The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 18, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) This is precisely why Rutabaga denied RFK, Jr. Secret Service protection: an armed man impersonating a member of RFK’s security team with a Marshal’s Service badge was arrested in New Calcutta (LA).

-Rutabaga was hoping someone would take out Bobby.

2) Bobby sent a letter to the DNC urging DemoKKKrats to be fair and honest.

-Sorry, I can’t stop laughing.

3) DemoKKKrats have an Oliver Anthony problem from one of my favorite libs, Ruy Teixeira.

4) Texas AG Ken Paxton has been acquitted on all charges.

5) Reluctantly, the House opened its impeachment inquiry into Rutabaga’s bribery scandals.

6) A judge halted the New York AG’s case against President Trump.

-Lawyer Robert Barnes said this case was weak. Won’t be surprised if, one at a time, they don’t all fall apart at the seams.

7) Now, this is what I like to see: Florida State U. dropped a “race and gender” course after only two students enrolled.

-Both of them mistakenly thought it was “Basket Weaving 101.”

8) The Fed entrapment hoax of Whitmer “kidnapping” in Michigan has collapsed as the final three defendants were found “not guilty.”

-Those who earlier pleaded out probably are kicking themselves that they did not go to trial right now.

9) The Navy put the kibosh on a digital recruiting program after discovering enlistees weren’t into drag queens.

10) Not saying this is true, but this is why President Trump nor anyone else should be anointing veep candidates at this time. Married South Dakota governor Kristi Noem and Corey Lewandowsky have been having a years-long affair.

11) More election officials say efforts to keep President Trump off the ballot ain’t happenin’.

12) Pigs are flying. Even CNN’s Jake the Snake Tapper admits Rutabaga has been “Letting family members profit” off him.

-Well, almost Snake. He has been profiting off family members, but as one in Hoax News, you can’t be expected to know the difference.

13) CBS’s latest poll has President Trump beating the Rutabaga by 1 and has him at 50%.

14) Great piece by David Blackmon: “Why RFK, Jr. Can Never Be Elected to any Office.” First, he would ban fracking, and second, he would embark on a jihad on plastics that would deeply damage the U.S. while failing to address the ChiComs and India.

15) Protesters heckled Occasional Cortez during the DemoKKKrats press conference over the escalating migrant crisis.

16) Lauren Bobert’s “Beetlejuice” scandal appears to be a political hit.

-1) Don’t care who she was fondling/who was fondling her; 2) But she should have known better, and 3) She made a contrite and real apology. It appears that DeSantis’s Twit army was in full moral force on this.

17) Thoroughly Modern Milley says the U.S. military is not woke and doesn’t even know what the word means. Maybe if you take off the high heels, you’d think more clearly, Millie.

18) Rasmussen poll: Trump beats Rutabaga in a Georgia landslide.

19) South Carolina Senator Tim Scott announced he is dating a “lovely Christian girl.” He had billed himself as a 30-year-old virgin.

-Good for you, Senator. I almost made it that long—but then the rock band got in the way.

20) A Yale student acquitted of rape has sued his accuser for $110 million in a defamation case.



21) Praise the Lord and pass the Holy Water as hundreds of Auburn students rushed into a lake for impromptu baptisms under the “Unite Auburn” worship event.



22) Governors are begging Rutabaga for more Big Wind subsidies.

23) The UAW has gone on strike against Ford and GM, demanding a pay increase after the Ford CEO said that all the extra money was for Electric Vehicles and not employees.

24) Commodities such as olive oil are spiking.

25) While debt delinquencies have reached the highest in a decade.

26) Rutabaga has attacked an endangered whale sanctuary to protect Big Wind.

27) Groomer City continues to see people with no college flee the city.



28) The disappearance of the ChiCom defense minister suggests more internal Chinese turmoil.

29) NATO’s chief admits the Ukes failed in their offensive and says the West must prepare for a “long war.” I think he actually meant “perpetual war.”

30) Maybe because of things like this: Potava’s military commissar reported close to 100% losses for the year of Uke military personnel called up from that region.

31) Elon Musk refused to escalate the Uke war by allowing the Ukes to use his Starlink to bomb Crimea.

32) Why China’s real estate crisis should make the global travel industry nervous.

33) David Blackmon: How China will dominate Europe’s dash to Electric Vehicles.

34) BlackRock has closed a China equity fund after congressional scrutiny.

35) Italy’s Meloni vows “extraordinary measures” to deal with Italy’s migrant crisis, including a naval blockade.

36) Coins from the Roman Empire were found in the ruins of a Japanese castle.

-So, how did they get there?



37) NASA found no evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial.

-This is unfathomable. How can you look at Maxine Waters (James Brown) and think she is of this solar system?



38) Russell Brand could be in serious trouble as new allegations by multiple women claim he assaulted them (only one of whom used her real name) include alleged rape of a 16-year-old.

39) Brand issued a vehement denial.

40) Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone magazine, has been removed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame board of directors because of a book he wrote that included no women or blacks as central figures in rock and roll. Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Ann Wilson, and Annie Lennox, not to mention the entire Motown lineup, beg to differ.



41) Steve Kirsch: Even more evidence no one should ever wear a maskie.

42) A scientific journal, Cureus, published a study showing ill effects from the China Virus vax has refused to retract.

-Good for them.

43) The University of Colorado Buffalos coach banned mask mandates for players and staff on the football team.

-Gosh, I just became a Buffalos fan.

44) The CDC was caught scrubbing China Virus adverse events from the website. Shocked, I tell ya.



45) Aaaaahhhhhnold Schwarzenegger celebrated the 40th anniversary of earning U.S. citizenship.

-He said, “Born in Austria, Made in America,” and I would add, “Made Stupid in Kollyfornia.” Seriously, Arnie, you’re our favorite DemoKKKrat.



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