The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 7, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Already, the judge in the Trump federal election case had to back down and reverse herself after President Trump’s lawyers showed she broke court rules to allow the defense two weeks to examine docs.

2) President Trump is on track to completely sweep Kollyfornia’s delegates.

3) Soros said the quiet part out loud. He and his goblins are deeply concerned that Trump will end their dreams of globalism. Not DeSantis, not Bankster Scott, not Traitor Tuppence, not White Lizzo, and not Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb.


4) Mistitled headline: “Blue State Migrant Crisis Sparks Political Disaster for Biden.”

-I read the piece, and while I found disaster for plenty of blue cities—Benghazi-by-the-Lake, New Kabul, Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware, and others, I saw no measurable fallout against Rutabaga.

5) The brainless fentanyl abuser Kampuchea Harris says she is ready to take over the presidency should Rutabaga, er, seize up.

6) Another writer who thinks Cankles will sprout up her ugly head to run.

-Doubt it. Barring a major physical breakdown, Rutabaga will be the candidate in 2024.

7) Fed prosecutors supposedly “plan to” indict Hunter Biteme by the end of the month on charges that could land him in jail for 10 years. Robert Barnes and others have hypothesized that Rutabaga would jointly pardon both Hunter and Trump and use Trump as deflection from crackhead.

-However, remember, “plan to,” “intend to,” blah, blah.

8) Traitor Tuppence railed against Trump’s “siren song of populism” as he tried to energize his 2024 campaign.

9) A Trumper, Celeste Maloy, has defeated DemoKKKrat lite Becky Edwards in the Utah special election to replace Cong. Chris Stewart, a friend of mine.

10) DemoKKKrat policies have turned Beverly Hills into a ghost town.

-All of Kollyfornia should be turned into a ghost town. Only let real Americans back in.



11) Kollyfornia bills would strip visitation rights of parents who don’t “affirm” transoid kids’ “identity.”

-In other words, if you won’t lie to a child who someone wants to mutilate, YOU are the one who is punished.

12) And the sickness continues as the company, Indeed, offered employees and families $10,000 to relocate for transoid procedures.

-Got an idea. How about you offer them $10,000 to attend a Pentecostal church, ya chodejumpers?



13) Mississippi, supposedly the poorest state in the Union, is now wealthier than Great Britain.

14) Another reason not to drink Bud Light: The Prince of Darkness, Bill Gates, just bought 1.7 million shares of Anheuser-Busch stock.

15) Is the U.S. starting a credit “supercycle?” Mortgage rates are up 158% under Rutabaga.

16) Meanwhile, 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.



17) The ChiComs are building new coal plants so fast that “energy transition” by the West is meaningless.

18) Ukraine has required women to register for conscription.

-This war won’t be lasting much longer.

19) Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalized abortion.

20) Scientists have grown a whole model of a human embryo without sperm or egg.

-Word is they named it “antichrist.”



21) The Ope and the Rock, either of whom could probably buy Maui outright, asked for other people’s donations to rebuild Maui. Geez, you two, at least MATCH what everyone else gives.

22) “Equalizer 3" still leads the box office but slowed, at $68 million—hasn’t made back budget yet. “Sound of Freedom” now dropping out of theaters, doing international business at just under $184 million, or about $70 million in profits. Barbie just now reached profitability at $1.3 billion.

23) TMZ reporting that Joe Jonas has filed for divorce from Sophie Turner: “She likes to party, he likes to stay at home.” Very Sophia Vegara-ish of her.

24) Roku is cutting hundreds of jobs.



25) The new China Virus booster is due to be rolled out next week, but only 17% of Americans got the last one—likely all of them in DC, New Kabul, and Ectopia.

26) Huntington Beach, Kollyfornia just said “Nyet” to China Virus mandate measures.

27) While Dr. Fallacy did a 180 and now says no to new maskie mandates.



 28) Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady has been named as a brand advocate for Delta Airlines.

-Wait a minute, did they know that he endorsed NetJets . . . while reading a certain someone’s bestselling book?



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