The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 6, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Of course, only President Trump would say this: he vows to end the “madness” of the electric vehicle push. Someone needs to.

2) Speaking of electric cars, here are three reasons there is something sinister with the big push for EVs.

COMMENT: I think the two woke offensives right now are in transoidism and in electric cars, one against the family, one against the economy. I understand the allure of electric cars, but I have always suspected them when a leap to hydrogen was a better bet in the long term. Now, more than ever.

3) The National Archives missed the deadline to turn over Rutabatga’s pseudonym emails.

-Shocked, I tell ya.

4) President Trump and Ron DeSantis have the highest favorability ratings in the GOP, with three-fourths finding Trump favorable. Traitor Tuppence is viewed unfavorably by two-thirds, White Lizzo by 55%.

5) U.S. gun sales have topped 1 million for 49 consecutive months.

-I dunno, but those sales seem a little sluggish to me.

6) I knew we’d have to update this number: in peaceful and bucolic Benghazi-by-the-Lake, the weekend shooting numbers rose to a mere 42 shot and 7 killed.

7) Yet none of these murderers will get the 22-year prison sentence handed down yesterday to Enrique Tarrio, a Hispanic “white supremacist” Proud Boy, for his role in a conspiracy. What he and the others are really being punished for is exposing the goblinesque squidpickles in the House and Senate as craven little cowards who fled at the sight of a man in a Viking helmet.

-We need President Trump back, if only to pardon all these poor patriots.

8) And the president of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, Stacy Davis-Gates, who hates school choice . . . sends her kids to a private school.

9) Meanwhile, in equally lovely and quiet New Kabul, a group of bandits broke into 13 homes and stole luxury cars.

10) Texas shipped its 12th bus of illegal criminals to Kollyfornia.

11) A pier on a Wisconsin lake collapsed with hundreds of student partiers. Fortunately, no one died.

12) More sanity from the USSC, as a family won a case against the EPA over being able to build a house on a lake.

13) While former Super Bowl great QB Joe Montana sued Groomer City for “toxic fecal” matter in his home—“torrents of water and untreated sewage.”

-Whew. For a minute, I thought he was talking about Eric Swalwell. You know, Farticus.

14) A Florida judge struck down a DeSantis-approved congressional map.

15) Jeff Roe, Ron DeSantis’s SuperPAC head, admitted he was spreading dirt on Ramaswamy, underscoring Vivek is now a threat to replace Ron.

16) While DeSantis’s camp is releasing a “blizzard” of internal polls that are contradicted by public polls.



17) Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware, Philly, fired the sculptor of the Harriet Tubman statue for being white.



18) Rutabaga bailed out the U.S. auto industry with up to $12 billion in loans for EVs as green energy mandates have crushed the auto industry.

19) One million native-born employees lost their jobs as the foreign-born labor force is up 14%.



20) When you’ve lost the Germans . . . Germans question the value of working after new welfare increases.

21) A trial has begun in Canada for the organizers of the “Freedom Convoy.” The trial SHOULD be of Justa Turd-o for tyranny and being an overall cheddardumpling.

22) Ukraine already lost one of the 14 Challenger tanks supplied by the Brits.

23) This really was inevitable. The climate hoaxsters will have to eliminate nature itself to “combat” global warming. Now, they want to cut down forests.

24) The Uke money train: Ukraine spending $100 million a day on war.

25) A British court ruled that a competent and conscious patient could be denied life-sustaining treatment against her wishes to live.

26) Well, that would hit ‘em in the gonads: Jordan Peterson says he will broadcast his mandated social media Maoist reeducation training.

27) Britain dodged a big Brexit Bullet as the EU has tagged member states with massive tax increases.

28) A climate scientist admitted he lied by omission in order to get a paper published in Nature because he “stuck to a narrative I knew the editors would like.”

-And we’re supposed to “trust the science.”



29) Former Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s fund acquired a big stake in Lionsgate. He had previously backed hits.



30) Documents show the FDA and CDC criminally hid data on a spike in China Virus cases among the vaxxed.

-Not enough gallows, folks. Not enough gallows.

31) Steve Kirsch: Nursing home data shows the vaxxed had an increased chance of dying.

32) The Senior Skank, Jilly Biteme, has tested positive for the China Virus despite being vaxxed. And vaxxed. And vaxxed.

33) The Atlanta college that reimposed maskies gave up already. Seems no one is playing this time around.



34) A Delta flight was diverted after a passenger had “diarrhea” all the way through the airplane. I thought Rutabaga had Air Force One... And Dependz?



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