The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 5, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) As predicted here, an attempt to keep President Trump off the ballot using the 14th Amendment failed.

2) And now the left’s Atlantic admits as much.

3) President Trump’s trial in Georgia will be televised, according to a ruling by a Superior Court judge.

-If you think the mugshot backfired or that the Johnny Depp/Amber Turd trial was widely viewed, jes wait . . . .

4) DeSantis has now faded into a tie with Vivek. The economy is the #1 topic with “threats to democracy” #2. I do not think that term means what they think it means.

5) Guess who used Air Force 2? The ol’ crackhead himself.

6) Despite the frantic attempts of some sources to make this appear to be “old news,” in fact, the hits keep coming in Michigan, as police memos suggested concern about a nationwide vote fraud scheme.

-Of course, the FascistBI and Department of INJustice did nothing.

7) Electric vehicles have caught fire after being exposed to Hurricane Idalia’s saltwater.

8) Time to name names, as over $1 billion in suspicious transfers by Jeffrey (He-did’t-kill-himself) Epstein were flagged by JPMorgan.

9) Operation Mockingbird spy who signed the laptop letter and was in charge of Twitter censorship has kept his job—and kept it secret.

10) The Tuckster now says several CNN anchorspoogies are merely mouthpieces for the CIA and other Big Intel.

11) A Patriot Day (J6) mother of eight fears years in prison.

12) We are totally in the age of agitprop, as former working-class reporters who chased facts have been replaced by woke opinion writers, virtually none of whom are conservative.

13) The evil Fat Fani goblinjumper judge in the Trump GA case violated the law in her filing of a court doc.

14) New Kabul (NYC) is now “Sanctimony City,” as its sanctuary policies have epically failed.

15) Speaking of utter failure, evil, and incompetence, Chicago has empty schools. With capacities for over 1,000 students, they average four students and an average of 2 students for every employee.

16) And more urban failure as the peaceful and bucolic Benghazi-by-the-Lake saw only three killed and 32 wounded in Labor Day weekend violence even before the weekend was over.

17) And the really scary one: now it’s not just places like Groomer City, New Kabul, or Benghazi-by-the-Lake: vagrants and squatters in Casper, Wyoming, had to be evicted and left 500 pounds of human poop, among other disruptions.

18) Colgate, Tide, and Advil are among the brands removed from shelves in DC’s Giant food store to prevent theft. Wait, so thieves won’t take the generics?

19) The Tiger Island, Louisiana wildfire, the largest in the state’s history, has been ruled arson.

-Who is setting these fires, and what role do they play in the WEF and/or the Rutabaga administration?



20) A fair assessment of what happened to one wing of the evangelical elite (hint: they became “moderate” to “share the gospel,” which meant the gospel they shared was no longer the gospel).

21) Ryan Burge finds that trust levels everywhere have declined badly and that while religious attendance used to soften that (by 5%), it no longer does.

22) I try to stay away from AI as I don’t know that much about it, but a new study shows AI assistance in legal analysis helps those with the lowest skill level.

-This isn’t surprising, really: AI can basically “write your paper,” so it stands to reason that it would close the gap between the “great” and the “ok” students.

23) And another recent study here. For those more creative, AI adds little but adds a lot to those who ride the short bus.

24) Naomi Wolf in a powerful essay on “expressionless babies and bored lovers.”



25) Voters oppose the mutilation of children.

-Surprise, surprise.

26) An Oklahoma City School District (!) hired a drag queen elementary school principal once arrested for kiddie porn.



27) The two-month drop in full-time jobs was 670,000, the biggest since the China Virus lockdowns, while the number of multiple job holders rose to keep up with inflation.

28) Eight signs we are in a credit card crisis: the total amount of credit card debt is over $1 trillion, the highest level ever recorded, and the average rate of interest now exceeds 20%.

29) Blue states that are typically named by the elite Hoax News Services as the best place to live due to “inclusion” and “quality of life” are crapholes and are the doing the worst in all meaningful definitions. Red states—Texas and Florida especially, are gaining population, as is . . . West Virginia??

30) Small business plagued by retail thefts has been abandoned by law enforcement and lawmakers. Precisely. They don’t care about small business. But are you “inclusive?”

31) The wage premium associated with colleges continues to fall.

32) Energy companies want nothing to do with Rutabaga’s stupid offshore wind projects.

33) Quietly all major oil and gas companies are expanding . . . oil and gas. Meanwhile, there is a shale reinvestment going on.

34) Construction spending for factories soars.

-Is this a post-China Virus response to industries coming home? Or more gubment boondoggle spending on electric vehicles? Some of each, but more of the former.



35) A very good piece on what has happened in Ukraine: while the Russkies just want to destroy the Uke army—so they are free to move—the Ukes have goals that are “explicitly territorial in nature” but have almost no ability to produce their own weapons to pursue this goal. Ukraine’s earlier “successes” in Kharkov and Kherson do not translate into strategic value.

36) And this: Are foreign fighters walking away from Ukraine? DoD says Uke casualties are 100,000.

37) ABC says it’s higher.

38) China has such heavy debt it cannot unveil a “stimulus,” i.e., what happens to us soon.

39) And, the ChiComs have shot Vietnamese fishing boats with water cannons in fishing disputes.

40) A satanic global network of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the World Health Org (WHO), and the UN are advancing kiddie exposure to transoidism and mutilation.

41) Trump was right again: Sweden cracks down on illegal criminals with mandatory reporting at all levels.



42) Jimmy Buffet, dead at age 76. No longer wasting away in Margaritaville.

-Maybe now he’ll find that last shaker of salt.

43) “Burning Man” is a total disaster. There are 73,000 people “hunkered down” as a desert party turns into a mud hole. Plus, they’re running out of drugs.

44) Gary Wright, of Spooky Tooth and the song “Dream Weaver,” died at age 80.



45) Arkansas has banned maskies from being re-mandated there.

46) The Fifth Circuit dealt a big blow to those opposing ivermectin.

47) Some justice as a Florida doctor was reinstated after losing board certification for criticizing the China Virus vax.



48) Kevin Costner’s wife is really slumming it after the divorce, living in a $ 40,000-a-month rental. Hope that she complains about it because her sons have to share a bathroom.

-Cue the old guys from my day: “Wait, you had a bathroom?”



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