The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 22, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) President Trump plans to turn himself into Fulton County jail on Thursday.

-This will be, along with Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the most iconic booking photos ever taken and will have much the same effect.

2) This is a solid summary of where we are: the ruling class sits atop a boiling pot, trying to hold the lid down through lies and oppression. That never ends well.

3) Federal judges strike down parts of the GOP-backed election integrity laws in Georgia and Texas; both sides claim victory in Georgia.

4) As we expected, President Trump, leading now by more than 40 points in most polls, will “not be doing the debates.” Instead, he’ll do a live sit-down with the Tuckster, which should get three or four times the viewers as the debates.

5) In Iowa, Trump enjoys a 23-point lead over the field with a more enthusiastic base than DeSantis.

6) In South Carolina, an early primary state, Trump leads by 34.

7) DeSantis implies MAGA is not “rooted in principle,” which means Trump supporters are “listless vessels” in a Cankles-type “deplorables” moment.

8) Slimy, sleazy, and corrupt doesn’t begin to define this goblinesque administration. A new report says David Weiss, the U.S. attorney in charge of the crackhead’s case, was not going to even charge the little drugdiggler until the whistleblowers came forward.

9) A small measure of justice for reporter Andy Ngo, as a judge awarded him $300,000 after an attack on him by fascist Antifa. Now to collect it.

10) A hit-and-run female driver, eventually arrested, plowed into seven pedestrians in New Kabul.

11) A report shows that the Maui fire may have been caused by power grid malfunctions.

12) Members of the Prog Squad who call for defunding the po-po spend over $1 million on their own private security.

13) Things are back to normal in peaceful and bucolic Benghazi-by-the-Lake: 40 shot, seven killed over the weekend.

14) Good cardio-respiratory fitness is associated with up to 40% lower risk of nine different cancers.

15) More layers come off the rotten Rutabaga as docs show Hunter Biteme was involved in the Trump Ukraine impeachment.

16) Kollyfornia’s GOP looks to join the DemoKKKrat Party after suggesting it may remove opposition to abortion and homosexual marriage from its platform.

-If you think Bud Light had a hard time, wait till you see what happens to GOP Lite.

17) DemoKKKrats say, “Menstruation is not just a women’s issue.”

-Yes. Yes, it is. And cranial fecalism is only a DemoKKKrat issue.

18) And this is what it’s like when it happens to YOU. A council meeting in Groomer City’s affluent neighborhood descended into chaos as residents protested turning a hotel into homes for 100 homeless.



19) Ryan Burge reports that the older the U.S. county, the less religious it is; while younger counties are more religious, that doesn’t mean more Christian, and among Christian churches, Assemblies of God are more prevalent among the young, as are Catholics (Hispanics) and Mormons. The five counties that had the biggest swing toward religion are really young.

20) Speaking of non-Christians, the goblinesque editors of so-called Christianity Today have attacked Oliver Anthony for singing the truth and praised the useless blonde scarecrow Taylor Spiffed.



21) A three-judge panel ruled that Alabama can enforce a ban on puberty blockers and hormones for transoid kids.



22) Fitch downgraded U.S. creditworthiness from triple-A to AA+

23) The company behind the contentious Michigan battery factory is owned by the ChiComs says new filings.



24) A number of pieces on the collapse of China, which seems to be a real thing. First, the Wall Street Journal . . .

25) . . . and from Noah Smith on what happened.

26) And this from the Epoch Times: “With economy in Crisis, China Resorts to Coverup.”

27) A hideous evil Brit nurse was sentenced to life for killing seven babies. She tried to kill more.

-Prison is too good for her.

28) Mali and Burkina Faso have sent warplanes to Niger in a show of solidarity against intervention by the Economic Community of West African States (a UN/WEF puppet).

29) Brit paramedics “stopped for sandwiches” on their way to an emergency call, and the patient had died when they arrived.



30)  “Blue Beetle” did “meh” at the box office with about $43 million globally. Its production costs were $120 million, so it’s still $100 million in the hole.

31) Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men North of Richmond debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart—the first time an artist took the #1 spot with no previous charting history. Sorta the music version of “Sound of Freedom.”

32) Queen’s newest version of its “Greatest Hits” won’t have “Fat Bottomed Girls” cuz of hurt feelings, while Keanu Reeves is blasted for being chubby.



33) A top epidemiologist told the CDC that Dr. Fallacy’s NIH misrepresented maskie data to support mask policies.

34) Seriously? These people are still playing these stupid games? Rutgers plans to disenroll students on August 15 if not compliant with China Virus vaxiopathic mandates.



35) I think this pretty much sums up where we are with Kanye. His wife is shopping in front of him in a nude, er, covering? Yeezy is looking at his phone.

Kanye has gone Full Van Gogh. (Ya never go Full Van Gogh)


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