The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) The goblin-infested judge Chutkin in the Patriot Day (J6) case set a trial date of March 4, 2024.

-This likely will not hold at all. There will be motions, then there will be appeals to the 11th circuit (an anti-Trump circuit), which would be heard by a panel, and if denied, Trump can appeal to the en banc court, and if denied, his team can apply to the Supes. These appeals will be time-consuming. Unlikely this case goes to trial before 2025.

2) President Trump and 18 co-defendants will be arraigned on September 6 in the Georgia RICO case.

JUST IN: Trump and 18 Co-Defendants to be Arraigned September 6 in Georgia RICO Case

3) Efforts to keep Trump from the 2024 ballot using the 14th Amendment are ramping up.

-These will have no success. First, a close reading of the 14th makes it clear (and courts have so said) that it applied to the Civil War Confederates only; that in the long list of people to whom the 14th Amendment “insurrection” charges could be applied, the word president does not appear precisely because the President was Abraham Lincoln and Jeff Davis was not accorded that rank by the victors, and that in two out of three congressional cases (GA, NC, NM) the courts ruled that this was, in fact, a Civil War law with no applicability to the modern era.

4) Some 77% of voters, including almost 70% of DemoKKKrats, say Rutabaga is too old for a second term.

-What they really mean is too brain-pickled, but they aren’t allowed to poll dementia.

Poll: 77% of Voters Say Biden Is Too Old for a 2nd Term — Including 69% of Democrats

5) Well, well, the head of the Georgia Elections Board that found “no fraud” in 2020 has resigned.

6) The National Archives acknowledges 5,400 Rutabaga pseudonym emails, and faces a new lawsuit for their release.

7) Speaker Kevin McCarthy says an impeachment inquiry into Rutabaga is the “natural step forward.”


8) Just as Dr. Fallacy called those who disagreed with him “anti-science,” so too does Lurch who is some sort of nebulous “climate czar,” says those who disagree with him are “threats to humanity.”

9) Scandinavians would say “Oof-da!” A new poll puts Ron DeSantis at only 5% among those 35 to 54.

10) Shocked, not shocked: Homeland Security has been hiding the monthly number of illegal criminals released into the U.S.

11) Love it! Indian Justice! Tribal rangers rammed a climate cultist blockade and then arrested all of the cult members.

12) “Joe the Plumber,” known for confronting Zero over taxes, died at age 49.

13) This is where the low-IQ voters in New York have a problem. They clearly understand their state is going into the crapper (80% say the wrong direction, and demand “term limits” for governor) but have not changed their voting behavior.

-“Rage against the machine.”

14) In the peaceful and bucolic little village of Benghazi-by-the-Lake, a Chicago news crew was robbed at gunpoint while covering an armed robbery.

15) Speaking of robbery, RFK, Jr. gettin’ a little good ol’ DemoKKKrat dirty tricks love as a U.S. judge in Kollyfornia rejected his request for a temporary restraining order against YouTube for censoring his content.

16) The blame game is in full swing as Hawaiian Electric says power lines were shut off hours before the wildfire.



17) This has a kind of Walt Disney/EPCOT tone to it: Tech billionaires bought 55,000 acres outside Groomer City to start a new city. Clearly thinking they cannot save Groomer City, the tekkies will have no success at any new development unless they impose conservative concepts, laws, market principles and equal justice—which is to say they will fail.



18)  Transoid and homosexual “rights” are under legal attack around the world. Good.



19) The Air BnB bubble popping will pop the housing bubble.

-Oh goodie. Now while everything costs more, the value of my home will be less.

20) Mortgage rates are up, home prices remain up 26%, but real median weekly earnings are down 5%.

Livin’ La Vida Bidenomics! US Conforming Mortgage Rate Up 161% Under Biden, Home Prices UP 26%, Real Median Weekly Earnings DOWN -5%

21) Furniture company “Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams” shut down three North Carolina plants without warning.

-Thanks, Rutabaga.

Bidenomics: Furniture Company ‘Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ Abruptly Shuts Down Three North Carolina Plants Without Warning — Employees Greeted by Paper Notice on Entrance Gate



22) As predicted, the Canucks are going whole hog on euthanasia. A Canadian hospital has offered assisted suicide to a woman seeking help for suicidal thoughts.

23) David Blackmon: Eight consequential energy implications of BRICs Expansion, include a greater share of global oil production, higher economic dominance, and greater cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

24) Green Screen Zelensky says he won’t hold elections unless we pay for it.

25) Did a blunder by a French airline spark the collapse of the UK flight-control system? If so, . . . .

26) Fitting: A scientist claims alien life was found on Mars 50 years ago . . . but NASA accidentally killed it.

-Cue Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau: “That WAS a priceless Ming vase.”

27) Germany now is called the “sick man of Europe” for its stagnating economy caused by green energy stupidity.



28)  Disney/Marvel’s new “The Marvels,” a show no one wants, has tried to gin up excitement by putting another show no one wants, “Ms. Marvel,” on Disney+ where its ratings were “embarrassing” and “shocking.” Whereas “Loki” got 2.5 million, “Mrs. Marvel” got 775,000 viewers—who, as subscribers, could have watched it free. Not a good omen for “The Marvels” movie.

29) Elton John was treated at a hospital after suffering a fall at his villa. EJ is 76.



30) 99% of “Covid deaths” are not primarily caused by the virus . . . says the CDC.



31) In happier news, a man set himself on fire trying to burn down a Florida church.

-“Numbers 32:32: be sure your sin will find you out,” and set yo ass on fire. No, it doesn’t say that . . . does it?



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