritual growth in the past two years.

Something just felt right about exploring these things—things I have been studying in earnest since my early 20s—with all of you at this time. Some may say it is just a coincidence, but I don't agree with that. It's too many people, all at the same time. More likely, and as I have shared with all of you, something is shifting within human consciousness, allowing what were once considered "taboo" topics to be openly discussed and explored.

Some of you may think that this sounds nuts—and that's okay—you will get no judgment from me for any of that. But if you understand enough of the theories surrounding human consciousness and quantum mechanics, it will make sense to you. There is a rapid shift in how people think, what they choose to value, and how they are attempting to "figure it out." There are more and more people asking, "Why am I here, and how can I make this a better place?"

I have spoken about this at length on my podcast and will continue to do so because not only do I just know that, for some reason, that is what I am supposed to do, but I am of the firm belief that humanity is at a shift point. We have had decades of contrast enough to know for sure what we do want and what we don't want. I think that through all that asking, people are better aligning with what they want. And I firmly believe, at the end of the day, that people want peace, love, joy, and abundance.

People are at least beginning to explore other sides of themselves at a much more rapid pace. I read sentiment all day online—it's part of my job—and because of that, I float all over the internet—not just X. And, of course, the algorithm could show me more of what I am interested in on every platform, but guys, that is the point. Imagine your days spent reading about what you DO want - a positive experience - rather than what you DO NOT want - a negative, fear and lack-based one.


We must be informed about what is happening around us, but we must also fill ourselves up with more of what we want and less of what we don't. That is why I have shifted the way I bring you information. I want to be a part of this change. If you understand the scientific FACTS of energy, you will understand the universal laws about how it affects us. If you want to learn more about that, you will dig deeper and learn more. Once you understand it, you will embark on a journey to create a world you WANT to see.

That doesn't mean we should stick our heads in the sand and ignore what is happening around us. On the contrary, it will cause us to know all of those things and adapt to create change from a different perspective. As more of us do that, more change will come. Think about this scenario: A woman is alone in a corner, crying. Six people walk in. Everyone ignores her. She continues crying. But what would happen if six people walked in, went over, spoke to her, tried to help, and hugged her? The best part? It doesn't take six. It takes ONE. It only takes ONE. One person, shining their light brightly, can affect change more widely than millions who are not.


As social media algorithms work, the world works the same. You will experience more joy if you are joyful. If you are more loving, you will experience more love. If you are more fearful, the algorithm of life will certainly serve you more fear. Changing these thought patterns is a habit. I have been very successful in breaking bad habits. I am human, and I still fail, but the difference now is that I immediately notice it. Bad days aren't bad all day when you realize your thoughts are causing the problem.

We have been so conditioned and programmed our entire lives to believe that living in fear is normal. It isn't. And we create that fear ourselves. I am going to put the Gateway paper aside for a bit. I think I've fulfilled that mission and gotten the conversation going.

I thank you for taking the ride with me. It's been great so far, and I am not getting off. 


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