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1) I guess you file this under John Holmes/Jenna Jamieson news: A DemoKKKrat nurse running for office was outed for making porn videos online. Now she claims it has “humiliated” her and is “gutter politics.”

-Why? Why is that humiliating if you did it? Was it humiliating, then? Was the money humiliating?

2) Hunter Biteme has been indicted on gun charges, but the “investigation” continues.

-Ruh roh.

3) Lawyer Robert Barnes says the goal is to tie up Hunter so he cannot be subpoenaed to testify in any impeachment effort and can claim the 5th that it’s not a real effort to punish.

4) The Rutabaga White House demanded media outlets target the GOP in the House with more “scrutiny” over the impeachment probe.

5) Big victory for President Trump in GA, as the Fulton County Superior Court judge Scott McAfee separated the Sidney Powell case from Trump and other defendants. Now, the trial won’t happen in October—as I predicted and as Robert Barnes predicted.

6) The useless diddlepickle serving as the “press secretary” fled instead of answering questions about Hunter Biteme’s chats.

7) Ron DeSantis, trailing by as much as 50 in some polls, is now cheerleading for Trump’s conviction, saying the President’s chance of victory is “close to zero” if he’s convicted of a hoax felony.

-Ron, your chance of winning the nomination was “close to zero” in March. It’s lower than that now.

8) From Quinnipiac, after spending $200 million to dethrone Trump, DeSantis now trails in the latest poll by 50. You read that right.

President Trump Takes Biggest Lead in Quinnipiac Poll

9) While this is horrible for DeSantis, as he has fallen into 4th place in South Carolina.

10) And a new Faux News poll, no friend of Donald Trump, has Trump beating Rutabaga by 2 as he closes in on 50% (48-46), and leads with . . . women? By 3, with indies by 10, and Rutabaga only leads Trump with Hispanics by 6!! Remember, Trump and the GOP have been lucky to get 35%, now are at 45% with Hispanics. Meanwhile, Trump crushes DeSantis by 47 in the primary.

11)  . . . and Trump also has taken the lead in the RCP average of polling. Again, he didn’t lead in any polls in 2020, now he leads in the average.

12) Charges were dropped against 2 of the 3 TSA agents caught on video stealing from passengers in Miami airport.

-“Charges? We don’t need no stinkin’ charges.”

13) President Trump celebrated Minion’s retirement announcement. “He did not serve with distinction.”

-Minion is likely to run as an indie to hurt President Trump. Good luck. NO Minion voter would be a Trump voter, but MANY might have voted for Rutabaga. This only helps Trump.

14) The WI elections chief is one step closer to getting the boot after screwing up the processes (i.e., allowing fraud) in the 2020 election.

15) States keep passin’ ‘em, courts keep knockin’ ‘em down. A Kollyfornia court ruled against the Kollyfornia gun advertising law.

16) The Hoax News media is concerned there are no signs of China Virus.

-So why are Republicans warning about them? Answer: it’s great politics. NO ONE wants the maskies and vaxxes again.

17) America’s power centers have shifted to Florida, South Carolina, and . . . Idaho?

18) After Ken Paxton’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, gets his client acquitted in the Texas impeachment trial, Trump should hire him. Now he got a witness to admit that money supposedly siphoned off for a kitchen remodel never went for it because the remodel never happened—a key part of the bribery charge.

Buzbee Does It Again – AG Asst Who Claimed Ken Paxton Took Bribe via Kitchen Remodel Admits Remodel Never Took Place

19) One of the most detestable, slime-ridden spoogepellets on two legs, David Brock, has threatened to go after GOP investigators’ children because of the Hunter Biteme investigation. Brock ought to be next on the chopping block.

“Gloves Are Off, Families Are On” – David Brock Threatens to Target the Children of GOP Members Investigating Hunter Biden



20) Michael Brown on the “Coming Collapse of our Secular Universities?” No. No time soon. Here are three big reasons: 1) Massive endowments—so they can coast for a long time; 2) State and fed aid—so they can coast even longer; 3) athletic programs infuse millions.

-The biggest fix we could make in cutting down the sick cows of universities is to remove the sports funding by requiring universities to PAY players.

The Coming Collapse of Our Secular Universities?

21) Speaking of utter pustules of so-called higher education, Oberlin College, reeling from a $36 million defamation judgment, now risks a new suit from a censored athletic director whom Oberlin wants to stop telling female players that menstrual cycles can affect performance. Which it can. Unless you’re a man pretending to be a woman. Then, you do not menstruate. To quote Monty Python, “You can’t be a woman. You don’t have a wooooommmb.”

22) While a black Florida State University professor resigned in disgrace amid allegations he faked data on racism and had six papers retracted.



23) Producer prices soared in August with new goods inflation.

Inflation Reanimator! Producer Prices Soar In August As Goods Inflation Reignites While WTI Crude Hits $90

24) Uncle Sam is spending $100 million to repair or replace broken electric vehicle chargers. Good luck.

25) America’s police are investing millions in “pre-crime.”

-Uh oh. I think Tom Cruise did a movie about this.

26) The return of urban retail deserts.

27) Ford’s CEO said the company won’t give employees raises, which will keep Ford from “investing in this transition to EVs”.

28) McDonald’s is eliminating self-serve soft drink stations.

29) Nike has permanently shuttered its famous Portland factory store after a rapid escalation in retail theft as a national crime spike under Rutabaga is costing American retailers $100 billion.



30) The Russkie navy was attacked in the port of Sevastopol by Uke missiles.

31) The insanely idiotic UN now wants people to build houses with bamboo.

U.N. Says: Build With Bamboo!

32) A flotilla of migrant boats from Tunesia overwhelmed an Italian island and tests Meloni’s policy.

-And this is why you have a navy.



33) Disney is in talks to dump ABC, which may be the end game of the sale of Disney itself.



34) Amazing result from a study from the Journal of Health Economics: IQ tests are incredibly predictive of who would take the China Virus vax. The higher your IQ, the more likely you were to take the vax, demonstrating the utter uselessness of an IQ test for measuring intelligence.

35) Republicans have escalated their China Virus origins investigation.



36) A new vaccine can completely reverse autoimmune diseases like MS and Crohn’s.

-This would be greatly welcomed, although any vax now is likely to be me with suspicion. At any rate, let’s hope it’s for real.

New Vaccine Can Completely Reverse Autoimmune Diseases Like Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and Crohn’s Disease

37) Oh, and this: NASA admitted it couldn’t identify mysterious objects and appointed its first UFO director.

This guy?

Captain James T. Kirk


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