The Gateway Experience: Who is Robert Monroe? - Part 2

Welcome to the second installment in the Gateway Experience series. I felt it necessary for this part to rely on the words of Robert Monroe himself, rather than try to recreate the wheel in the written word. This topic is certainly different, but it is important to understand this work and its trajectory rather than assign it negative value purely as a function of government involvement. As stated in the previous part, the most important thing to remember isn't that this was used by the CIA and the military, but instead why they wanted to use it. It is certainly a different way to think about something like this, but I ask that you place aside your preconceived notions are we work through this series. It may seem difficult to follow the format here. However, you can watch this entire interview for yourself by clicking this link. For those willing to continue, I present the below. 

Robert Monroe was eclectic. He passed away in 1995. He created hemi-sync, the sound technology used to induce the brain into different states of human consciousness. He was the person who coined the term OBE, or out-of-body experience. He has documented that he had hundreds of OBEs throughout his life, writing several books about his experiences.


I find this interview, a conversation between Monroe and one of the people who worked with him extensively, to be a good look into what the Institute was doing before, during, and after the CIA got involved. Monroe died a year after this was recorded, in 1995. 

A Rare Conversation with Bob Monroe | Exploring Expanded States of Consciousness


Robert Monroe, who founded the Monroe Institute (still operating today), had a super interesting start. I began to write it all out but thought that excerpting an interview would be better so he could tell you himself. The below screen shot was taken from the Monroe Institute's website.


So, buckle up, everyone. Grab a coffee, settle in, and lets go on a journey together. The clips I am about to share were taken from this interview:


It's important to note that the first doctor Monroe went to see attributed this to stress and gave him some pills to take - but Monroe remained medicine-free throughout these experiences.

*Note: For some more information on Frequency Following response, hit the links in this Wiki.

IMPORTANT: Please listen to the following few clips. They will help explain this technology and its benefits to human beings. Not everyone wants to leave their body, and there are numerous applications.

There is a bit more to this interview, and several other interviews are available online. I encourage you to listen to them and do it with an open mind. There have been many comments on these posts over the past few days, and I encourage you to read all of those as well.

Many of you have asked me what my preferred audio is, where I get it, etc. Many of you have also reached out to me asking where you can get the Gateway Experience to try it for yourself. I am happy to share more of my personal experience if you are interested. This has been something I have studied for quite some time now.

As a personal note, I will say this: You get what you put into these techniques. Think about that as you meander through the comments section. I haven't ever experienced a lot of what other people have. My experiences have always been positive in nature, with no exceptions.

We are still going. There are more parts to come. What is next? We will dive into some of the manuals provided with the Gateway Experience. Then, we will go over the FOIA release in the CIA reading room. Why do you think the US Military and CIA were interested in this? We will likely also discuss the USG Remote Viewing program as well, as they were implemented hand in hand. Then, I will do a thread answering whatever questions I can. There are no right or wrong answers to this topic, really. It is controversial, and it is outside the box, but the government has been interested in this and other topics like it for decades. WHY? THAT is what you should really focus on.


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