The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) CNN’s poll finds “no clear winners” in a Trump/Rutabaga match-up even though Trump leads with “registered” voters (usually, a sign the R will win by 3-4, but, of course, doesn’t include a MOF, or Margin of Fraud).

2) President Trump is set to trigger “winner-take-all” rules for Super Tuesday, meaning the nomination would basically be over by then.

3) In Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial in Texas, attorney Tony Buzbee cut right to the heart of it: Paxton beat George P. Bush. Defeating legacies is not permitted, as the McTurdites in AZ showed when they refused to vote for Kari Lake.

The Paxton Impeachment Trial: Bush Dynasty Politics in Texas

4) Georgia’s AG announced the indictment of 61 leftists under the RICO statute used weeks ago against Trump.

COMMENT: I applaud the effort but think this is an attempt to lend legal credence to a badly flawed use of RICO. I have never supported RICO, a predominantly economic/financial approach to attacking mobsters (which would have applied to the Clinton Foundation) as a means to go after political groups, right or left.

If this is upheld in either Trump or this case, it would be a major mistake and enhance the power of the Deep State to attack political enemies.

5) Even a loyal propagandist for the Washington Compost has had enough of Rutabaga’s lies.

Even WaPo’s ‘Fact-Checker’ Has Had Enough of Biden’s Lies

6) A war is brewing between Elon Musk (Twitter/X) and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that goes after anyone who criticizes any leftist Jewish person, including the Satanic Soros.

7) Mar-a-Lago’s IT director struck a deal with the Goblinesque Jack Smith and avoided charges in the documents case.

8) In peaceful and bucolic Benghazi-by-the-Lake, as if murderous gangs shooting dozens every weekend was not sufficient, now the hordes of criminal illegals revolted outside the 12th district station, forcing calls for backup. But with all the cops leaving Chicago, how much backup do they have?

Chicago police call for backup when migrants ‘revolt’ upon seeing one of their own arrested outside 12th District station

9) U.S. preschool enrollment hit its lowest level since 2005.

-It ain’t comin’ back, either. Between falling birth rates and homeschooling, the demand won’t be there.

10) The Mayor of New Kabul, Eric the Red Adams, who has a “sanctuary city” that invited in illegal criminals, now frets the migrant “crisis” will destroy the Big Apple and that 10,000 illegal criminals are arriving every month.

-Psst. Law of holes. When you’re in one, stop digging, block the arrival of every illegal criminal, and arrest everyone.

11) While New Yorkers are paying millions to NGOs aiding the illegal criminals.

12)  . . . and Google pulled a conference out of crime-infested Groomer City.

13) Big donors not yet backing DeSantis, keeping their “powder dry” (only 16/50 have donated to his Never Back Down PAC).

14) President Trump sings “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

15) Harvard U. has been named the worst school for free speech, scoring below zero as nine professors and researchers faced calls to be disciplined or fired for voicing “controversial” opinions.

COMMENT: When I was first starting my academic career, my goal—and that of almost every young prof—was to end up at Harvard or Yale, with Princeton or Columbia distant 3rd and 4th choice. This was purely for the prestige. I ended up at the University of Dayton, a Catholic school in Ohio known for its basketball team that took Bill Walton’s great UCLA team into three overtimes in the NCAA semifinals before losing.

As it turned out, I was in exactly the right place. Every administrator, every department chairman, and every dean supported me, giving me research time, plenty of funding for research, and favorable schedules. When a rogue student would attack me for “racism” against a man and woman, they backed me. I had only one parent confrontation . . . from a dad whose son got an “A-“ instead of an “A.” Again, they backed me. I was never harassed, never had a poster defaced or ripped off my door, never had students protest me or interfere with my teachings in any way, and scored routinely in the top 1/3 of all UD faculty, winning university top honors for research and one semester scoring perfect in my teaching. Cue the Rolling Stones: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.

16) Common blood pressure meds lower the risk of needing a knee replacement.

-Meanwhile, cancer in people under 50 surged by 79%, with experts blaming “Western diet, alcohol.”

17) Has the DeSantis campaign turned into a MAGAkazi mission?

WAX: Jealous DeSantis Campaign Has Turned Into 2024 GOP Sabotage Op.



18) Disney stock fell to a new low of $79. Disney now slashed the price of its Disney+ by three-fourths, to $2, hoping to draw back the 11 million subscribers who bailed in the latest quarter.

19) The mortgage rate rose to 7.62%.

Fixed-income Update! REAL 10Y Yield Climbs To Near 2%, Mortgage Rate Climbs To 7.62%, Home Purchase Mortgage Apps Decline To 1995 Levels, 2Y Treasury Yield Breaches 2%, UST 10Y-2Y Yield Curve Remains Inverted (Wasting Away Again In Bidenomicsville)



20) Winken, Blinken, & Nod just pledged another $1 billion for the Ukes.

-Seems like they just won’t give up their money laundering operation.

21) The UK is now “hopelessly divided” over its net zero program.

-Good. Division means no damage.

22) Thousands of parents in Mexico trash education materials featuring Marxist-Communist indoctrination materials. Good for them.



23) Jimmy Fallon was accused of a toxic work environment by 16 current and former staffers.

24) Shocked! A Burning Man census showed the majority of the revelers were rich, white male DemoKKKrats—Rich Men North of Richmond.



25) China Virus vaxxes alter the immune systems in kids.



26) Scientists discovered a new use for leftover coffee grounds. It seems that if added to concrete, it makes the concrete 30% stronger. Does it do the same thing for your esophagus?



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