COVID mRNA Vaccine Injury Hearing: "We Played God" and It Isn't Going Well

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  • 01/15/2024

The global medical community wants us to believe that COVID-19 synthetic mRNA shots are safe and effective. They are not. Tragically, both the scientific and the medical communities have ignored the signal, resulting in mass inoculation followed by injury and even death worldwide in far too many cases. In Friday's hearing on COVID-19 vaccine injury, renowned internist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough stated this "was the most dangerous proposition our government agencies could have ever put forward to our country." McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, and pediatric cardiologist Dr. Kirk Mihoan were present to testify. It was the first time in four years that U.S. House of Representatives members heard from practicing physicians. "Four years too late," according to Dr. McCullough.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene led the Jan. 12 discussion alongside Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and U.S. Representatives Warren Davidson (R-OH) and Andy Biggs (R-AZ). Johnson has led several informative roundtables featuring these doctors and other medical professionals on topics related to the pandemic. Johnson's focus has primarily centered on early treatment, alleged government malfeasance, and misinformation. These doctors and many others who have spoken against the establishment have paid dearly, professionally and personally.

Senator Ron Johnson shared a clear-cut example of "ignored signal" during the hearing when he spoke about flu vaccines. Comparing flu vaccine outcomes with COVID-19 vaccine outcomes, Johnson shared that with 70 percent of the U.S. population inoculated, "the deaths per million doses for the COVID vaccine is 25.1."  In contrast, he added, "The deaths per million doses for the flu vaccine, assuming 70 percent are injected, is 0.46. 0.46 versus 25.1. That is a 55-fold higher death per million rate for the COVID vaccine." 

Senator Johnson also read off an alarmingly extensive list of known severe side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines, severe side effects our government "wanted to hide from the public for 75 years. What drove it?" Johnson lamented. "What drove this establishment to basically say we don't care? Was it a drive for money? We didn't care as long as we got this vaccine." McCullough offered it stretches credulity to believe the shots are not causative because, in many, many cases, injury or death occurs within three days of injection. He says the shots "may cause harm five years after infection."

All three doctors maintain that mRNA shots should be "banned for use in humans and animals." Cole declared the mRNA platform should be removed entirely from the market and "used only for research." Poor legislation, healthcare consolidation under Obamacare, fear, and "intertwining corrupted interests" resulting in financial gain were discussed as primary motivations for the campaign to innoculate as many individuals as possible worldwide. Regarding treatments for COVID, it seems that wellbeing and safety were the least of their concerns.


The Spike Protein is Lethal
McCullough is a walking encyclopedia of peer-reviewed research on COVID-19 shots and the pandemic. During the hearing, he cited, by memory, copious numbers of peer-reviewed papers going back to 2021 on the harmful effects of the COVID-19 shots. These shots, said McCollough, are "very different from traditional vaccines." McCullough reminded listeners that the dangers of mRNA technology go back to 1985. 

McCullough stated he "always knew" the "spike protein was lethal." So did many others if you cared to look. He explained in his opening statement the dangers of the mRNA technology:

"These vaccines are a brand new technology that installs the genetic code for the lethal part of the virus, which is the spike protein, the spine on the surface of the virus. This was an extraordinary gamble because there was no knowledge of what was gonna turn this off once the genetic code gets in the body. There was no knowledge of does the body get rid of the genetic code. What shuts it off? Well, some people produce too much genetic code that keeps moving from cell to cell with too much spike protein. It was known then that the spike protein was lethal. To give a genetic code for a potentially lethal protein that was devised in a Chinese bio-security lab to Americans?! It is the most dangerous proposition our government agencies could have ever put forward to our country!"

In many cases, said McCullough, "The body produces an uncontrolled amount of a protein, in this case the spike protein, for an uncontrolled duration of time." The mRNA shots are very different from your average vaccines. Referencing the Tetanous shot as a comparison, "the body digests this, and [it] goes away." Messenger RNA shots, on the other hand, said McCullough, are "genetic code that produces the spike protein, it looks like indefinitely. The human body, to our knowledge, has no way of breaking down the messenger RNA and no way of breaking down the spike protein. There are no enzymatic pathways for the human body to dispose of this. In my view", he continued, "the COVID-19 program has complicated this because people have taken unprecedented numbers of shots."

Dr. Cole confirmed, "The spike protein is the lethal toxic part of this virus." It causes, among other things, inflammation that, in turn, causes unusual "rubbery amyloid clots." In addition, said Cole, the gene itself "is wrapped in a little fat bubble, a lipid nanoparticle. This fat bubble can go anywhere and everywhere in the body." Diabolically, it seems the lipid nanoparticle was designed to do just that: transport the spike protein everywhere, wreaking havoc with almost every organ and system in the human body.

It is now known, said the doctors, that the U.S. government, WHO, the pharmaceutical industry, and NGOs like EcoHealth Systems and Wellcome, partnered using gain-of-function research to weaponize SARS-CoV-2. Anthony Fauci, Peter Dasak, Ralph Baric, and others allegedly used the lab-created virus created in Wuhan, China, to develop the COVID-19 messenger RNA shots, shots that never prevented transmission, infection, or hospitalization and death. 

Money Talks

McCullough was early in his warnings about the mRNA vaccines. In an August 2020 OpEd for The Hill, McCullough laments the perplexingly stubborn resistance to early treatment that, at the time, was proven to be life-saving in most cases. He said Operation Warpspeed, "supercharged with around $10 billion in federal dollars," was "the great gamble of COVID-19."  He wrote that the scientific community and the media put every possible obstacle in place to prevent individuals from obtaining and using safe and effective early treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin. There are still efforts to discredit the use of HCQ, which is mind-boggling if you are paying attention to the scientific and anecdotal data.

Due to the campaign to discredit early treatments, many died unnecessarily in the hospital. According to McCullough, the entire community and the media pushed "late illness hospitalization models," often treating late-stage COVID-19 patients with the deadly Remdesivir. All the while, these actors talked up the "allure of the definitive solution—" the COVID vaccine. "Stakeholders" like Merck, JNJ, Pfizer, Moderna, and others, McCullough explained, would be the beneficiaries. Not the health of the community at large. It turns out mRNA platforms are both efficient to roll out and very lucrative. 

Senator Johnson remarked at one point that "there's something unique about the mRNA platform within the whole vaccine world that's just way more profitable. Ordinary vaccines, you have to grow them in cultures and it takes a while. You identify a flu vaccine; it's like six months to nine months. By then, the virus is gone. mRNA? You can have a new mRNA vaccine overnight. So, I guess I am wondering what these people want to do with this mRNA platform." Johnson is pushing his colleagues to exit WHO. Those who pushed the COVID-19 injections, like Gates, Fauci, Dasak, Baric, and Farrar, are heavily invested in WHO policies that ignore individual freedoms and advocate mass vaccinations and digital passports. The upcoming amendments to the WHO do not bode well for human agency and freedom. In addition, here in the U.S., Democrats have a bill in the works called H.R. 3832, looking at "medical countermeasures for viral threats with pandemic potential." Disease X is what the WEF is calling it. Beware the many-headed global hydra that schemes to govern and dictate every aspect of our lives.

McCullough is deeply disturbed and frustrated by the lack of accountability for the ongoing use of mRNA technology. Most recently, McCullough blamed politicians who are treading too lightly when asking Fauci to explain himself in recent hearings. "We're not holding people responsible for forcing the vaccine." As a result, the continued push to vaccinate is causing alarming numbers of injuries and deaths from myocarditis, aggressive cancers, and countless other diseases. 

Johnson wondered out loud why "the rest of our medical community" fails to acknowledge the dangers of continuing to push the shots. Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Kirk Milhoan described his utter dismay over the lack of support from colleagues. "We have jumped the rails." He says the scientific community should have pulled the shots long ago. "We make mistakes in medicine. But this time, doctors didn't speak up, and the regulatory bodies never said you're right, that met signal. We gotta pull it off! I don't know what is going on!?"

What's worse, Milhoan says everyone is ignoring clear-cut data and precisely the opposite of what one might expect from an effective vaccine. A Cleveland Clinic study examined 51,000 employees to determine their risk of COVID. According to Milhoan, "Cleveland looked at how many vaccines you had. The lowest risk for getting COVID is if you've had zero vaccines. As you add vaccines, your risk of getting COVID goes up! I have never seen a vaccine like this. That is not the basis of vaccines." 

Dr. Milhoan spoke of his disbelief when he heard medical practices were offering bonuses of $40,000 for compliance with the shots. "Carrot and stick incentives," he said, are one reason practices kept advocating the shots. "If you don't do it, they know everything that goes on because of the electronic medical records. There are incentives that are beyond doctor-to-doctor and into corporate medicine. It is a pretty big carrot."

In terms of the stick, Milhoan explained that fear of retribution, fear of being wrong, and guilt probably motivated many doctors and even patients to stay silent. "The other part is....the issue of when doctors wake up. They realized the data were there, and they caused harm to their patient." Milhoan added. "There's concern. Am I now liable because I ignored the data? And, if now I insisted and told them [to take it] and maybe I didn't give them informed consent. Maybe I didn't tell them of the specific numbers of myocarditis we know occur. Maybe I forced a person who was completely healthy, who had no risk to get something that had a true known risk. Maybe some of this is that I can't say this vaccine is wrong now because now I have to own all the ones when I said it was right when the data were there, and I ignored it." 

If the medical industrial complex was worried about vaccine hesitancy, they delivered it, except not in the way they wanted. Vaccine hesitancy and trust in the medical community is at an all-time low, driven mainly by the obsessive push to take the mRNA shots. Rasmussen's newest poll suggests that 53% of adults believe COVID-19 shots caused a significant number of unexplained deaths. 54% of adults think there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of the shots–up from 48%. 


The Tragedy of Mandating Shots for the Military

One of the most tragic casualties of these shots is what has happened to the military. Noncompliance, injury, and deaths have weakened a military whose youngest members were mandated to take the shots under Biden. It was unnecessary to mandate those with a high likelihood of recovery, and the aftermath has been tragic. Rep. Davidson said Congress and others "were briefed from the get-go" that the risks of COVID-19 illness to "young, fit, healthy people" were minimal. "And," he continued, "the very definition of a young, fit healthy person should be the active duty military force."

"Nevertheless, the Biden [administration] mandated that everyone take the vaccine. We thinned out our military, critical people that take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to train." Some were expelled for noncompliance, he shared. "Now the administration is saying, Oh no, come back! Because they've said, we really do have readiness consequences."

"But now," Davidson continued, "[These men and women] are dealing with health consequences. Myocarditis is the most well-documented case," said Davidson,"...When you have injured veterans because they were directed to do things, the V.A. provides disability compensation and claims." In this case, however, Davidson explained Congress is struggling to get help and compensation because "we exempted the vaccine makers from liability. We do not need to exempt those who mandated the vaccines from liability."

McCullough confirmed that healthcare for soldiers and veterans is now in complete chaos, and Congress must act posthaste. Service members are now left high and dry. 


"I am caring for numerous people who are service members, military contractors," said McCullough, "And it is a complete disorganized mess right now of who orders what test, how are they going to get the care, who's going to cover the next sets of tests, how do they get access to specialists. This is a giant problem. The costs are skyrocketing. I have never ordered so many cardiac MRIs, echocardiograms, and EKGs. There are recurrant visits to the emergency room or clinic for these service members. We need an organized approach to care for them. We have to recognize the vaccines have injured our servicemen, and we need a program. Right now, they are desperate."

Dr. Milhoan poignantly shared his thoughts on man's hubristic response to the virus. A pediatrician whose business is to care for the heart, Milhoan says we tinkered with an exquisite organ whose only job is to beat. "It has all of the proteins it needs to beat," he said, "Our body is fearfully and wonderfully made," and yet we "asked the heart to do something other than just beat. This platform goes everywhere, and we're now tinkering with this beautifully balanced creation. And I really believe this, that mRNA technology is really playing God. That usually ends up in a very bad situation."

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