The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 1, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) So much for the Deep State getting a “mugshot” moment of its own. Trump pleaded not guilty and waived arraignment in the GA case. These guys just can’t make it work, can they?

2) Yertle seized up again. This guy is as bad as Rutabaga. Both of them belong in a vegetable patch, not political office.

3) DeSantis’s super PAC has ended door-knocking in Nevada and Super Tuesday states. My prediction of two months ago, that he would drop out before December, seems accurate.

4) While we are waiting on President Trump to return, here are three key upcoming USSC cases that can further cut into the Deep State.

5) As usual, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is a little sporktaco and denied a special session to remove the Fulton County DA who is involved in election interference.

6) Welp, I don’t know what to say. A shark was discovered in landlocked Idaho. And I bet he wasn’t eating potatoes.

7) In a “blatantly illegal” move, NASCAR has banned white applicants from “Diversity Internship.”

8) New Kabul (NYC) now scrambling as hundreds more illegal criminal migrant children enroll in schools days before classes return.

9) While the idiot governor of New York, Kathy Hochaloogie, says, “Sheltering migrants is a global invitation to come.” Of course, it is, ya porkpimple.

10) A plastic surgeon says Rutabaga has spent $100,000 on wrinkle filler, teeth whitening, and hair transplants. But the demon activating his lifeless body was free from Beelzebub.

11) The Texas Supes allowed a law banning child sex mutilations to take effect.



12) Challenger job cuts increase by 267%.

13) Rutabaga tries student loan forgiveness again. How long til this one is struck down?



14) Forget peak oil. France proves we haven’t even yet hit peak coal.

15) Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni ran on stopping illegal criminal immigration. She is going to allow in half a million in the next three years.

16) Japan will hit a record in defense spending, with $53 billion spent on ships and missiles. Truly the end of Bretton Woods, and it shows that when Uncle Sam isn’t around, nations figure out how to defend themselves in a hurry.

17) The EU is expected to import a record volume of liquified natural gas from the Russkies.

18) Your tax dollars at work: The U.S. spent millions on defense and training for the latest African country to suffer a military coup.

19) North Korea has simulated a nuke strike on South Korea. Of course, if you simulate a nuke strike on North Korea, it’s hard to tell if you did any damage. They’re already in 5 B.C.



20) Gil Brandt, the player personnel genius for the Dallas Cowboys, died at age 91.

21) Warner is now kicking around the idea of pushing “news alerts” from CNN to customers during movies. Really? This is the epitome of ANTI-entertainment.


22) President Trump said fear-mongering about the new China Virus variants was a “lunatic” ploy to rig the 2024 election. Correctomundo.



23) Yesterday, we had the story about Dak Sheppard (worth $40 million) whining about how he’s “going broke,” and today, more of the same, as former Mrs. Kevin Costner Christine cries about how wonderful it was when she could ship in 40 tons of snow and bring in all the animals for the manger scene at Christmas.

-Listen toots. I ain’t po now, but I been po. You ain’t po. I remember my WEEK’s salary in the rock band was five dollah. I had fallen to 129 pounds. And never whined about it. Sheesh, you people. You need some real hardship in life.



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