The Return of COVID? Never Again.

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  • 09/19/2023

No! I will not comply. Here are the reasons why...

The COVID crisis was something I will never forget. We did *ACTUAL* journalism through the entire thing. We attempted to get information about lifesaving treatment to people. We informed readers EARLY of the shot.

On April 3, 2020, we sounded the alarm about giving up our liberty in the face of fear. It was very controversial at the time. We hope that it doesn't remain so and that we never do this again.

On March 20, 2020, I wrote this column explaining why Italy was ravaged by COVID. It wasn’t why you thought. How many of you knew that Italy has a massive illegal immigration issue because of “One Belt, One Road,” and how many remember the “Hug a Chinese” campaign?

On April 7, 2020, we published this monster column by Celia Farber, dissecting the PCR test and explaining why it was insufficient as a testing vehicle, this reporting was based on the work Celia had done with the creator of the PCR method, Dr. Mullis. This column has withstood the test of time and then some.

In February 2020, Celia also connected with people in China who were suffering through their lockdown to bring that story to the US.

On April 5, 2020, I used the CDC’s OWN DATA to prove that the virus was here far earlier than the media was telling us and the Wuhan games as a potential vector. The charts speak for themselves. They have since admitted this was true, and we were right.

On April 17, 2020, we wrote about the potential of light therapy to combat and kill viruses. Yes, that works.

Also, that month, we highlighted the resilience of some to DEFY lockdown orders so they could practice their faith…. April, 2020….

On May 6, 2020, we published a column talking about the failures we had experienced thus far and the fact that China had not been forthright about the origins…

In April of 2020, we also attempted to dispel the myths about Hydroxychloroquine… The first of MANY.

We covered the lawsuits beginning to crop up as they stole this lifesaving treatment from people.

And showed you again how lockdowns DO NOT WORK and aren’t necessary…

And “Flattening the Curve” didn’t work EITHER. April, 2020.

The cure is deadlier than the disease—MEDICAL MISINFORMATION.

When they were about to implement Contact Tracing, we warned you… in July of 2020.

And again shone a spotlight on civil disobedience…July, 2020.

For this column, I spoke to a high-level source at the HHS who informed me exactly how the CDC was politicizing the pandemic… July, 2020.

We screamed until our voices stopped working about how masks were useless face appendages. Praying folks would listen.

Also, in July 2020 we published about how social media censorship was killing people:

And I covered some of the early election lawsuits beginning to hit dockets in regard to COVID and mail-in ballots. I sent the information I found here to the attorneys involved. No one listened.

We tried to inform you of the *real* fatality rate from COVID-19.


We typed faster than our fingers could move. In 2021 I was deplatformed from major social media. Our one saving grace was @CitizenFreePres, who amplified nearly EVERY article we wrote about the vaccine travesty and COVID.

I spent too many sleepless nights working with teams to try to assist those who reached out to me because their family members had been kidnapped to the ICU and locked away on the deadly hospital protocol, unwilling to use early treatment and other options like ivermectin to save them.

I testified to our state subcommittee about what was happening in the hospitals, the efficacy of ivermectin in early treatment, and what I had learned over the past year and a half…. While our state health department decried myself and others as conspiracy theorists.

Since we published the first UncoverCOVID volume, we have written hundreds more columns about COVID-19, its impact, the danger of the vaccines, and how people could get access to treatment if they needed it. We have written on every last facet of the entire tragedy. We have analyzed the shortfalls. We have praised the successes.

I ENVELOPED myself in this because I saw it for what it was from the very beginning. I saw the lies. I saw the deceit, I saw the fear, I saw society ripped apart. I begged and pleaded with people every day on my podcast from the day these shots were unveiled to wait for more information. I couldn’t have screamed any longer or any louder. And then…

I started covering the injury… And I started encountering the injury in my very own family… and I wept. I still weep. So much loss. So much harm. So much more... Taken…

Why am I doing this? To explain to all of you why this is the issue I have chosen as my hill. I will stake my flag here and defend it even if I am the only one screaming. I will do anything and everything I can to inform as many people as possible so that not ONE more person has to suffer again.

I know more about COVID and the shot, and the loss of liberty and the pain than few others… Because I lived it every second of every single day with SO many people.

And I am still living it to this day, as they attempt to do this to us AGAIN, with close family and friends who are suffering from turbo cancers, autoimmune disorders, have had heart attacks, and have been paralyzed. THERE MUST BE ACCOUNTABILITY for this. And we must use this to inform others who didn’t realize what was happening with big pharma until they took this giant experiment to the whole of the population.

Do NOT tell me it doesn’t matter. DO NOT TELL ME that accountability doesn’t matter. DO NOT TELL ME that I am wrong to dedicate everything I have to ensure that we have a system in place that FOSTERS accountability. I will make it a life’s mission to dismantle the health bureaucracy that enables the pharmaceutical industry to rip apart our humanity with lockdown orders, evil drugs, mandates, and quarantines, And nothing you say will deter me from that mission.

I know too much. I have seen too much. And I will not stop. To read our journalism through September of 2021 - journalism we still managed to produce and publish AGAINST ALL ODDS, please go here:

For the rest, please go to our website,, and just use the search term “COVID” or “COVID-19

I am a child of God, a mother, a wife, an activist, and a journalist. I know many of you are the same. Join me to stop this from ever happening again and continue to enlighten those just realizing the absolute hell they have rained down on us… Be active in your community and at the ballot box in your community….



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