News from Around the Web for Apr 15, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 The Fed Is Reporting Billions in Losses Weekly And Still Paying High-Interest Income To The Mega Banks on Wall Street - Confounded Interest

A good example comes from “Wall Street On Parade” where they show that The Federal Reserve is still paying BILLIONS to US Treasury in the form of remittances (losses). While at the same time, paying the mega banks on Wall Street high-interest loans. As of April 3 of this year, the Federal Reserve (Fed) has racked up $161 billion in accumulated losses. 

#9 The FISA 702 Battle: Warrantless Searches Here To Stay? - Wendi Mahoney for UncoverDC

Many believe there was a final vote on the bill in Wednesday's Rule Committee Hearing. However, the vote was more precisely a procedural vote on a resolution or rule. 19 Republicans, many of whom are in the Freedom Caucus, voted with all the Democrats not to hear amendments related to FISA and warrantless surveillance. The vote failed 193-228. There are some Republicans, however, like Thomas Massie (R-KY), who believe the 19 may have ultimately tanked the entire process to amend FISA for reasons that may not be entirely transparent to most Americans. Yesterday, the 19 Rs prevented the resolution and, therefore, a vote on whether to advance the warrant amendment provision. Politicians use these tactics and strategies to push legislation through in the context of many other external and internal pressures.


#8 WHO Official Admits Vaccine Passports May Have Been A Scam - Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge

The World Health Organization’s Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but was ignored, despite explaining that the COVID vaccines did not stop virus transmission and the passports gave a false sense of security. 


#7 Houston IRS Office Closes Early Because of Fighting - Fox 26 Digital and Jade Fury

Hundreds of people were lined up at the IRS building hoping to get help with their taxes. Instead, a field assistant from the IRS said they had to shut down early because of a riot that broke out. "I ain’t doing no playing. This is the second month I came out here, and I’m not going to play with the IRS," said one angry taxpayer. Tempers flared outside the Internal Revenue Service’s building as hundreds of people trying to file their taxes and get identity verification were turned away.


#6 Muenster, Texas Becomes 69th City in America to Prohibit Abortion - Mark Lee Dickson for Life News

Last Monday, the German Catholic community of Muenster, Texas (pop. 1,556) passed an “Ordinance Outlawing Abortion, Declaring Muenster a Safe Haven for the Unborn” in a unanimous 5-0 vote. The vote made the City of Muenster, located about 80 miles from Fort Worth, the 52nd city in the State of Texas, the 69th city in America, and the 76th political subdivision in America to pass an enforceable ordinance outlawing abortion. Council Member Clifford Sicking made the motion to adopt the ordinance, Council Member Jeff Maas seconded the motion, with all five members of the city council voting to adopt the measure. The unanimous vote for life was met with applause from those in attendance.

#5 Major News Organizations Urge Biden, Trump to Commit to Presidential Debates - Aliza Chasan for CBS News and Citizen Free Press on X

"If there is one thing Americans can agree on during this polarized time, it is that the stakes of this election are exceptionally high," the organizations said in the joint statement. "Amidst that backdrop, there is simply no substitute for the candidates debating with each other, and before the American people, their visions for the future of our nation." ABC News, The Associated Press, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX News Media, NBCUniversal News Group, NewsNation, Noticias Univision (Univision Network News), NPR, PBS NewsHour and USA TODAY joined CBS News in signing the joint statement.


#4 Denver Mayor Defunding Police and Fire Depts to Pay for More Migrant Services - Warner Todd Huston for Breitbart

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston proposes defunding the city’s police and fire departments to put more cash to house and care for illegals as the city continues to drown in a wave of illegal aliens and the costs wash over the Mile High City like a tidal wave. The city is not only increasing its spending on free food, clothing, medical care, and housing, among other things, it is also spending for programs on job counseling, language instruction, and other job training resources for migrants.


#3 The Truth About the Health of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children - Tracy Beanz and Michelle Edwards for The Highwire

Life-altering conditions like arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, eczema, and asthma are rife in the vaccinated, and yet they do not exist in the unvaccinated. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? We know the answer—it is money, corruption, and greed. Understand that ultimately, your health and the health of your children are of no consequence; neither is whether you get cancer, live, or die.

#2 Joe Biden’s Signature Achievement Is His List Of Broken Promises - Helen Raleigh for The Federalist

Despite Biden’s colossal policy failures and broken promises in his first term, he will undoubtedly make more outlandish promises as he runs for reelection. The American people will be wise not to forget those broken promises when casting their votes in November.


#1 Democrats Should Love Tax Day - Tom Joyce for the Washington Examiner
It is the day that state and federal income taxes are due in most states. While some get tax returns for overpaying taxes the previous year, others must pay the government thousands to avoid prison time. In turn, the government wastes that money on garbage and still can’t pay its bills. If liberals want a bigger government that requires more tax dollars and higher deficits, they should lead by example and contribute more money to the government.


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