The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 19, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Finally, someone is serious about illegal criminal invaders: President Trump vows to terminate Rutabaga’s policies and commence the “largest deportation in history.”

-They will howl and scream. Let the howling and screaming begin. Remember, it was THIS ISSUE that gave Trump virtually all of his early 2016 support.

2) Screw ‘em. Let them collapse: “They welcomed illegal criminal migrants with open arms, now sanctuary cities say they are past the ‘breaking point.’

3) Oh, and the CEO of a firm getting $432 million for “caring” for illegal criminals has resigned after lying about his creds.

4) Of course he did: Hunter Biteme has sued the IRS, claiming agents “targeted” him.

-Oh, little crackspoogie, you don’t know the meaning of “target.”

5) Commonsense American reps in the Freedom Caucus oppose the stopgap funding deal, making passage difficult.

-I’m sure some will be picked off with proper “assurances.”

6) Illinois is the first state to abolish cash bail.

-Yeah, that will work just fine.

7) The FascistBI received info on Hunter Biteme from a SECOND source and then shut him down.

-Of course, they did.

8) In the latest eco-fascist move, JPMorgan Chase CEO demands world governments “seize private property” for wind farms.

-These are ecological disasters, making Dimon an ecological criminal.

9) SpewMore ditched the senate’s informal dress code because the brain-addled Human Ox, Fetterman Massacre, can’t seem to put on pants or tie a necktie.

10) President Trump now has 2 times the number of Iowa caucus pledges despite being outspent by DeSantis 5:1.

11) A new Reuters poll has President Trump beating Rutabaga in a landslide.

12) That’s a relief. They found the missing F-35 jet.

-I coulda swore I returned it. I had the receipt.



13) Homebuilder sentiment is negative for the first time in seven months.

14) Next big economic issue: work-from-homers will be subjected to “compliance” issues even if they are in another state (wages, taxes, regs).

15) Benghazi-on-the-Lake’s future as any kind of finance hub is threatened by $800 million in new proposed taxes by the Marxist, Let’s Go Brandon, as business leaders consider quitting the city.



16) The UK’s Labour Party wants to lower the voting age to 16 cuz they can’t win.

17) The Czech Republic sees pro-Russkie rallies and calls for government resignation over Uke war support.

18) David Blackmon: Now large endangered cat species are being killed by Big Wind.

-Shut down this ecological disaster, now.

19) Yesterday, I reported Green Screen Zelensky fired his defense minister. The story now appears bigger. He has sacked five more.

20) The useless plodpocker of a mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, racked up 430,000 air miles since his election in 2016. Course, he really cares for the planet.

21) Thoroughly Modern Milley said the Ukes face a “very high bar” to expel the Russkies and that the U.S. cannot just “sprinkle magic dust” to boost the Ukes’ battlefield power.

22) A new Ghana law would require citizens to report sexual deviants.

23) Billionaire Ken Griffin has now withdrawn from funding DeSantis. Doesn’t like his war with Disney.

24) So, an Indo-Canadian war? Justa Turd-o accused India of killing a Sikh leader on Canadian soil.



25) Looks like the case against Russell Brand contains a lot of fake evidence. He has canceled a tour.

26) And his agents have dropped him.

-This appears to be a targeted hit.

27) Hugh Jackman’s 27-year marriage at an end.



28) A study of Kollyfornia prisons showed unvaxxed people are less likely to get the China Virus than those who got the booster.



29) And finally, a real live black bear—not one of the Bear Country Jamboree bears—was loose in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, closing 10 rides. I wanna know, did he have to pay for the super-inflated E-ticket rides?



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