The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 31, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) President Trump solidly thumping Rutabaga in new polling, no matter how many third-party candidates are involved.

2) President Trump tamped down criticism of Vivek Ramaswamy, saying, “I think he’s great,” and he was open to having Vivek as a veep.

3) Whatever the libs are doin’, it ain’t workin’. Trump raised more than $20 million in August.

4) Tucker Carlson goes there: “Obviously,” he said, the DemoKKKrats were “speeding toward the assassination of Trump” because dey jes kain’t stop him.

5) You’ll remember I raised this point months ago, saying the DemoKKKrats have adopted “indict-fare” and will use it against EVERY Republican if they are successful in “getting Trump.” Finally, someone else says it.

6) Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy supports full UFO disclosure.

7) Yertle has Rutabaga’s Disease and freezes up again in front of a media presser.

-Retire this old codger, please, Kentucky.

8) DemoKKKrat-run cities see an explosion of hate crimes.

9) Good. The Project Veritas board members who took over for James O’Keefe have resigned as the organization collapsed.

10) The Tuckster said in 2008, it was really clear that Zero was having sex with men.

-Well, yeah, dude, he’s married to Michael.

11) A 2nd Amendment win in Colorado, where a fed appeals court kept the state’s “under-21 ban” on ice and cannot be enforced while it is being challenged in court.

12) So evil. The Rutabaga Pentagon worked on climate plan details as a “national security risk” while the botched Afghanistan withdrawal was occurring.

13) Speaking of the grotesque fecalpimple in the White House, “Biden’s swaggering faith in himself” left the White House ill-prepared as the Tolly-ban took over Afghanistan.

14) We will see more and more of this because of the thoroughly satanic Rutabaga policies. An 11-year-old boy was killed by a released illegal criminal.

15) Hawaii appears to be allowing magic mushrooms into the state for “mental health.”

16) A trucker helped rescue “approximately 15 children” trapped in padlocked cages in a pickup truck.



17) A mother reached a $100,000 settlement with a school over attempts to transition her daughter.

-Seems way low to me.



18) ADP jobs added in August “underwhelming” as job openings collapse.

19) Plus, the US 2nd quarter GDP was revised sharply downward to 2.1%.

20) Farmers Insurance is reducing staff by 2,400. “We are Farmers, dump da dump da dump dump dump people.”

21) Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy told employees if they don’t return to the office to work, it’s “probably not going to work out for you.”

22) And in another instance of Indians vs. white environmental spoogeknuckles, Navajo leaders have challenged the Chaco Canyon drilling ban.

-Go! Go! Nava-jo!



23) Although the Economist says otherwise, “decoupling” from China continues unabated says liberal Noah Smith, and China’s exports overall are down substantially from 2021.

24) Over 1,600 scientists signed a declaration that there is no climate emergency.

25) The “big spend” of “helicopter money” everyone keeps expecting from the Chicoms isn’t coming, while “deteriorating demographics and higher spends on national security might necessitate a lowering of ambitions around what is possible in welfare economics.”

26) Soaring international debt unlikely to reverse.

27) The Bank of England is facing major losses on its bond purchases, and it’s set to get much worse.

28) India’s commerce minister says India’s “heart” is closer to the U.S. than China on trade.

29) Now, a coup in Gabon. Not a fan of military coups, but in many of these African states, either they are governed by the army or by the globalists. Not sure the latter is better.

30) Fascistbook (Meta—“Meta” means death in Hebrew) has suspended its fact-checking operations in Australia amidst a foreign influence scandal uncovered by . . . its fact-checking operation.



31) Awesome new Trump-voiced rapper doing a video, “First Day Out.”

32) “Blue Beetle” bombed, now at $82 million on a budget of $104 million (plus at least $50 million marketing), meaning it’s in the hole about $110 million in the hole.

33) Linear (broadcast and cable) television viewing fell below 50% for the first time as streaming hit a new record.



34) A new study shows Sweden’s laissez-faire politics toward the pandemic paid off with fewer excess deaths and far less economic and social damage than other rich countries.



35) This story allows me to tell you another story: NBA star Larry Nance, Jr. donated over $2000 to a Leeds United fan who suffered a heart attack while on holiday in Majorca. (Nance’s dad, Larry Nance, Sr., was a great forward on the Phoenix Suns team in the early 1980s).

-My story is this: In the early 1990s, after writing several business histories for banks, law firms, and other companies, the Phoenix Suns hired me to write a team biography. I told them I was a big fan, but it would be honest—“warts and all.” They said fine. I began to research and submitted drafts to the head of PR, who was the one who hired me. But it was all done with the understanding that GM Jerry Colangelo was reading the drafts. He wasn’t. After I got to the part in the team history where star forward Walter Davis had some cocaine issues, I got a call from the PR guy. I was fired. They paid me off and buried the history. It’s somewhere in the Suns’ archives. Turns out ol’ Jerrah had not seen the drafts til that last moment—on a plane ride home right after a drubbing by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Well, at least I got to interview a lot of players, including Tom Chambers, Alvan Adams, Rick Barry, Connie Hawkins, and others. And most importantly, I got paid. You can find all this in my autobiography, “The Rhythm of History.”



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