Election officials in New York are warning of “impersonators” going door to door “[accusing] voters of committing crimes because their names allegedly appear in the statewide database more than once,” according to recent emails and media releases from the NYS Board of Election. Several counties in the state report having “received reports of individuals impersonating election officials.”

Ontario County BOE Media Release/NY

Volunteers from the NY Citizens Audit believe the letters are a veiled attempt to intimidate or deter citizens from their protected right to conduct canvasses. Given the condition of the state’s voter rolls, one might ask why election officials aren’t doing the job themselves. The timing of the press releases is either suspicious or incredibly coincidental because the press releases coincide with a 10-day deadline for response set by the NY Citizens Audit in a formal complaint letter. It is the only response NY Citizens Audit has received to date. Referring to the media releases, “It is their response,” says Executive Director Marly Hornick.

The media releases do not name anyone or any organization in particular. If it is the NY Citizens Audit the press releases reference, then there is nothing to worry about, according to volunteers with the NY Citizens Audit. NY Citizens Audit canvassing efforts have always been completely legal and compliant with procedural standards.

Hornik says the NY Citizens Audit is the only organization she knows about that has been canvassing voters in the state since the 2020 election. The goal of NY Citizens Audit canvasses is to address corrupted voter registration rolls, not intimidate voters. Canvassing of voters is an activity that is well within their right to perform.

NY Citizens Audit Sends Formal Complaint Letter to NYSBOE

Hornik told UncoverDC she sent the formal complaint letter on Aug. 14 to the NYS Board of Elections with the group’s “Reign of Error” summary report attached. According to Hornik, New York election officials have been “dismissive” of the facts presented by the NY Citizens Audit, a concerning response to what should be devastating information about the state’s voter rolls. Hornik says officials in the state allegedly ignored the available facts and certified both the 2020 and 2022 elections anyway.

Hornik Aug. 14 Letter

Hornik’s letter states the NY Citizens Audit has allegedly found “millions of potential voter irregularity/registration cases” that indicate “serious breaches of statutory standards on both the Federal and state level required by law.” According to findings from the NY Citizen Audit investigations, election certifications were “apparently made despite objective, factual data” provided to the BOE.

NY Citizens Audit responded by letter publicly to the BOE media reports alleging the “impersonation of election officials” on Aug. 31. The letter rails against the “announcement of non-specific accusations about individuals, across multiple counties in New York” who allegedly “impersonat[ed] county election officials.” The letter challenged the BOE’s media releases as having put the cart before the horse if it is true that the NYSBOE has factually identified no detailed cases of impersonation.

Specifically, the letter asks why “actual names and detailed information” weren’t investigated by the NYSBOE before it went ahead and “publicized its announcement to the public.” It also asks NYSBOE to confirm whether credible information with “names and dates” was turned over to law enforcement before sending out its public announcements. NY Citizens Audit rightly states that transparency is paramount, given the current environment of distrust concerning the investigation of elections. If the media releases are not based on “factual allegations,” NY Citizens Audit believes citizens may be discouraged “from coming forward to give information to ensure NYSBOE’s election processes comply with the law.” NYCitizens Audit also contends the releases “create a climate of fear among citizens about cooperating because of unfounded threats of criminal activity.”

NY Citizens Audit has produced two data-heavy reports on the state’s voter registration rolls, one on the 2020 General Election, called “A Study in Deficits,” and the other on the 2022 midterms, called the “Reign of Error.” Both reports allegedly show “a catastrophic breach of control” in the NYSVoter Database.

“Reign of Error Report” on 2022 Mid-term Election

The Reign of Error report published in mid-August by NY Citizens Audit shows a “total loss of control” concerning the voter registration rolls for the 2022 mid-term election. A “sampling of registration records from the NY State voter roll database (NYSVoter) as of Dec. 19, 2022” shows worrisome numbers of “invalid or illegal” records. These illegal records “disenfranchise voters” and violate the “black letter law,” according to Hornik.

Irregular Registrations/Reign of Error/2022 mid-term

The group also found many instances of “inexplicable and possibly illegal changes to voter rolls” using a “line-by-line” analysis of “anomalous changes to the database” with “three uniquely dated copies of NYSVoter to run a comparison.”


Their investigation also uncovered massive numbers of alleged counterfeit registrations, all “summed up from a copy of NYSVoter dated 12/19/2022, after state-level certifications attested to the accuracy and legal compliance of the election.” According to the report, it is possible that a “blank address or unverified registrant could be allowed to vote in person after presenting ID, using an affidavit ballot.” However, the report also states it is “unknown” whether the “20,448 specific records were cured before voting.” According to the NY Citizens Audit, the correct procedure was “not universally followed in 2020,” as found through FOIL requests.

Cast Votes/https://auditny.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/NYCA_NY2022GeneralElection_ReignOfError.pdf

It is perplexing to ponder why election accounting should not or is not held to the same standard as money missing from a bank account. NY Citizens Audit rightly asks if $35,312 were to go missing from one’s bank account, would that error prompt concern or a proper investigation? The answer is, of course, yes. As such, the NY Citizens Audit found 35,312 more votes than voters who voted in the 2022 mid-term. And yet, the election was certified and the only outrage to allege a non-specific impersonation of election officials in a non-specific canvass.


As reported by UncoverDC, similar shenanigans seem to be occurring in Baltimore County, Maryland. During the spring of 2023, language was amended under the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) concerning an oath. The amended language could be construed to indirectly reference legal canvassing efforts in the county performed by volunteers led by citizen activist Kate Sullivan.

In a Baltimore County BOE meeting, Sullivan noticed the additional language and later solicited the help of the MD GOP and the RNC to encourage the Baltimore County BOE to amend its language change. She hopes the potential changes will ensure no citizen is deterred or intimidated from carrying out protected election administration activities in the state.

Sullivan told UncoverDC on Friday that pressure from state GOP Chair and others may move the ball. She said the “RNC legal team is committed to seeing this through, and I do believe they mean it.” Sullivan also believes the “board is leaning toward rescinding the new language in its September meeting to avoid legal action.” Meaning, she thinks, “they will vote in September to take the new language out. If the new language isn’t removed, the RNC will sue 100 percent.” 

Whether it is J6, pro-life activity, parents at school board meetings, or elections, the past three years have shown ample evidence of bureaucrats and corporate shills who seem to think Americans exist to serve their interests and not the other way around. Organizations like NY Citizens Audit and citizen activists like Kate Sullivan may be the only thing standing between them and our precious freedoms.